Russian Foreign Ministry’s Ukraine Update After Three Months of its SMO

Russia’s overwhelming military superiority over US-colonized/Nazified Ukraine was evident from day-one of its SMO.

As Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained:

Since its SMO began on Feb. 24, almost all of Lugansk, most of Donetsk, “the entire Kherson region and big parts of the Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions have been liberated” from Nazi-infested control.

Normality — according to the rule of law — is being restored to liberated areas for the first time since shortly after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

“People are restoring the economy and industry, building infrastructure, launching enterprises, and opening schools, kindergartens, outpatient clinics and hospitals” in liberated areas, MZ explained.

Instead of reporting the above information — what journalism as it should be demands — US/Western MSM suppress it, featuring state-approved propaganda rubbish instead.

Last week, Russian sappers completed the demining of Mariupol’s port.

Russian Black Sea Fleet specialists removed a border patrol vessel sunk by Nazified Azov thugs.

The port of Mariupol is now again operational for outbound and inbound vessels.

Russia continues to deliver thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to liberated areas of Donbass and Ukraine.

Russia’s Defense Ministry “open(ed) safe corridors” in liberated areas for civilians to head east or west at their discretion.

To date since Feb. 24, about 1.4 million Ukrainian and Donbass civilians crossed into Russia voluntarily to be free from the threat of Ukrainian Nazis — including nearly a quarter of a million children.

According to MZ, “(a)nother 2.7 million people expressed their desire to (move) to Russia, the DPR and LPR or liberated Ukrainian areas.”

At the same time — as orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA — Ukrainian troops shell Donetsk and Lugansk residential areas daily.

According to the Geneva Conventions and other international humanitarian law, these actions are flagrantly illegal.

Yet they’re longstanding US/NATO practice and how Kiev has been operating against Donbass residential areas since the 2014 Maidan coup.

Separately on May 23, Kiev legislation illegally authorized confiscation of assets owned by Ukrainian citizens sympathetic to Russia’s liberating SMO.

At the same time, hegemon USA and its NATO vassals want forever proxy war on Russia continued over conflict resolution.

Uncaring about Ukrainian front line troops, they don’t give a hoot about countless thousands killed and wounded.

Nor about the suffering of others facing the brunt of overwhelming Russian military power.

Russia’s SMO will continue until “all (its) goals” are accomplished, MZ stressed.

Separately on May 25 at Russia’s Rossiya Segodnya press center, indisputable evidence of Ukrainian war crimes was explained by eyewitness accounts of what’s been happening in areas controlled by its Nazified and conscript troops.

According to MZ, information presented was live-streamed and is available online.

Commenting on the intention of Finland and Sweden to join NATO’s war-making alliance, MZ stressed the following:

In response, “Russia will take political, economic and military-technical measures to ensure its security.”

Separately, MZ explained the reality of weapons et al supplied to Ukraine by the empire of lies and other Western regimes, saying:

This action “foster(s) revanchist sentiments and creat(es) the illusion that problems in Russian-Ukrainian relations can only be settled on the battlefield, which is not helping create the necessary political and diplomatic atmosphere for de-escalation in Ukraine.”

While supplying Nazified Ukraine with weapons, munitions and related equipment failed to halt steady Russian advances, they prolong conflict and its toll on combatants and civilians in harm’s way.

Separately, MZ slammed the closure of Russian media in US/Western countries, along with “harassment, expulsions (and) persecution of Russian journalists,” stressing:

“We will respond to…these steps asymmetrically.” 

“We see signs of dehumanization on the part of” US/Western regimes. 

“We will respond in an appropriate manner.” 

“We are currently developing a package of measures against the media and journalists from the Anglo-Saxon media in response to the repressive measures their (regimes) applied to Russian media.”

Commenting on pre-scripted remarks by puppet Zelensky, MZ explained his detachment from reality on the ground — while hiding out cross-border in Poland.

Russia pays no attention to his buffoonery because his remarks are not “made in earnest” and lack credibility.

Commenting on Nazified Azov POWs, MZ stressed the following:

Their wounded thugs are receiving medical treatment.

They’re all treated according to international humanitarian law — polar opposite how they treated Russian POWs, torturing and murdering them brutally.

“As for bringing them to account, everyone who committed war crimes will certainly get the punishment they deserve,” MZ stressed, adding: 

“The relevant tribunal to be established in the Donetsk People’s Republic will address this matter,” according to international law. 

Finally in response to Italy’s proposed peace plan, MZ said the following:

The Draghi regime’s foreign ministry hasn’t sent it to Moscow — what she called “a feeble (conflict resolution) attempt” while US/Western regimes continue to pour weapons et al into Ukraine for perpetual proxy war on Russia, adding:

“It is impossible to supply weapons to neo-Nazis in Ukraine and at the same time (propose) to ‘save the situation.’ ” 

“These are two mutually exclusive things.”

The Draghi regime’s so-called “plan (is) so far removed from reality that (it’s) not worth considering.” 

Peace requires a genuine aim to restore it.

Supplying weapons et al to Kiev and supporting Nazism over peace, equity and justice shows where hegemon USA and its NATO vassals (including Italy) stand on all things Russia and Ukraine. 

2 thoughts on “Russian Foreign Ministry’s Ukraine Update After Three Months of its SMO

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Future Headlines

    20 Ships of Wheat, Grains,
    Cooking Oil and Fertilizer..!


    Gee ..what’s Crack Head Sam’s story about needing to feed the Hungry..

    Everything Sammy says is a Lie.
    Always has been.

    While the Liars are telling big lies about Russia killing people

    The FBI is running False Here in America..Texas..on Hispanics

    And kills a Score of Innocent School Children.

    Check out their Ridiculous story and see what conclusions you draw.

    The Cops were on Stand Down.

    See the Recap..a Mom of two kids..
    The women they handcuffed..
    Is released and she goes around the back..

    Jumps the Fence..
    Goes in a gets her kids out..

    Twenty cops standing out front
    Doing Fuxin Nothin.

    Dirty Cops in Texas.
    From Dallas, To Uvalde
    To El Paso..

    El Paso shooting
    Had all the same nomenclature.

    Texas, the Crime Family’s

    All Dirty from Top to Bottom

    Well since I’m already off the Ukrainian “DeNazification”

    The Clean Up Job..
    The Leftovers from WWII.

    Allow me to point out..

    The US Navy has 14 WARSHIPS
    surrounding Taiwan..!

    8,000 Miles from Home..
    Protecting People out there.

    Here in the USA,

    Our Government shoots
    innocent people to further their agenda..!

    Hey.. why does Hawaii belong to USA..

    But Taiwan doesn’t belong to China..?

    Big White Father with
    Forked Tongue, No say..!

    Lastly, Alex Jones..
    Said yesterday

    That Biden’s gonna call for Martial Law before the 2022 Election..

    I found that not only interesting but curious.

    As, 6 hours before I had said,
    Don, being with AntiWar Position

    Would win 64% of the Vote in 2024..!

    And he will..!

    Not that I support him
    Or don’t support him..

    But just calling em as I see em.

    The Entire World Sick of the US Lies…

    Never ending Lies and Wars .

    Either is wearing off already..
    And now they’re hungry..

    Lookout Joe .
    You gonna Go..

    Mee O Mi O…
    To the Big Refuse Center on the Bayou .!



  2. Mr Lendman..

    One additional point.

    So happy that Russia and China vetoed the the Criminal UN Sanctions on North Korea.

    As I have said previously
    The DPRK never committed any Crime..
    Never did anything wrong.

    DPRK’s only crime is that they

    wouldn’t be colonized by
    The Pentagon and Wall Street!

    The simply wanted to be a Sovereign State..

    Not Owned by the Gangsters.

    That’s it..
    That’s why they’re being punished for 72 yrs..!.

    After the USA murdered about
    3 Million Koreans from 1951-53

    USA should be tried at Nuremberg for that War Crime.

    BTW..No Statute of Limitations on War Crimes.

    I ask you please
    Presidents Xi and Putin

    To please help our Friends
    The Honorable and Noble Koreans .

    All they need is a Helping Hand.

    I feel certain their friendship will behoove all the Parties involved

    A Friend when you’re in need
    Is a Friend indeed.

    To a Better World Gentleman.


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