Russia Bashing in Davos

The so-called World Economic Forum (WEF) is an annual Davos, Switzerland gathering of likeminded pro-Western wealth, power and privileged interests.

Its diabolical agenda is worlds apart from seeking to “improv(e) the state of the world (sic)” — just the opposite for most people.

Prohibiting views contrary to the fabricated official narrative, it’s all about exploitation, plunder and control.

The WEF’s Great Reset agenda aims to transform the world community of nations into ruler-serf societies.

It reflects the worst of what Orwell and Huxley imagined.

This year’s gathering is at a time of Russia’s SMO in Ukraine.

According to international con man, predatory investor, a figure infamous for expressing no concern about the “consequences of (his) actions,” 91-year-old George Soros defied reality by falsely calling Russia and China humanity’s greatest threats (sic).

Barely stopping short of urging WW III, he called for defeating Russia’s virtually won SMO in Ukraine.

Warning that “civilization” as he wants it with maximum profits in mind “may not survive,” he falsely blamed Russia for high crimes by hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Nazified Ukraine.

“(D)efeat Putin as soon as possible,” he roared.

He and other Russophobes in Davos falsely blamed Russia for made-in-the USA global food crisis conditions and soaring inflation.

What’s going on has nothing to do with Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, nothing to do with a nonexistent flu/covid pandemic, nothing to do with the myth of climate change.

It has everything to do with diabolical US-led Western policies — notably money printing madness to benefit privileged interests exclusively and unparalleled sanctions war on Russia, an invented enemy, not a real one.

If the US-dominated West spent more on butter and less on guns, more on peacemaking instead of endless wars, more pursuing equity and justice over the other way around, no global food crisis, no soaring inflation, no risk of humanity destroying WW III would exist.

According to a new Oxfam report, control of global food supplies by corporate predators and billionaires increased their profits exponentially at the expense of social inequality, food insecurity, hunger and starvation that affects growing millions.

Days earlier, a Eurasia Group report said 1.6 billion people are food insecure because of soaring prices it expects to rise nearly 50% this year.

Hegemon USA, its Western vassal states and agribusiness are to blame for the high cost of food going higher, not Russia, not Vladimir Putin personally.

In the US, real consumer price inflation is 16.5% year-over-year through April — not the phony 8.3% reported.

With prices continuing to rise, US inflation will like increase further this summer.

Along with soaring food costs, gasoline and diesel fuel prices are sharply increasing.

So is the cost of healthcare, college tuition, housing and other essentials.

With inflation already at the highest level since 1947, it’s virtually certain to exceed that level ahead.

As prices continue to rise, the standard of living for growing millions declines.

According to analyst Nick Giambruno, much of the blame for soaring inflation stems from years of money printing madness by the Wall Street owned and controlled Fed, adding:

“From the founding of the US, it took over 227 years to print its first $6 trillion.” 

“But in just a matter of months recently, the (Fed) printed more than $6 trillion.

“For further perspective, the daily economic output of all 331 million people in the US is about $58 billion.” 

“At the push of a (computer keyboard) button, the Fed creat(ed) more dollars out of thin air than the (daily) economic output of the entire country.”

And reality turned the falsified notion of “transitory” inflation on its head.

It’s “out of control, and nothing can (easily) stop it,” Giambruno stressed, adding:

The only solution is ending Wall Street’s control over the nation’s money.

Benefitting the nation’s privileged class exclusively, it’s at the expense of harming most others.

There’s no end of it because monied interests and politicians they own run things.

As bad as things are now, they’re heading toward becoming much worse ahead.

According to economist John Williams:

Monthly data “remain extremely bullish for accelerating inflation, where the surging money numbers reflect FOMC monetary stimulus in place.”

It’s from a combination of money printing madness, sanctions war on Russia, disrupted supply chains and other wrongheaded US policies.

Along with how increasingly hard it is for most US consumers to make ends meet, sharply lower stock market valuations reflect economic weakness.

Hard times for most US households are heading harder ahead. 

Chickens are coming home to roost because of longstanding wrongheaded policies — with nothing being done to help all Americans instead of the privileged few alone.

11 thoughts on “Russia Bashing in Davos

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    This is what makes you a
    Great Journalist.

    You’re the best
    Street Sweeper with a Pen.

    Even the Streets of Davos..!

    Where the World’s Greatest Pedigree Trash has collected.

    The Pen mightier than the Sword
    Oh yeah..

    Age of Information
    And Orwellian Disinformation

    Every word a
    Golden City on a Hill ..

    Most importantly,

    As each hour penetrates and aspirates the Death March to
    WW III

    The New Rush to Judgement
    The Final Jump into the Dark.

    IS A CRIME..!


    Ding Dong
    Ding Dong..

    Call for Phillip Morris..
    A Message from Reality.

    Going…going … gone..

    Kissinger says make a deal

    Time for Talking is Over.

    Besides you Western Liars have never honored a deal anyway.
    You Wetern

    Time for Action Jackson.
    Reality #101……!

    Yes, Davos is Grim today.
    Halloween in Hell

    With other Freaks
    Selling Snake Oil.

    World Imperialism on the Verge of Collapse.

    Worse than 1929

    Militarily, the
    Biggest Defeat since Stalingrad.!

    Mudville is catatonic with remorse.

    Moses Ben Zelensky..
    The Nazi Collaborators
    Mighty Casey…has Struck Out.

    There goes Billions of Dollars or Raytheon technologies and products to our friends the Russians.

    Hey what did we leave the Taliban


    ( I gotta good deal on a
    2017 Toyota Tacoma
    with only 22,000 miles..

    Step Number, Pinstripes,
    Floor mats and Sports Package for $1750..

    What..did I pay too much..?



    Just got the Hell outta Dodge
    In Afghanistan

    Guys on Bicycles chased him out

    Hey..this is where we came into the Movie..

    The Trash in Armani getting Swept up in Switzerland..!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!

    La Plume
    La Plume..

    So interesting..

    Year over Year Inflation..

    16.5%…and as you stated going to get worse.


    1. Mr Lendman

      Here’s what so tragically criminal about our “Leaders”

      They charged headlong into the Problem

      “Of where is Europe supposed to get energy
      If we cut out Russia..?”

      DID IT ANYWAY ..


      Never even thought about.
      Never do.
      Sam was growing Op
      For 20 Yrs.

      Shipping 9,000 Tons a yr.

      Never even thought about an Exit Plan..
      Didn’t matter..

      And now..Sadly

      The brilliant children of

      Kant, Goethe, Hegel, Marx Engels Nietzsche follow these Crack Head Cowboys

      Right over the Cliff.

      Replete with all the Crimes we hung the Nazis for in 45

      I point this out because
      The Cowboys are planning to drop several Tactical Nukes on Russia

      Not speculation..
      Their Plan was uncovered..

      They don’t even deny it .
      Signed and sealed Docs.

      Think man..

      The Monsters drop Nukes on Russia..

      Of course my first concern is Russia..

      But in less than a week
      Every country in Europe will be unlivable because of the Toxic Clouds from Russia.


      No..USA didn’t give it a Second thought.

      Much like in the 50s
      Testing 100s of Nukes in the South Pacific

      they destroyed the
      Ozone Layer .

      Tore a hole in it so badly,

      It’s the Root of all our problems today..
      70 yrs later…

      Did they know..

      Did they care..

      Same with Europe and
      100 megatons of
      Nuclear Bombs going off in your Neighborhood..

      Somebody in Europe better start thinking about it .

      Cuz Sammy doesn’t give a fux..

      You’re Expendable.
      In Fact, You ..

      not the dumb Ukis are the Cannon Fodder..!


  2. Mr Lendman,

    We now have a whole new Dept in the Planet of the Apes..

    The “Walk it Back Dept..”

    Whatever the idiot Joey
    Our Selected President..says

    Needs to be Walked Back.


    The USA can’t get away with
    It ‘Purposely’ meaning to be

    “Strategically Ambiguous!”

    Not with the idiot Dirty Joe in office.

    Weird how the World follows the illiterates..

    A Stooge who is run by an Easter Bunny and a Drug Czar.

    The World’s Greatest Democracy
    And HEROIN Pushers

    Leaders of the Free World…!



  3. Mr Lendman..

    ATTENTION: Imran Khan

    1)..You must call a General Strike…immediately.

    2)…You must have control of at least source of News media.

    Be it TV Radio Newspaper
    That’s widely disseminated

    (Or all three, of course )

    3)…You must arm the
    Worker Guards…

    For Defensive purposes.

    If you are fired must return fire..

    You are at that stage..

    4)…You cannot allow your leaders to be arrested at home
    in the middle of the night..

    by the gendarmes of the State.

    They should have armed guards
    And an option is too reciprocate

    Arrest them in the middle of the Night.

    5)..Realize, you are at the Vortex:

    They will kill you..

    or you will ___?___

    There is no other ending in the CIA Reign of World Terrorism.





  4. Mr Lendman..

    According to my friends in Texas..

    Who live close to Uvalde County

    The Police are covering up their records and contacts with the Shooter.

    Records were expunged fact,
    the day of the shootings.

    the Shooting in Texas
    Was a False Flag..!

    The kid was known to be postal.

    The FBI used him..
    As per usual, they target the mentally and emotionally troubled.

    BTW..95% of these
    Mass Murders are FBI FF’s!

    This one clearly has a distinct purpose…

    They need to take away our guns before they can put us in Lockdown.

    Gonna start fight..
    The Final Push

    with this FF in Texas..!

    Workers ..
    Yankee Boyz..

    Don’t be Fooled ..
    Texans aren’t…
    You shouldn’t be either..

    What’s to protect us from the terror of the State..

    Our Corrupt State .?

    The Bill of Rights, son..
    Our Forefathers knew that.

    I read the Constitution..
    You should too..!



    If you can read my words,
    You’re Part of the Resistance!


  5. Mr Lendman..

    Dateline…Davos..Thurs / 26th..

    More of the Bullshit from the Criminal Elite about Russia is starving the World.

    First off Russia was defending against the Ukrainian Invasion

    of the Donbass by Ukrainian Forces scheduled to take place the very next day..!

    But that’s not the Point:

    The NATO Gangsters didn’t forsee this..?

    Any reasonable person would ask..once again,

    This obvious problem wasn’t foreseeable to the Asslicking Nazi Collaborators..?

    Of course it was..!
    They couldn’t care less of the World starves..

    As long as the Human Pigs can blame Russia..!

    Nazi Propaganda
    The Stupidest in the World.

    Never touched by human hands,
    Written by the CIA ..!

    Also worth mentioning.

    Jens the Pencil Necked
    Nazi Collaborator..

    Keeps parroting the CIA Line:

    “Putin wanted less NATO on his BORDERS but got more..?

    Have they ?
    Are the two in NATO already?
    When did that happen..?

    Jens you little NAZI BABY.

    Stop lying you filthy Quisling Nazi.

    Question: whatever happened to Quisling after his Pal Hitler was gone..?

    Answer:Oh .the Norwegians tried him and HUNG HIM .!

    Here’s what reality looks like

    The USA wanted to Extend the OAS …

    But what happened..
    Absolutely no important
    Latin- South American country wanted to come without Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua..!


    Wait..USA wanted Saudi Arabia
    And UAE to pump more oil..

    But what happened in Reality?

    Saudi Arabia and UAE said no.


    Crack Head Sam
    Lost his MoJo .

    Pax dying before our eyes

    Reality.. something the Nazis are incapable of discussion on.

    They live in Nazi Land.


  6. Mr Lendman..

    Attention: Jens Stoltenberg


    The Norwegians
    Shot Quisling in front of a Firing 1945..!

    They didn’t hang him.

    “Sleep not well
    my Pretty Prince..

    10,000 Jedhi
    still roam the Universe..!”


  7. Mr Lendman..

    S.O.S. to America.

    Urgent News..

    Read the Silly Shit the CIA scripted on the Assassination
    Of George W Bush (43)

    The Whole thing is a False Flag
    But critically important,

    But it’s too be used as

    ” Process”
    BG…( Background)

    For the assassination of a
    Future President the CIA fears and doesn’t intend to have him elected..

    Which is inevitable.

    Moreover, the Deep State
    Aka Dick Cheney..

    May wanna whack the idiot

    Or realistically
    he idiots idiot .

    He’s a goner.

    Dick has two problems getting rid of Dirty Joe..

    1)..He can’t wait until Nov 2024

    2)… Kamala is so inept,
    like a Giggling Moron..

    and has terrible Favorables already.

    Another Bona Fide loser.

    Boy, DNC, Dick, CIA, FBI
    and Nancy sure can pick idiots!

    Ein very aware of seemingly inconsequential events..

    Tip Off.. Everything coming from the Press Agents of the Bush Family…

    Is Always an elaborate lie.


  8. Mr Lendman,

    Important note…to the Left .

    Let Russia demand that the Ukraine be Neutral…no NATO.

    Okay, that’s certainly a more than legitimate demand.

    But our job..
    Is to Demand:

    “USA get out of Europe..!”.
    “USA Go Home..fix your House!”

    The Russians left 30 yrs ago..!

    USA..You’re not protecting anything

    Except ” Protecting Europe from the highest grade of LNG

    No problem.

    And at rock bottom prices..!”

    Better you listen to the
    Nazi Collaborators and the Illiterate Dope Pushers..

    Like Wall St and the Pentagon
    Care if you freeze or your factories shut down..

    Not only do the US Imperialists not care ..

    They hoping to Destroy Europe as well…rather than allow an Independent Europe ..

    They need to destroy the Village to save it.

    This war is on you..
    You morons.

    Wake Up ..Hayseeds,

    You’ve Under OCCUPATION
    For 75 years..!


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