Delusional NYT Report on Ukraine

Russia is systematically battering and degrading Ukrainian forces as part of its demilitarization and deNazification SMO.

Yet on Sunday, a delusional NYT report claimed that new weapons supplied to Kiev by US/Western regimes will “tr(y) to match Russia’s power (sic).”

Ignoring overwhelming superiority of its forces over greatly degraded Ukrainian ones, the Times once again reinvented reality on the ground.

No matter what weapons and munitions US/Western regimes supply to Kiev, the triumph of Russia’s SMO is certain.

Its forces spot, target, intercept and destroy most foreign-supplied weapons crossing into Ukrainian territory.

No matter how much more comes in won’t change a thing on the ground.

Russia is using a small fraction of its military might in Ukraine.

As needed to continue advancing and demilitarizing Kiev troops, its Defense Ministry will do whatever it takes to achieve its aims on the ground, according to the rule of law.

Donbass is largely liberated ahead of freeing its long-suffering people entirely from the scourge of US/Western-supported Nazified occupation.

No “arms race” exists anywhere in Ukraine, as the Times falsely reported.

The Nazi-infested Kiev regime’s military is being systematically smashed.

No Ukrainian counterattacks occurred since Russia’s SMO began, none ongoing as NYT fake news claimed on Sunday.

No “br(eak) through of a Russian line of defense…in the Kherson region” or anywhere else.

Claiming otherwise by Kiev is belied by reality on the ground.

Even the Times lying machine admitted that “it was not possible to independently confirm Ukraine’s assertion.”

Russian forces continue their steady advance against retreating Ukrainian ones.

The former are not “dug into defensive positions” as Times fake news claimed.

So is the Times fantasy of US-supplied “long-range weapons” making a difference against overpowering Russian forces.

Throughout its SMO, nothing supplied to Ukraine by US/Western regimes changed a thing on the ground.

Kiev forces are not “holding on” as puppet Zelensky claimed.

They’re badly beaten, surrendering in large numbers, and abandoning a fight the regime’s largely conscript force didn’t want with many rank-and-file soldiers deserting to live over continuing to fight and die.

Claims by the Times about Russian use of cluster and thermobaric weapons are bald-faced Big Lies.

Russia’s Defense Ministry earlier debunked the phony claims.

Yet they repeat with disturbing regularity as part of Russia bashing by the West, Kiev and their MSM press agents.

The same goes for fabricated claims about targeting civilians by Russian forces — a longstanding US/NATO practice in preemptive wars on invented enemies.

Kiev forces earlier used banned phosphorous munitions, the practice ignored by MSM — along with reporting nothing about flagrant Ukrainian war crimes against civilians and Russian POWs.

And this Times rubbish:

Russia’s “military was woefully unprepared for a major conflict (sic).”

“Russian soldiers in Ukraine are underequipped (sic).”

Russia’s SMO is proceeding as planned.

Claims otherwise like the above rubbish reflect state-approved Russia-bashing propaganda.

Ignoring reality on the ground by the US/West and MSM press agents has been largely consistent throughout Russia’s SMO.

Ukraine’s greatly battered and degraded military bears testimony to overwhelming Russian superiority.

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

Russians calling its SMO “an invasion may be imprisoned for up to 15 years (sic).”

“(D)issenters” are being “punished” for expressing their views (sic).

“Putin’s attempt to blitz Ukraine’s major cities failed (sic).”

“(P)rotracted conflict that may have claimed the lives of as many Russian soldiers as the Soviet Union’s nine-year war in Afghanistan (sic).”

Russia’s “battlefield setbacks raised questions (sic).”

Russian forces were “embarrassed by a stunning defeat…near the Siversky Donets River earlier this month (sic).”

“As many as 485 Russian soldiers died, and 80 armored vehicles were lost (sic)” — according to fake news by the so-called Institute for the Study of War.

The so-called NGO is a US propaganda operation, funding supplied by the empire of lies and merchants of death and mass destruction.

Russian forces showed a “complete lack of professional competence (sic).”

Putin is “stuck between two worlds (sic). He can neither crush Ukraine nor retreat with his reputation intact (sic).”

Like other US/Western MSM, WaPo features trash like the above in its daily fake news editions.

It pretends that its propaganda rubbish is truth and full disclosure.

When Russia declares mission accomplished in Ukraine ahead, MSM will likely react whenever their bald-faced Big Lies are exposed — by changing the subject.

One thought on “Delusional NYT Report on Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    ” The Naked and the Dead!”

    The Biggest Fake War in History
    Started by an International Crime Syndicate to take down Russia..

    A reconstituted Band of Robbers

    fabricated from TOTENKOPT

    Avaricious Greed and Larceny and the most perfidious war evef launched by Mankind .

    As they say in LA
    “FAF..”…”FAKE AS FUX..”

    International Capitalism
    At a Dead End..
    The Crisis Deepens..

    The Contradictions are insurmountable by the

    Kids in the Hall..
    Are only the first.

    USA is floundering on the Reef

    War is the only
    Too Goofey to be real anymore

    Like that..?
    Hey..wait a second..

    I print a hundred Billion an hour..!
    Need some more, General..

    Or is that enough to kill another
    25 Million Innocent People?

    Where do the Looters and the Liars go from here..

    Out lying Bloodthirsty hang of Serial War Criminals..

    Will they survive the mountains of Lies attributed to the selling of this war…?

    Will they survive the Crash..,?

    The Great Santini says no.
    The Lies are too Gigantic..

    The Russian Family Jewels to be stolen..

    But like all Brigadoons

    Self Appointed Thuggees
    Who would be kings..

    It was all or nothing..
    Take down Russia

    Wall St and Hitler’s Dream..
    And WIN BIG.

    OR LOSE..
    as clearly is happening now.

    The Crime so Enormous

    The Penalty will most definitely be a Case at Nuremberg II.

    All or Nothing.

    BTW… Ruble going up so fast

    Now grain sales begin.

    Russia wants to keep the Ruble adjustable for wheat to be more affordable.

    Amazing, huh.
    Russia doing Fantastic..
    The entire Nazi Axis Powers
    in chaos and about to collapse.

    The Gods Certainly smiled on Russia.


    Germany buys Russian LNG
    at $300,000,000 s Day..

    No alternative.

    Why couldn’t Germany just use Russian Gas..

    And never have an Energy Problem… ever..

    Only the Fact that Germany has Criminal Leaders.

    And the CIA “bought ” the Germsn Secret Police.

    75 Years later the Germans still under Occupation.



    Everything the World needs tomorrow..
    Is in Russia Today .!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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