Straight Talk by a Volunteer Donetsk Freedom Fighter

US citizen Russell Bonner Bentley arrived in Donetsk to become a volunteer freedom fighter against the scourge of Nazified Ukrainian occupation.

Aged-61, codenamed “Texas,” he he came with this aim in mind — “as a soldier (and) a human aid volunteer,” he explained, adding:

The fabricated official narrative has nothing to do with reality on the ground in Donbass.

While Russian forces go all-out to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure, Ukrainian Nazis “use human shields” — with full support and encouragement from US-dominated NATO.

For Western darlings, it’s “not just a tactic. (It’s hardcore) strategy.”

“Hiding behind their own civilians is (flagrantly illegal), cowardly…treacherous (and) dastardly.”

Anyone not believing that Ukraine is infested with cutthroat Nazi thugs is deaf, dumb and blind to reality.

Kiev’s “Nazi battalions are genuine Nazis,” Bentley stressed, adding:

“They have swastika tattoos. They say ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘Slava Bandera.’ ”

Their crushing defeat in Mariupol “marks the beginning of the end of” Russia’s liberating SMO, Bentley believes.

Since he arrived in Donbass years earlier, “it’s been horrific” because of US/Western support for Nazified Ukraine and its elite Nazi fighters.

Their presence is like “a mad dog or poisonous snake” on the loose in your neighborhood.

Bentley was in Odessa on May 2, 2014 when US/Western supported Nazi thugs burned Ukrainians opposed to tyranny to death in the city’s trade union building.

Those managing to escape were lethally shot in cold blood or beaten to death.

Mass surrender this month by Nazified thugs in Mariupol was a major Russian triumph.

Not only will these thugs no longer terrorize Donbass residents or anyone else again, but their attire and bodies adorned with swastikas and other Nazi symbols reveal their despicable ideology and agenda to everyone paying attention.

It’s in stark contrast to how Russian forces operate humanely “and still”triumph as they’re doing.

Based on polling results about Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, most Americans are “brainwashed” by propaganda TV, Bentley stressed, adding:

“They have no critical thinking skills. They’re politically and historically illiterate.”

They’re why Gore Vidal and oral historian Studs Terkel called the USA “the United States of amnesia.”

They’re mindless of reality past and present. A minority of Americans understand what the majority fail to grasp.

It’s clear by their ignorance about what’s going on in Ukraine.

I explained what’s going on to a friend about reality on the ground, saying the following by email:

Russia isn’t the bad guy falsely portrayed by the US-dominated West and their press agent MSM.

Since the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, the Russian Federation never preemptively attacked another country.

Vladimir Putin authorized Russia’s SMO in late Feb. because over 100,000 US-controlled Ukrainian forces were mobilized in preparation to invade the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk republics bordering Russia, as well as the Russian Republic of Crimea.

Russia acted to prevent what could have been disastrous.

Its aim is demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine, along with protecting its security — its legitimate UN Charter right.

Americans relying on propaganda MSM to learn what’s going on are mind-manipulated to know nothing more than the fabricated official narrative on all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Separately, there’s no ambiguity about the fate awaiting Ukrainian war criminals — based on eyewitness testimonies and other indisputable evidence.

Their “crimes will not go unpunished,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed, adding:

“The leadership of the Donetsk People’s Republic plans to create an international tribunal on the territory of the republic to” hold them accountable for crimes too grievous to ignore. 

“Its charter is currently being worked on. We welcome this initiative.”

According to DPR leader Denis Pushilin:

The tribunal will focus on “maximum publicity (and) transparen(cy).”

It’s vital for “as many people as possible (to be) made aware of the unacceptable war crimes of the neo-Nazis.”

Along with 2,439 POWs in Russian custody from the bowels of Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant, hundreds more Ukrainian Nazified and conscript fighters laid down their arms and surrendered.

Accountability awaits the guilty.

Ones found guilty of murder, torture, rape and/or other high crimes will never see the light of day again except from behind prison walls and bars where they belong.

2 thoughts on “Straight Talk by a Volunteer Donetsk Freedom Fighter

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Russell Bonner Bentley
    Just proud as hell of you, son!

    Boy Howdy..!

    You done Texas Proud, yes sir,
    Mr Bentley….

    Just proud as all get out bout what you’ve done.

    ” Doing the Lord’s Work..
    As they say down in Texas..!”

    I salute you, Comrade Amigo

    Keep up the Good Work


    United States of Amenesia..
    And Blind…

    Seriously myopic when it comes to the Truth

    about their Criminal Elite collusion with Nazi Terrorists

    Of course the Nazi Collaborators own all the Press…

    Go figure.

    What …no Nazis in the Ukraine?

    Millions of Nazi Collaborators are blind to all the Swastikas

    They have Bandera on their Postage Stamps

    Statues to the Nazi Jew Killer

    Holidays and Parades for the Nazi Bandera..!

    Moreover in the Cardboard Cutout State

    The Total lack of any Democratic Rights .

    Or even Opposition Parties…

    Sound like a Democracy to you ?

    Working Class is GAGGED.

    Notice no vote allowed in Sweden or Finland

    Two Nazi Elites speak for the people in Nazi Held Europe.

    Here’s the Point:

    When is Russia going to put out the Nazi Bio Weapons Labs

    My point more focused is
    Please just prepare simple

    5 sec Blurbs..

    10 second spots

    20 second wrap arounds..

    Black and White
    Grainy..Swstikas .torture..

    Documentary style.
    Scare the Fux outta em ..!


    ( Could you hire ten-20
    More people for Chissakes

    I know you’re swamped already)

    Hear the Ramones

    “Hey Hey… Let’s Go..!
    Hey Hey .. Let’s Go..!”

    We got a War to Win..
    On the Battlefield

    And in the Hearts and Minds
    of 8 Billion People on Earth..!

    To Total Victory..!


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Suggestion Box
    For the Information Bureau

    Re: Uki Nazi / USA / ROSEMONT / PENTAGON

    3 Seconds of Still Photo
    that will live in Infamy..

    EU ..Van der Liar
    And FM of Slovakia

    Doing the Hitler Heart Flutter

    Show Hitler in his B&W
    Angelic Heart Flutter Pose


    2O Second Wrap Around

    Remember Busha ..
    Show the Corpses

    These are Ukrainians that took Emergency Food Rations from Russian Soldiers..

    Traded fresh milk for dry goods

    The Ukrainian Secret Police called them Traitors..
    Killed them..

    See the Blue Food Bags
    By the Corpses..?"



    One picture says,
    10,000,000 words..!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!

    Give us the tools
    To finish the Job..!"



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