MSM Big Lies About Invented Enemy Russia

MSM consistently feature state-approved Big Lies and mass deception over truth and fully disclosure on issues mattering most.

According to NYT fake news, “Russian…firepower on (the Lugansk city of) Sievierodonetsk…knocked out water and electricity, dr(ove) residents into underground shelters and, in the last 24 hours, killed at least six people (sic).”

Since Russia’s SMO began three months ago, its forces struck only military targets — while taking great care to protect civilian infrastructure and noncombatants.

Claims otherwise by the Times and other MSM are fake news, worlds apart from the real thing.

No Russian “shrinking war” is ongoing, no “narrow(ing) goals,” no “retreat” of its forces or a “tactical disaster” experienced, no “destr(uction) of urban areas,” no prospect of “los(ing)” to greatly degraded Ukrainian troops.

And this Times rubbish:

“Three months since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, one of the biggest surprises has been the inability of the Russian military to achieve some of its basic goals (sic).”

Like other MSM, the Times can’t bear to admit that Russia’s SMO is proceeding as planned, that Ukraine’s battered military has been greatly degraded.

What the Times called “authenticate(d) reports” about what’s going on in Ukraine are state-approved Russophobic propaganda.

WaPo earlier invented what it falsely called multiple “ways that (Russia’s successful SMO was) botched (sic).” 

Its fake news defied reality by falsely claiming that Russia’s military “displayed…ineptitude (sic).”

That it “bungled almost every move” of its forces (sic).

Battered and beaten “Ukrainians have momentum (sic).”

They “forced…humiliating (Russian) retreats (sic).”

They “underestimate(d) the will and the capacity of the Ukrainians to resist (sic).”

“Russia planned for a swift and easy victory (sic).”

Ukrainian troops and “civilians thwarted Russian advances (sic).”

Russian forces “were told they were participating in a military exercise (sic) so they were psychologically unprepared to be shot at (sic).”

They suffered “enorm(ous) (numbers) of casualties (sic).”

According to Kiev’s fake news on Thursday, Russia lost “29,600 personnel (sic).”

They were “wholly unprepared for the conditions and circumstances they encountered,” according to WaPo fake news.

“Russian soldiers stranded on roadsides next to their vehicles because they had no fuel and hungry soldiers looted stores and stole chickens (sic).”

They lack “key tools of modern warfare (sic).”

They lack “enough weapons to equip all their forces (sic).”

Some of their forces are using “19th century rifles (sic).”

They “ran out of food and other supplies (sic).”

Tanks and equipment “broke down (sic).”

Russian forces lack “air support (sic).”

They’re “using cellphones and old-fashioned radios to communicate (sic).”

“Ukrainians were able to intercept messages regarding Russian movements on the battlefield and lie in wait for them with ambushes (sic).”

Russian “troops are left floundering when their original orders don’t pan out (sic).”

“The Russians clearly weren’t prepared for a scenario in which they encountered resistance (sic).”

Their troops encountered “ambushes and were steadily killed by the Ukrainians (sic).”

The above trash doesn’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from what WaPo and other MSM are willing to admit.

Separately according to an unnamed Biden regime official:

While Russia poses “an acute, immediate threat” to international peace and stability (sic), China is the one country that has the intention, as well as the economic, technological, military and diplomatic means to advance a different vision of international order (sic).” 

“We are competing with China over the trajectory of international order in the 21st century.”

According to political analyst William Jones:

The Biden regime is dangerously “pushing the envelope” on Taiwan.

Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies senior fellow, John Ross, accused the US of “escalating” Asia/Pacific tensions by “attempts to undermine the (longstanding) one-China policy.”

Analyst Yury Tavrovsky accused the Biden regime of “confronting China (while) struggl(ing) with the Ukraine crisis” its wrongheaded policies created.

Its big stick/my way or the highway and no carrots policy is failing against China and Russia. 

Professor Wang Wen believes that “Washington is going through a midlife crisis.”

It’s “anxious and fearful of its own decline and the rise of Beijing.” 

“No matter (how hard the Biden regime attempts) to (enlist) allies to contain China,” it’s a policy doomed to fail.

The same reality applies to Russia.


2 thoughts on “MSM Big Lies About Invented Enemy Russia

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    ” Yo Misty..Play Wagner For Me!”

    If Mariupol was Stalingrad..
    Severodonesk is Kursk..!

    Handwriting on the Wall.
    All the Weapons..if the Gangsters send any at all.

    Don’t pocket all the Money..
    Some huge amount going to Israel of course..

    Who really needs Charity
    From the Mob
    At Us Taxpayers expense.

    So the Zios can pay for their war on peaceful Iran..

    The Weapons will all get blown up anyway.

    Will only make a difference in the New Addition to a Beach House

    For half of Congress.

    But here’s the Point..
    An urgent point..!

    The British Rats
    Oxford Dons

    Verminous rodents to 99%
    Of the World

    Are broadcasting they’re sending War Ships to the Black Sea

    Ready..the.retards spin this Tale:

    “To pick up Grain
    To alleviate World Hunger..!”


    ( Needless to say..You’re the original Dope Pushers..
    300 years of Dope Pushing)



    Pathetically Stupid Liars..

    Yo UK a peasant class
    world power..

    You’re starving 100 of Millions of People around the World from Somalia to Yemen to Sri Lanka..!

    Get the Fux outta here with your lame Bullshit..!


    In 1936 Turkey signed the Montreaux Agreement..

    Cannot allow Warships thru the Dadenells in a time of War..

    Unless they’re a Black Sea Country..

    Not that you British Pirates respect any international laws.

    But Realistically..

    Hear Paul Revere..
    ” The British are Coming..”.

    Coming to attack Russia.

    Russia should sink every
    Warship that enters the
    Black Sea

    Obviously to do Russia harm.

    Completely justifiable in the eyes of the Bush Doctrine

    But Moreover
    Not faraway in Iraq like Bush

    But on your own Waters .
    Home Waters…Black Sea

    Analogous to the Gulf of Mexico for the USA ..!

    Give the Pirates one Warning.

    ” We’ll sink any UK Warships
    on the Black Sea..!”

    And allow no other voices representing Russia

    to walk it back..not one word.

    The Law..btw
    There actually is no law.

    Law is made with an Iskander.



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