Interventionist Blinken’s Bluster on Nonbelligerent, Nonthreatening China

Like Russia and other nations free from US control, China prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law.

Not according to neocon hardliner Blinken.

On Thursday, he falsely claimed that the empire of lies prioritizes “diplomacy (as) the center of (its) foreign policy (sic).”

Ignoring US war on humanity at home and abroad — with mass extermination of unwanted billions in mind and wanting independent nations transformed into US vassal states — he defied reality as follows, saying:

“American foreign policy (aims to)  support workers, raise incomes (and) create opportunity (sic).”

The world’s leading human rights abuser stands for “respect(ing) human rights (sic).”

On all things related to “coercion and aggression,” hegemon USA is No. One on the world stage.

What Blinken and other Biden regime officials call “the rules-based international order” is hegemon USA’s made up rules — ones that flagrantly breach the UN Charter, other international law and the US Constitution.

Washington long ago abandoned the rule of law in pursuit of its rage for unchallenged global dominance — most often sought through the barrel of a gun by waging perpetual wars on nations free from its control.

Time and again when US/Western politicians and bureaucrats speak, Big Lies and mass deception follow.

Their ruling regimes left billions impoverished worldwide instead of efforts to “lift (humanity) out of poverty” as Blinken falsely claimed.

Nor for hundreds of years did Western societies “advance human rights” they’ve consistently trampled on.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin poses” NO threat to the US/West and other nations as Blinken falsely claimed.

Russia’s defensive SMO in Ukraine was undertaken to protect its security from the scourge of US-created and supported Nazism along its border.

“Aggression” is longstanding US-dominated NATO policy against invented enemies — not how Russia operates.

Defying how Russian forces are rolling over Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops, Blinken turned reality on its head, falsely claiming:

“Putin failed to achieve a single one of his strategic aims (sic).”

US-controlled Western vassal regimes aside, the vast majority of nation states worldwide oppose hegemon USA’s “rules-based international order” and perpetual wars.

And this Blinken Big Lie, the core theme of his propaganda address, falsely saying:

“(T)he People’s Republic of China…pose(s) the most serious longterm challenge to the international order (sic),” adding:

“China is the only country with both the intent to reshape the international order and, increasingly, the economic, diplomatic, military, and technological power to do it (sic).”

“Beijing’s vision would move us away from the universal values that have sustained so much of the world’s progress over the past 75 years (sic).”

US/Western “values” caused more harm to more people over a longer duration than any other nations in world history — by waging forever war on humanity in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

And this Blinken Big Lie.

Hegemon USA is “not looking for conflict or a new Cold War (sic).”

“(W)e will defend and strengthen the international law, agreements, principles, and institutions that maintain peace and security, protect the rights of individuals and sovereign nations, and make it possible for all countries – including the United States and China – to coexist and cooperate (sic).”

Longstanding US policy is worlds apart from the above rubbish.

So is calling China “repressive at home and aggressive abroad (sic)” — how the US-dominated West operates, not China, not Russia, not other nations free from the scourge of US control.

More Blinken Big Lies followed.

Hegemon USA “advanc(es) unlawful maritime claims” worldwide, not China or Russia.

US ruling regimes “undermin(e) peace and security, freedom of navigation, and commerce.”

Operating by its own made-up rules, it flagrantly breaches the rule of law.

It grievously harms the vast majority of people at home and worldwide.

Like Russia, China operates by higher standards in compliance with international law — what hegemon USA long ago abandoned in waging perpetual hot and cold wars on invented enemies.

Blinken pretended otherwise.

At a time when the US is in decline, he said nothing about double-digit homeland inflation, economic weakness, broken supply chains, growing food insecurity, hunger and poverty in the world’s richest nation.

He ignored the largest-ever transfer of wealth from the vast majority in the US/West to their privileged few.

He was silent about how US policymaking is responsible for all of the above.

That democracy in the US is pure fantasy, the real thing abhorred and tolerated nowhere, especially not domestically.

That hypocrisy, plutocracy and perpetual wars on humanity define the American way.

That American exceptionalism, the indispensable state, and moral superiority are illusions, not reality.

In response to Blinken’s remarks, Renmin University’s Institute of International Affairs director, Wang Yiwei, said the following:

Hypocrisy defines US policymaking.

When its officials call for “abiding by international rules, it means (that) China (and other nations free from its control) should abide by US rules” — wanting them weakened and subservient to its interests.

According to China’s official People’s Daily:

“An old Chinese saying goes: ‘We do not only listen to what one says but also watch what one does.’ ”

Time and again, the US says or promises one thing, then goes another way — why its ruling regimes can never be trusted.

“Even in Blinken’s latest policy speech declaring ‘no new Cold War,’ many of his words (were) full of ideological prejudice and Cold War mindset, which is consistent” with how the US operates, said the People’s Daily, adding: 

“He talked a lot about allies and partnerships, but reality is that the US is experiencing a credibility crisis globally.” 

Its rage to dominate other nations threatens world peace and humanity’s survival.

That’s the bottom line reality about the empire of lies.

A Fial Comment

The Biden regime established what it called a new “China House” at the State Department to coordinate anti-Beijing policymaking.

Already waging proxy hot war on Russia, do its dominant hardliners have the same thing in mind against China over Taiwan or other invented reasons?

At the same time in cahoots with EU and UK vassal states, the Biden regime created what it calls an Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group (ACA).

Claiming it’s to “document, preserve, and analyze evidence of war crimes and other atrocities committed in Ukraine,” what’s planned no doubt intends to falsely blame Russia for what hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Nazified Ukraine bear full responsibility for.

The diabolical scheme is more indisputable evidence of how the empire of lies operates.

One thought on “Interventionist Blinken’s Bluster on Nonbelligerent, Nonthreatening China

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    When you stand back from the “Shuffling madness ..”

    Cogitate over the World.
    See the Long View.

    This occurs to the historically minded,

    First off..we’re living in an Alternate Reality…

    The CIA , FBI, Mossad, BCF
    Assassination of JFK

    That detoured the entire World
    Our Future was changed in 1963

    Downgraded from Camelot
    To the Mob’s Fuxing Nightmare!

    What course would have the USA taken if JFK had

    1)..done away with the Fed

    2)…made Detente with Russia

    3)..made Detente with Cuba

    4)..Pulled out of Vietnam

    5)..Smashed the CIA into a Million Pieces.

    6).. Propagated and extended Civil Rights African Americans

    7)…Expanded Social Spending

    8).. Adamantly Opposed and stopped the Jewish State from having NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

    That’s enough.

    The last one.. Number#8
    That’s the Killer ..!


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