US-Supported Israeli Aggression

Along with supplying apartheid Israel with billions of dollars annually, the latest weapons and technology, hegemon USA supports  its regional aggression, targeted assassinations, and other high crimes.

Israeli forces rampage through Palestinian refugee camps daily, terrorizing residents, arresting and brutalizing them — while the world community turns a blind eye and deaf ear to Israeli war crimes and related atrocities against defenseless civilians.

In cahoots with hegemon USA, Israeli war on Syria has been ongoing for over a decade.

With disturbing regularity, cross-border attacks are conducted on the phony pretext of preventing arms from reaching Hezbollah, striking alleged Iranian targets, and other invented reasons.

The latest attack occurred overnight Friday.

Israeli missiles fired from Occupied Golan at a Syrian military target near Damascus killed three soldiers, wounding four others and causing material damage.

The incident was the latest Jewish state war crime to go unpunished like all previous ones for the last 75 years.

According to Iran’s Press TV on Saturday:

The Bennett regime’s overnight attack “renewed aggression against” Syria.

The country’s SANA news agency reported the following:

“Three people were martyred in an Israeli aggression Friday on some points to the south of Damascus,” adding:

“At nearly 11 p.m. on Friday, the Israeli enemy carried out an aggression with surface-to-surface missiles from the direction of occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in south of Damascus as the Army air defenses intercepted the missiles’ aggression and downed most of them.”

The latest attack came days after Israeli aggression killed five Syrians in the town of Masyaf.

In late April, Israeli missile strikes left 10 dead, including six Syrian soldiers.

Like hegemon USA, Israel supports Al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS, and other terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere regionally.

Whenever Bashar al-Assad’s government calls for the Security Council to condemn Israeli aggression and demand accountability, US veto power prevents what should automatically happen in support of the rule of law.

Separately on Saturday during a state terror raid on occupied Jenin’s Palestinian refugee camp, Israeli forces murdered 17-year-old Amjad al-Fayyad in cold blood, seriously wounding another Palestinian teenager.

Unjustifiably justifying what happened, an IDF statement falsely accused both teenagers of “open(ing) fire (on Israeli) troops (sic).”

Like always before, Western regimes and their MSM press agents ignored Israeli criminality — coming days after an IDF sniper assassinated journalist Shireen Abu 


On Friday, Mondoweiss condemned the NYT, Washington Post and other US MSM for “black(ing) out coverage” of Abu Akleh’s murder — in support of Israeli apartheid ruthlessness.

Virtually always when Israelis kill Palestinians, MSM silence is deafening — in tacit support of what demands denunciation.

The Biden regime and vast majority of congressional members support the worst of Israeli crimes.

A partial exception to the rule occurred on Thursday by letter to interventionist Blinken and FBI director Wray.

Dozens of Dems called on the Biden regime and FBI to “launch an (independent) investigation into Ms. Abu Akleh’s death,” a Palestinian American, adding:

“We also request the US Department of State determine whether any US laws protecting Ms. Abu Akleh, an American citizen, were violated.”

Saying “(w)e have a duty to protect Americans reporting abroad” was made with full awareness that the only ones US regimes care about are members of its ruling elite and privileged class — no others.

Nothing will come of what a group of Dems called for, especially no condemnation of Israel’s assassination.

Days after Abu Akleh’s cold-blooded murder, Biden regime war secretary Austin met with his Israeli counterpart Gantz.

No mention was made of Abu Akleh’s assassination — or the Bennett regime’s refusal to investigate it — in the readout of their meeting.

Instead it stressed hegemon’s USA’s “ironclad commitment to Israel’s security…to maintaining (its) qualitative military edge” — while  ignoring the worst of its criminal actions.

What Israel calls “counterterrorism activities” is code language for anything goes with impunity.

Unconditional support by the US-dominated West lets Israel get away with murder and other flagrant breaches of international law time and again. 

2 thoughts on “US-Supported Israeli Aggression

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Hey ..I thought the ICC was investigating Israel for the last set of War Crimes

    When the IDF used Snipers to shoot 1509
    Innocent Palestinians during the Days of Return.

    All were clearly marked
    as PRESS or MEDICAL..!

    What happened to the ICC ?
    Where’d they go.

    What’s the Status of the Investigation.

    Everything in the Capitalist World is a Lie.

    Any Crime is sanctioned

    if it advances the Jewish Nazis 75 Years of Terror …!

    Can’t touch the Zionists
    They’re Special.

    They’re the “Special People..”
    So they tell us, huh..?

    The Biggest Collection of Human Trash that ever assembled in one place

    The Filth that came together in Dallas to murder JFK..

    And the Coup still in Power..
    And the Jewish Nazi Putsch

    Have so deformed the World

    As to be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers and believers in the Constitution.

    The Jewish State a cancer sore left festering to sicken and demoralize the sane people of the World.

    To make us feel helpless.
    To demoralize us..
    Beat us down..

    Using the hideously ugly
    Maniacs to murder Palestinians

    Like you would use vicious mindless dog..

    A beast from the
    A Barbarian..

    That’s who the Jewish State of Israel are..

    That’s who they are..

    Beasts .
    Mindless beasts.

    Foul wretched things in the employ of Satan himself.

    No Pity..they’ll be tried, fried and thrown in the Dumpster behind Burger King.


  2. The ZOG of America owns all news and media outlets. It is of no surprise to me that they will ignore all things done by the evil Zionist Israeli’s. Biden’s administration is full of Zionists whose allegiance is to Israel, not the United States. It’s been this way through all administrations during my lifetime and I’m in my late 50’s. People of the world will never be able to live in peace until this issue is dealt with.


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