The Monkeypox Scam: Part II

All things flu/covid were planned long in advance before kill shots were rolled out in December 2019 with mass extermination of unwanted billions in mind.

Does a similar diabolical strategy lie behind the monkeypox scam?

Over a year ago, the foundation run by genocidist Bill Gates, the Pharma-controlled WHO and Pharma profiteers conducted a monkeypox pandemic simulation in preparation of what’s going on now.

All things flu/covid comprise the mother of all state-sponsored/MSM-proliferated scams with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

The monkeypox scam may be Act Two, as a previous article suggested.

According to Dr. Paul Alexander, monkeypox “is being grossly exaggerated by the media, (US/Western regimes), and inept medical experts, banging their fear drum.” 

The virus “appears to be localized to a certain high-risk group and principally transmitted (by) close intimate-type contact (largely in men who have sex with men).” 

It’s “not easily spread human-to-human as it demands very close physical contact.” 

“Everyone will largely be just very fine.”

Pharma-linked “medical experts…lockdown lunatics and global predators are at it again.”

“These experts already pivoted to smallpox vaccine and are (falsely) saying (that it’s) 85% effective in monkeypox (sic).”

On Monday, Health Impact News explained the following:

For the past 40 years, they’ve been “zero smallpox deaths.”

In stark contrast, they’ve been “5,755 injuries and deaths” from mass-jabbing for smallpox protection not gotten.

Flu/covid fear-mongering by anti-public health agencies, Pharma profiteers and their MSM press agents caused irreparable harm to countless millions throughout the West and elsewhere.

Hyperventilating about a nonexistent monkeypox threat appears to have the same diabolical aim in mind.

Belgium became the first nation to mandate a 21-day quarantine period for individuals alleged to have contracted the virus — despite only 3 known cases in the country, making it a non-issue.

Will other regimes throughout the West follow suit?

Will a game-plan similar to the flu/covid scam emerge in the coming days or weeks — notably by pushing kill shots to destroy health, not protect it?

Alexander is in his own words an “infectious diseases epidemiologist, (flu/covid) expert…with training in bioterrorism and biowarfare.”  

He stressed the following:

“Do we do anything extra societally as to this monkeypox? No.” 

“Do we be scared? No.” 

“Do we wear masks? No.” 

“Do we shut down anything, schools, business, society? No.” 

“Do we do some contact tracing? If we think it warrants.” 

“Do we mass quarantine? No.”

“Do we order shelter-in-place? No.” 

“We just live life as normal and turn off the insane corrupted media.” 

“(I)s monkeypox the new” flu/covid, he asked?

Stay “calm.”

Ignore state-sponsored, MSM proliferated “fear-mongering.”

Dark forces behind it include the same criminal gang of “inept, incompetent, arrogant, illogical, irrational, stupid, absurd, specious, non-sensical, hubris-laden, moronic media and so called ‘television medical experts.’ ” 

They’re “at it again.”

According to the NYT’s Pharma-connected/scam artist proliferator of flu/covid fake news, columnist Apoorva Mandavilli:

“(M)ore than a dozen countries (are) grappl(ing) with” an invented monkeypox threat.

When no real one exists, when the virus is a nonissue, so-called “health officials worldwide are rushing to assess reserves of (kill shots) and treatments that may be needed to contain” what’s not spreading.

What doesn’t threaten the public in the West or anywhere else.

When claims otherwise proliferate — including by Times fake news — they’re all about aiming to destroy public health, not protect and preserve it.

The Times is the leading MSM print promoter of public health destruction.

Virtually everything it heavily pushed about flu/covid has been with this diabolical aim in mind.

The same thing likely applies to its monkeypox hyperventilating.

Like other MSM, the Times was bribed with Biden regime blood money to push kill shots and all else related to flu/covid.

Were MSM bribed in similar fashion to push the monkeypox scam?

Most likely!

There’s nothing remotely “concerning” about 100 or so monkeypox cases in a handful of countries.

Pushing kill shots a second time around should arouse great public concern and outrage.

Last Sunday, the fake Biden lied, claiming that “everybody should be concerned (sic)” — about what no one should be concerned about.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about flu/covid kill shots.

The same reality applies to mass-jabbing for monkeypox.

The best way to protect health is by ignoring everything pushed by the CDC, other anti-public health agencies, politicians with ties to Pharma, fraudster Fauci and their MSM press agents.


6 thoughts on “The Monkeypox Scam: Part II

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    The Big Pharm Gangsters are going to inject the World with the Scourge of Chicken Pox.

    Kill us faster
    And make a buck.

    Not sure which of the two are the most important to them.

    Probably the Blood Money.

    To me NATO is the Monkey Pox.


  2. “Dr Rashid A Buttar | The Facts About Monkeypox You Didn’t Know” — 24:45 video dated 5/25/22 —


  3. Monkeypox is almost certainly yet another bioterrorism attack on humanity by the self-proclaimed global elite. Most people are still unaware of the hidden machinery that is behind these genocide operations, me too until a few weeks ago. If this is the case for you, then please become aware (see below) and quickly spread the word as widely as you can.

    If ANSER, and its role in the COVID war against humanity, is unknown to you, then expect you are dangerously unaware of some of the key aspects of this war (eg, the hidden organizations and people involved), and becoming aware should thus be a priority (suggest as a start). I was unaware of this info until 2 weeks ago, although the basic info has been out there since July 2021, and my crude survey suggests I am far from alone – not good, so spread the word widely.


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