Strategic Defeat for the US/West v. Russia in Ukraine

MSM reports about Russia’s SMO in Ukraine resemble bad fiction over reality on the ground.

No Russian “error after error” occurred in Ukraine, as NYT fake news claimed, just the opposite as their forces steadily advance.

No Biden regime weakening of Russia occurred — no stopping its forces from achieving publicly stated SMO objectives.

The battle for Donbass is largely won and with it further decimation of Ukraine’s greatly degraded military.

A Thursday WaPo report was a rare reality check of how badly things are going for Ukraine, saying the following:

“Stuck in their trenches, Ukrainian volunteers lived off a potato per day as Russian forces pounded them with artillery and Grad rockets on a key eastern front line.” 

“Outnumbered, untrained and clutching only light weapons, the men prayed for the barrage to end.”

According to one Ukrainian unit commander, “you just pray to survive.”

The above reality check and lots more like it show the failure of Kiev to check steady Russian advances.

Ukrainian conscripts are involuntarily thrust into combat against vastly superior Russian military strength.

Rank and file Ukrainian soldiers and commanders were “sent to certain death,” according to one conscript.

Poorly trained, poorly armed, poorly led, poorly fed, poorly supported by Kiev, they’re front lines cannon fodder against intense Russian firepower.

According to another Ukrainian unit commander:

With “heavy weapons against us, we don’t have anything to work with. We are helpless.”

The above reality is a snapshot of what’s happening to Ukrainian forces up against unstoppable Russian advances.

Separately, WaPo pretended that the Biden regime is outwitting and outfoxing Russia in Ukraine when reality on the ground is worlds apart from its nonsense.

And this WaPo rubbish:

Russia’s “strategy was a lightning, decapitating strike on Kiev by a relatively small group of elite special forces (sic)” — to be followed by “pump(ing) troops into Kiev (sic).”

Russia’s battle plan had nothing to do with the above fiction.

Nor did Ukrainian troops achieve any victories over Russian ones.

Nor did the Kremlin intend to “topple” puppet Zelensky and “install…pro-Moscow” governance in Kiev.

Nor did Russia “overvalu(e)” its strength or “underestimat(e)” the empire of lies.

No NYT claimed Russian “strategic defeat” was likely at any time since its well-planned and executed SMO began.

Nor did Russia intend to “take all of Ukraine (sic).”

No “failed” Russian Plan A forced a nonexistent “retreat to a (nonexistent) Plan B.”

And the Times continued to turn reality on its head by falsely claiming that Vladimir Putin is unwilling to negotiate with Kiev.

The Biden regime blocked good faith Ukrainian conflict resolution talks with Russia to continue forever proxy war on the country with expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers.

Kiev’s military is greatly “depleted,” not Moscow’s.

The chance of Ukraine achieving a military victory over Russia was delusional from day-one of its SMO.

At no time did Ukrainian troops do “remarkably well” against vastly superior Russian military strength.

Triumph over Ukraine by its forces was certain all along since its SMO began.

At this time, nearly all Lugansk territory is liberated from Nazified occupation.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, explained the following:

Claims by the US/West and Kiev about alleged “blocking by the Russian military of foreign vessels in the waters of the Black and Azov seas, they are not consistent with reality.” 

“The port in Mariupol resumed work after the military of Russia and the DPR gained control over it, so the navigating channel was unblocked, and conditions were created for ships to leave” and enter the port.

Despite two maritime humanitarian corridors opened by Russia, the US-controlled Kiev regime “refused to interact with representatives of foreign states and shipowner companies to ensure the safe exit of blocked ships, practically holding the crews hostage.”

Russian forces cleared mines laid by Ukraine in offshore Mariupol waters to provide safe routes for vessels without navigational hazards to their safety.

And this rubbish from Britain’s so-called foreign secretary Truss, saying the following:

Western regimes “will never feel safe again” if Russia triumphs in Ukraine (sic).

“We must ensure that (battered and beaten) Ukraine wins this great fight” — to preserve Nazi tyranny in Kiev.

Its regime blacklisted Henry Kissinger, charging him with “propaganda, blackmail and encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine” for saying the following to the World Economic Forum days earlier:

“Negotiations need to begin in the next two months before it creates upheavals and tensions that will not be easily overcome.” 

“Ideally, the dividing line should be a return to the status quo ante.”

Given its rage to cancel Russia, the empire of lies will have none of it.

So, of course, the same goes for its Ukraine colony.

What matter is what Moscow wants and intends — to include referendums in predominantly Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine for its people to decide if they want to be controlled by a Nazified regime or be part of democratic Russia.

Looking ahead to when Russia’s SMO successfully ends, that’s the bottom line.


2 thoughts on “Strategic Defeat for the US/West v. Russia in Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Yep..WaPo…who are incapable of telling the truth..
    Never had any incentive to do that.. Telling the Truth! the Check for $40 Billion
    Cashed already..!

    But bad as it is for them

    Uki Army has 300,000 men left
    In the field..

    Even at an attritional rate of a 500 to 1000 a day..

    That’s alot of Soldiers.

    You can estimate maybe 3-5% may want to die on the field..

    That’s alot of Crazymen.
    Who do crazy things..!

    I raise this because
    as I grow old..

    I’m not sure if I grew wiser
    But I grew more cautious..
    More careful .

    Everyone saying it over..
    Russia won

    Including me..
    Then it hit me..

    “Never Read Your Own Press”

    Still alot of Real Combat going on..

    In fact,
    Our Words might egg on the Russian Generals..

    To speed it up
    Like there’s some emergency

    Red Army..take all the time you need ..

    You’re finished when the Job is Done..

    I was the first guy to use that slogan. and everyone is saying “it’s over..”
    “It’s over ”

    I said that multiple times.

    It’s not Over.

    WaPo sounds suspiciously like a set up..

    Suddenly WaPo put Russia on the Cover of Sports Illustrated..

    Sports Fans know that’s the kiss of Death.

    They are still in the Field..
    Although being pushed back significantly..

    Losing…not yet lost.

    Zhukov said he lost as many men while the Germans retreated.

    The Trick.
    They need to be all Surrendered by the Uki Generals.

    or Zelensky by Zoom from Eliat.
    King Solomon hotel pool.

    Surrender nen masse
    The Whole Army

    Or Army Groups..
    North , East and Kiev

    I might add.

    Not respecting your Enemy
    Reading your own Press Clipping

    Is the way you lose.


    We need to qualify our
    Russia won..

    I see

    Liked by 1 person

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