On Bended Knee to Russia on Ukraine

There’s no ambiguity about how Russia’s SMO will turn out.

Ukraine’s largely conscript military never stood a chance against vastly superior Russian forces.

In the first few days of the SMO, they gained control over Ukraine’s airspace and coastal waters.

No matter what the collective West throws at Kiev in the way of weapons, munitions and related equipment, defeating overpowering Russian military strength has been mission impossible all along.

Pretense otherwise by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents fooled no one other than perhaps themselves and know-nothing puppet Zelensky.

Detached from reality in his Polish hideout, he knows little more than what his US master scripts for him to recite.

He’s worlds apart from what leadership is supposed to be, a sorrowful caricature of the real thing.

Much the same reality applies to the White House imposter, a pathetic mumbling, bumbling figure —  hands down the most pathetic White House occupant in US history, an illegitimate one to boot.

With Russian forces methodically and relentlessly pummeling Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops, US war secretary Austin virtually admitted that US/NATO strategy in Ukraine isn’t going as planned.

In mid-May, he called his Russian counterpart Sergey Shoigu for the first time in three months — hat in hand.

On bended knee, he called for ceasefire because Russia is decisively crushing Ukraine’s military as planned.

Winners want their campaign continued until its mission is accomplished.

Losers want their losses cut.

Like Austin, NYT editors and Henry Kissinger also genuflected to Russian military superiority by calling for concessions to Moscow.

Did the Times shift from nonsensical claims about brave Ukrainian fighters resisting, counterattacking, pushing back and defeating Russia to calling for a negotiated settlement before the regime’s military is smashed altogether?

Its editors virtually admitted the inevitability of Ukraine’s defeat against overpowering Russian forces by urging “a negotiated peace (to include) hard decisions” by the Nazi-infested regime, adding: 

“US aims and strategy…have become harder to discern (sic),” dubiously claiming that “the parameters of the mission appear to have changed (sic).”

Nothing changed in Washington, key NATO vassal state capitals, Nazi-infested Kiev or Moscow.

Indisputable reality on the ground alone got the Times to try having things both ways.

No “stunning (Ukrainian) successes” occurred throughout Russia’s SMO, no “push” back of its forces to positions before launching its liberating campaign.

At the same time, the Times admitted what was indisputable all along, saying:

“A decisive military victory for Ukraine over Russia, in which Ukraine regains all the territory Russia seized since 2014, is not a realistic goal” — because its forces are “too strong.”

Bellicose statements by the fake Biden, war secretary Austin and mad dog Pelosi in support of Nazi-infested Ukraine amount to whistling past the graveyard of a battered and beaten regime.

And this Times admission:

The empire of lies must “make clear to (puppet) Zelensky (that there’s) a limit to how far” it’s willing to go with its proxy war on Russia.

The above is Times code language for surrender before Ukraine is too far gone to resuscitate. 

Days earlier in remarks to the World Economic Forum, Henry Kissinger called for “(n)egotiations on peace to begin in the next two months or so, (before) upheavals and tensions (can no longer) be easily overcome.”

Before US/NATO proxy war on Russia shifts to potentially catastrophic East/West confrontation — potentially with nukes.

WaPo editors leaned in the same direction — short of waving their own white flag of surrender to overpowering Russian military strength, saying:

“Wars end. Many, if not most, end with negotiation.”

Italy, Hungary, Henry Kissinger in remarks to the World Economic Forum, and “the New York Times editorial board called on (the Biden regime) to counsel Kiev not to ‘chase after an illusory (out of reach) win,’ ”adding:

“Perhaps Ukraine’s (nonexistent) counteroffensive will fail, and the military situation will eventually reach such an impasse that a negotiated settlement becomes inevitable.”

Leaning in the direction of accepting reality on the ground, WaPo still  called for “Ukraine’s friends” to pour more “shipments of vital weaponry” into the country — for Russia to target and destroy.

Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials made clear that Russia’s SMO will continue until Ukraine is demilitarized and deNazified.

Until Donbass is entirely free from the scourge of Nazified occupation and Russian security is achieved.

Austin, the Times, WaPo and Kenry K failed to explain that 8 years of good faith Russian diplomacy failed to halt Kiev’s aggression on Donbass because hegemon USA forbade it — wanting perpetual war waged along its border.

In defense of its security, Russia’s only option was to intervene against Ukraine at a time when Kiev massed over 100,000 troops along the border of Donbass and Crimea with intent to invade.

The right of self-defense is inviolable under international law.

Vladimir Putin acted to prevent what likely would have been catastrophic had he done nothing.

He did the right thing, the only sensible option other than allowing greater Ukrainian aggression against Donbass and invading Crimea at the same time before responding defensively.

Launching Russia’s SMO on Feb. 24 before the above occurred saved Russian and Donbass lives.

It’ll continue until Kremlin objectives are achieved.

There’s nothing the US-dominated West can do to stop what’s ongoing — other than wage global war, what may have already begun with no declaration.

9 thoughts on “On Bended Knee to Russia on Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Exactly x 10..!

    Lyman going to the Allies as we speak.

    By early Summer if the Uks haven’t surrended en masse by then …

    The Allies will be on the vertible
    ” Highway to Berlin..”

    Russia shipping alot of “Product”
    “Xmas Presents” by air…

    This Holiday Season..!

    But wait..it gets better..but

    I’ll come back to “Combat” …starring Vic Molotov

    In a brief moment.


    Sanctions…the NaziFuxs love to pass out Sanctions..

    Here’s the Play for you, Big Dog

    “Realize,a huge or at least some significant portion of the LNG or

    Petro shipped to the hostile
    Nazi Held countries..

    Is being used to manufacture weapons to kill RUSSIAN SOLDIERS in the UKRAINE..

    Therefore we demand you stop making them or we cut out that
    Percentage of what we estimate is the aggregate amount used.

    We think it’s 22.5%..

    We will start the reduction in 10 days…!

    You decide..Guns or Butter..
    Guns for Nazis or Germany People..!

    Let’s Play Ball..
    with the Fuxing Gangsters..!


    The Nazi Collaborators are hoping to deplete all Russian Tanks in the Ukraine..

    As many as possible.

    So when they attack in August or September..

    Russia will be at as depleted as possible.

    The Terminator is a Winner, Baby

    ( Russia will sell about 100,000 after this First War…!)

    But the point:

    Can you start putting
    “Termie Baby ”
    On T 34s …right now.

    Also can you put a two gunner
    Like a Tail Gunner on a T74..?
    Both 88 mil..!

    Or maybe a small cannon.

    Also can the new T90 hold a Pulse Plasma Platform..

    Starting to rain..!
    Back later with the Zrada good.


  2. Mr Lendman.


    Had to go into a restaurant to get out of the rain..

    Ran into my friend
    A Swiss / German medical doctor..

    He said that the Lead the Criminals put in gasoline

    Not only made Americsns stupid…
    But elderly Americans have leukemia…

    Cancer of the Blood m.!

    20 times he higher than Kymer.

    Our Criminal Elite m.
    Don’t you just love them?

    BTW..lead in gas..
    Increased the efficiency about
    .009 %

    Also simultaneously cleaned
    the engine about .0009%

    But yet… you’re Dead
    Like millions of others.

    So Oil Barons could make another buck..!

    Our Criminal Elite
    Wouldn’t you like to speak to them ..one on one..

    About their crimes.

    So angry I forgot my original Point.

    But this..now everyone wants to Talk to Putin…

    President Putin jumped up and down.

    waved his arms to get your attention

    And now when you’re shipwrecked…

    You want to call Putin.


    Go Russia.
    To Total Victory..!


  3. Mr Lendman

    This i believe is more important than the Battlefield Field report

    from Corporal Numbnutz
    out here in LaLa Land

    Picking wild Mangoes, Papaya and Bananas off trees..!

    All Experts agree ..
    Are calling the Game for Russia.

    Check the Record Book:

    Russia has 27 Wins Against European Axis Countries..


    This makes 28-0..!

    Eat your Heart Out NaziFuxs..!
    You guys coming back…soon..

    We’ll leave the Porch Light on for you..!

    So we see you all the better..

    Oh..Bring your own body bags..
    help keep Russia tidy..!

    Nobody believe anything
    the Monkey Spox
    Are saying..

    Talking CIA Heads on CNN
    Have at least kept the Hoax

    Going long enough for the
    Criminals in Congress

    To make a few bucks..
    Ripping off the Public..

    What did Don say,

    ” We should be able to provide safety for our school kids

    before we send $40 Billion
    to the Ukraine..!”

    See Don is reading the
    Tea Leaves..

    He very subtly flipped his line
    His position..

    Completely in line with his demographic.
    The Tucker Carlson Demo.

    Tulsi had the MoJo, baby .
    Sizzling with it.

    You’re WOW
    Way Out West..

    Go Left Baby..!
    Daughter of Pella..

    Goddess of Victory
    Maker of Dreams..


    He can ride the AntiWar Position
    Right back to Square One..

    Oval Office with 68% of the Vote
    A Landslide..!

    2 to one..
    Can they steal that?

    Jus sayin.

    Yo Don.. BTW ..it’s a False Flag.
    You should be well schooled

    In all those FBI Lies.
    Used about 100 on You.

    Hey see where the two Criminals that framed you up..

    The Hoax
    The Criminal Hoax

    The FBI False Flag
    That killed a Score of innocents

    All fabricated to take our guns away.

    They Murder People..
    To take away our guns..
    So we don’t murder anybody?

    Why ..who would we murder..
    Ceptin that fella coming thru my backdoor…

    I never seen in my life..
    Not even a Badge..
    And carrying …

    Would I or any other citizen be justified…

    Blowin his head off.

    State of Texas, son..
    He’s on your Property

    Didn’t have your permission?
    He was armed…?

    Court adjourned.

    BTW ..see

    Clapper and Brennan.

    They Vouched for
    Hunter’s Laptop…!

    The two Authorities that fuxed you royally..

    Biggest Criminals on Earth..!

    Moving on to the Point:

    Right Now we should demand that Biden, et al…

    Be impeached for prosecuting an Illegal and immoral war.

    To Bilk the Public

    But it centers the question.

    Focuses on the enormous Lies told to the American People..

    Opens it up further
    Gives it another Wing


    It organizationally chrystalizes
    The AntiWar Sentiment

    On Both sides of the AISLE


    Nothing will come of it in Bourgeois Courts..

    But it’s the last thing the Gangsters want to see

    “Better to burn one
    candle in the dark..

    Then curse the Darkness Forever..!”

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..


  4. Mr Lendman..

    I hate to belabor this one point:

    But Impeachment.actually has legs..


    Josh Hawley and 10 other …
    11 Total Republican Senators
    Voted Against the $40 B..

    20 % of Repub Senators..
    That’s a Big Statistic.

    Previously I said.

    ” go to Vermont..
    Heckle Bernie..

    He must have voted for it if Every Dem Senator did..

    He’s not publicizing that, huh?

    BTW..the Dems are supposed to be the AntiWar Party .

    Now the other head of the
    NeoCon Viper

    We have the. Bloodthirsty
    NeoLib Vipers..

    ” No war
    Is a Bad War..

    ” NYT ”



    Anti War Move needs the tools.
    Just put the tools in their hands

    They’ll do the job…

    Keep in mind
    For the Information soldiers

    Our Best and Most Important Warriors…

    On the University Campus

    The Front Line is at the Literature table in front of
    Or in the Student Union..

    This will be the Cadre
    Steeled in all the unjustness of the Criminal Elite…

    Traumatized for years..
    In Pressure Cooker of Lies..

    This batch..
    You maybe surprised to find..

    “Ready to Rumble..”

    Finish the Job ..!

    ” When the student is Ready..
    The Teacher will appear..”

    But a Lawsuit or Congressional
    of Impeachment


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