Sergey Lavrov’s Straight Talk Reality Check

In stark contrast to saber-rattling double-talk by war-mongering US/Western officials, remarks by Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov are always refreshingly candid and straight forward. 

On Monday at Moscow’s Yevgeny Primakov School, Lavrov explained the following:

Hegemon USA demands universal observance of its so-called “rules-based order.”

“No one has seen these ‘rules’ or participated in devising them,” Lavrov adding: 

“Our logical question as to why they are dissatisfied with the rules known as the UN Charter is not answered.”

“But we know the answer.”

“And this answer does not suit them because they turn all the rules inside out as they see fit at some or other moment.”

In so doing, they flagrantly breach international law in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

The empire of lies and its NATO vassals are “raging as Russia defends its absolutely legitimate and fundamental interests” in Ukraine — its security, Lavrov stressed.

US transformation of democratically governed Ukraine into Nazified tyrannical rule by coup d’etat compelled Russia to act in self-defense.

After 8 years of good faith diplomacy failed to end Kiev’s aggression on Donbass — because hegemon USA wants permanent war along its border — Russia launched its SMO to defend its threatened security first and foremost.

Since the US 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, Russia’s diplomatic outreach to the installed regime and empire of lies in pursuit of central European peace was like “talking to a brick wall,” Lavrov explained.

Obama/Biden, Trump and illegitimately installed US regime now in power directed colonized Ukraine to wage permanent war over resolving things peacefully.

At the same time — with US support and encouragement — virtually everything Russian-related in Ukraine has been demonized, criminalized, banned and terrorized. 

Complementing the above, Nazism is glorified, including torchlight processions, open display of Waffen SS and other Nazi symbols, as well as creation of cutthroat regiments and battalions of Nazified thugs — armed, funded, trained and directed by the Pentagon, CIA and their NATO counterparts.

For years, Russia urged the establishment of “a special treaty that would guarantee the security of all countries, including Ukraine, without the expansion of NATO or other military-political alliances” — in vain, Lavrov explained, adding:

“(A)fter warning Ukraine (and US-dominated West) for many years, we moved to defend the security interests of the Russian population in Donbass.” 

In similar fashion to how US-dominated NATO raped and destroyed the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq (in 1991 and again in 2003), Libya and Syria, the war-making alliance wants Russia to experience a similar fate — by unprecedented sanctions and proxy hot war on the nation and its people.

History is repeating, Lavrov stressed.

Dominant US hardliners want Russia defeated politically, economically, financially and militarily.

They want what’s unattainable, Lavrov stressing:

It’s “impossible to constantly trample upon vital Russian interests and those of Russian diasporas, no matter where they live, and get away with it.”

“We will push for protecting the rights of Russians (wherever they may live), the Russian-speaking population in accordance with conventions signed by all Western states.” 

“We will insist that Russia’s security interests are not ignored as was the case for many years after the Soviet Union ceased to exist.” 

“They lied to our faces that NATO would not move an inch” eastward.

Russia quit the Council of Europe, the UN Human Rights Council and other international organizations because they’re used by the US as imperial tools.

The empire of lies wants Russia stripped of its Security Council veto power.

It can’t change what requires approval by its five permanent members, including Russia and close ally China, Lavrov explained.

He also stressed that international development shifted from Western dominance to Eurasia, adding:

Russia has “the most extensive network of partnerships in the Eurasian region.” 

“We should rely on them for the country’s future growth, including its transport, transit and logistics sectors.”

Time and again, US-dominated Western regimes “proved…that they are impossible to negotiate with.”

They say one thing, then go another way — proving that they can never be trusted, especially not the empire of lies.

Russia stresses self-sufficiency and reliance on friendly allies — ones that “do not dance to someone else’s tune,” as Lavrov explained.

Believing that the collective West will come to its senses and change its wicked ways is like waiting for Godot.

What hasn’t happened for 500 years is highly unlikely ahead.

Dominance, not mutual cooperation, is in the West’s DNA.

Forever wars against invented enemies reflect how their ruling regimes operate.

Despite the madness of two global wars, they risk a third one at a time when super-weapons on opposing sides can kill us all.

3 thoughts on “Sergey Lavrov’s Straight Talk Reality Check

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    I listened to every word of it.
    It was Spot on.

    Everything crafted perfectly.

    Mr Lavrov sounded like
    He’s reading Stephen Lendman .

    Best Speech he’s ever given..

    I support him ardently…

    and Russia of course..

    The whole world..
    Outside of the Pink Zine..
    That is.

    What’s the Pink zone..?

    The Pink assed
    blue eyed criers for Nazis…

    In Europe and America…!

    Here is the bottom line on the LAVROV DOCTRINE..

    It’s so good..
    Completely based on facts
    And Realpolitik..

    My biggest concern isn’t that the World believe it.

    It’s does Lavrov does.

    Because of he sticks to his guns
    A straight shooting Cowboy

    We got a winning position.
    Smothered in Truth..
    And has ” Attitude !”

    That’s all Russia needs
    To Protect itself..

    And Rock the World with
    Justice and Good Will.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Mr. Lendman. It is no wonder that I admire FM Lavrov no end. Just read the above summation. He observes the local, regional and world scenes with great clarity and gravitas.


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