Hegemon USA Helping Nazi-Infested Ukraine Develop Nukes?

Does Nazi-infested Ukraine seek nukes? 

Is hegemon USA aiding their production by its regime with intent for use against Russia?

According to Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the threat of nuclear armed Ukraine is real.

More on this below.

Visibly enfeebled at age-98, Henry Kissinger addressed the diabolical World Economic Forum in Davos on Monday.

He failed to explain hegemon USA’s responsibility for Russia’s need to launch its SMO in Ukraine.

He ignored its good faith diplomacy to end 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass — what dominant Biden regime hardliners transformed into proxy war on Russia. 

According to Kissinger:

If negotiations for peace in Ukraine don’t “begin in the next two months or so…upheavals and tensions…will not be easily overcome,” adding:

“Ideally, the dividing line should return to the status quo ante.”

“I believe pursuing the war beyond that point would turn it not into a war about the freedom of Ukraine, which had been undertaken with great cohesion by NATO, but into a war against Russia itself.”

“A conflict with modern technology conducted in the absence of any preceding arms control negotiations, so that there are no established criteria of limitations, will be a catastrophe for humankind.”

Even enfeebled at age-98, Kissinger knows, or should know, that Russia prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law.

He knows that in pursuit of its diabolical imperial aims — what he spent decades promoting — US actions are polar opposite the above.

At war on humanity at home and worldwide, US regimes are an unparalleled global menace.

Kissinger knows that Russia didn’t want to intervene militarily against Ukraine.

He knows that the Pentagon and CIA mobilized over 100,000 Ukrainian combat troops along the border of Donbass and the Russian Republic of Crimea with intent to invade.

Failing to prevent the above threat diplomatically because hegemon USA wants forever proxy war on Russia with regime change in mind, Russia acted first and foremost to protect its security — its UN Charter right of self-defense under Article 51.

Kissinger also ignored how hegemon USA transformed Ukraine from a democratically governed nation into a Nazi-infested police state — used as platform for perpetual US proxy war on Russia.

He knows that Moscow engaged in multiple rounds of good faith conflict resolution talks with Ukrainian officials.

He knows, or should know, that dominant Biden regime hardliners undermined them to continue perpetual proxy war on Russia.

He knows, or should know, that they’re recklessly pushing things toward possible East/West confrontation — with nukes if things go too far.

Kissinger is a longtime spear-carrier for hegemon USA’s imperial agenda.

He’s a warrior, not a peacemaker.

While a shadow of his former self at age-98, and visibly appearing physically weak, he’s well aware of how the empire of lies operates.

The fault of what’s ongoing in Ukraine lies with Washington — and to a lesser extent its key NATO vassal states — not Moscow.

If US/Western nations and their imperial allies were run like Russia and other countries free from US imperial control, peace and stability would bust out all over worldwide.

Instead, things are the other way around because of diabolical US imperial aims to control other nations, their resources and populations.

Shoigu is well aware of how Russia is threatened by US diabolical aims.

The Pentagon and CIA created a “network of more than 30” labs in Ukraine to develop and produce bioweapons for use against Russia and other invented US enemies — in flagrant breach of international law.

Ukraine was weaponized to wage US proxy war on Russia.

Its Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) learned that Kiev has been working on developing and producing nukes.

Not only do US dark forces not oppose what’s going on, they’re “lend(ing) a helping hand to the Ukrainians,” Russia’s SVR stressed.

Days after Russia’s SMO began three months ago, Sergey Lavrov stressed that Moscow will not allow Nazi-infested Ukraine threaten its security.

Controlled by hegemon USA, it’s vital to confront and put an end to the menace that it represents.

Puppet Zelensky earlier renounced Ukraine’s status as a non-nuclear state, Lavrov explained, adding:

“(N)uclear war is being constantly waged in the heads of Western politicians, and not in the heads of Russians.”

If Moscow learns of active Ukrainian development of nukes ahead, its program will be targeted for elimination to end what no one should tolerate.

Hegemon USA wants all nations free from its control transformed into vassal states — what Russia, China, Iran and other peace-loving nations won’t tolerate.

Can global war be avoided or has a rubicon of no return been crossed to wage the unthinkable?

I cringe to think that the latter prospect is much more likely than the former.

And if occurs, will humans be the first species ever to destroy itself?

One thought on “Hegemon USA Helping Nazi-Infested Ukraine Develop Nukes?

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Dennis the Menace says,

    “Gee Mr Wilson.why do we have the Monroe Doctrine..

    But nukes right on Russia’s border is okay..?”

    Mr Wilson

    Who stops clipping his hedges for a long moment..

    Leering at Dennis..he finally says

    ” I don’t know, Dennis .

    What are you..some kind of Communist or something..?”


    Russia is 100% correct in what they have done.

    Historically Justifiable in every aspect..


    I would only add..
    Just keep doing more of what you’re doing, Big Dog.

    You’re in the RIGHT
    Let the Gangsters back down

    Fux em.
    Obviously when they try to annihilate you .

    You kinda / sorta see
    They aren’t your friends.


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