Smashing the Nazified Ukrainian Monster One Day at a Time

Ukraine’s largely conscript military is ill-served and ill-treated.

Its civilians transformed into involuntary soldiers are forced to fight and die for a Nazi-infested regime they despite.

Many thousands refuse, desert, go home or cross into the territory of Russia or other nations to live, not die in futile combat against vastly superior Russian firepower.

Mercenaries in Ukraine were deceived by the Nazified regime.

Many returned home because of “glaring disparities in what they expected and what they experienced.”

Along with the futility of going up against Russia’s vastly superior military, mercenaries have been mistreated and poorly supported — despite putting their lives at risk for a regime uncaring about their well-being.

One mercenary was quoted, saying:

“From the beginning, we had no chance. I asked myself why I survived and others did not.”

Moscow estimated that about 7,000 from 63 countries came to Ukraine, including from the US, UK and other Western countries.

At most, a couple of thousand alone remain.

Russian forces continue to relentlessly batter Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Sunday, its forces over the weekend destroyed a “large arms arsenal in the Dnepropetrovsk region.”

Over 5 dozen Ukrainian command posts, nearly 600 areas of massed forces and military hardware, along with 52 artillery and mortar positions were eliminated.

Over 300 Nazified thugs were killed in the last 24 hours alone, along with the destruction of a radar system and 5 munitions depots.

As US/Western regimes pour arms and ammo into Ukraine, Russia targets and destroys most of it.

Two more Ukrainian warplanes and an Mi-8 helicopter were shot down.

Donbass cities, towns and villages are being liberated day by day.

At the same time over the weekend,  Ukrainian Nazi thugs conscripts continue to shell Donbass residential areas — willfully targeting civilians.

On Friday, the Donetsk News Agency reported the following:

As orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA, “Ukrainian armed formations shelled the territory of the Verkhnekalmiuss Reservoir injuring a man,” adding:

“The Verkhnekalmiuss Reservoir provides water for Donetsk and its outskirts.” 

“The enemy regularly targets key water facilities on purpose, causing shortages of water in densely populated areas.”

It’s all the more important to smash the US-created monster once and for all.

Separately according to a truth-telling UK journalist in Ukraine, Steve Sweeney, editor of the UK Morning Star:

Britain’s establishment media stick strictly to the fabricated official narrative.

They “produc(e) identical (state-approved propaganda) reports.”

“A great effort is made to whitewash or rehabilitate (Nazified) Azov (thugs) as either having no influence in Ukraine or being  misunderstood.”

Time and again, the state owned and controlled BBC produces some of the most outlandish propaganda reports — worlds apart from reality on the ground.

Sweeney called its deceptive reporting on Azov “a masterclass in fascism denial.”

Along with other Ukrainian areas, Western Lvov is infested with Nazified “fascists and (likeminded) mercenaries.”

They use “civilian transport networks to enter Ukraine” from Nazi-infested Poland.

Anyone coming to Ukraine from abroad who’s willing to “kill Russians (is) welcomed with open arms (and) treated as heroes.”

Sweeney’s mistreatment was worlds apart from the above, saying:

He “was quizzed about (his) business in Ukraine, told that (he) was a spy, told that (he’d) be arrested and tortured, and possibly worse than that” — meaning that his life was endangered and could be killed.

Ukraine is a cesspool of Nazified fascist tyranny — nominally led by US-installed and controlled puppet Zelensky.

Hiding out cross-border in Poland, he does the bidding of his higher power in Washington — fiddling while Ukraine burns.

2 thoughts on “Smashing the Nazified Ukrainian Monster One Day at a Time

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    USA/ UK / NATO

    It’s all Playhouse 90in t he West

    Particularly the UK ..
    The Sick Man of Europe

    The UK so deeply invested in
    this “Hit Job ” on Russia they’re besides themselves in Fear.

    I listen to their moderators and anchors turn the discussion into
    Baby Pablum..and dead ends.

    The Brits now..the Paupers of Europe..

    need a win or face the Shit Pile..

    (“Special Relationship with USA..
    for 75 years …LOL
    That would fux up anyone…!)

    Not only is this the first war with Total Transparency…

    Hence Russia can see almost everything coming into Ukraine

    And Blow it up..!
    In Basketball…”REJECTED..!”

    But 3/4 of the roads and Bridges can’t even support any heavy armor or tanks ..

    That cuts down transport a huge percentage.

    The West is at a loss to rectify that .

    Didn’t think ahead …LOL

    Where do the Russians go first after the East is Consolidated..?

    That’s the only real question.

    The West has no concept of how much real estate Russia has already conquered.

    The Distance between Kiev and Moscow is 569 miles..

    The Distance between Kiev and Maruipol is 495 miles..

    The Distance between Kharkov and Kherson is 500 miles..

    Russia controls a swath of Land
    That’s roughly 500 by 200 miles

    Equal to NYC to Atlanta..

    From the Atlantic Ocean to the Appalachian Mountains.

    Or about the Size of Germany.

    That’s what the Red Army has been doing…

    While the Western Media has been blowing smoke up your ass…and their own ass…LOL


    Liked by 1 person

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