CNN Interview with Puppet Zelensky During the WEF

On May 22, caricature of a leader Zelensky — worlds apart from the real thing — addressed the World Economic Forum (WEF) from his Polish hideout.

CNN’s interview by pseudo-journalist Fareed Zakaria with the US-installed puppet aired on May 29.

Embarrassing himself on national TV, Zakaria defied reality as following, saying:

Russia committed “barbaric actions in its campaign against Ukraine (sic).”

Barbarism is how US-dominated NATO and Nazi-infested Ukraine operate,” clearly not Russia.

“(M)ost people I spoke to were quite unsure how this war would end (sic).”

The result of Russia’s overpowering defensive SMO was clear before begun.

“America’s super power status” is fast declining while Russia, China and other nations free from the scourge of US control are rising in prominence on the world stage.

“Europe is (not) acting with a greater sense of unity and purpose than what Zakaria dubiously claimed that he’d “ever seen before (sic).”

According to German Foreign Minister Robert Habeck on Sunday:

So-called European unity on all things Russia “is already starting to crumble…”

Citing “people familiar with the matter” on Saturday, Bloomberg News reported that Brussels won’t approve a full embargo on Russian oil — nor its natural gas and other key commodities needed by the West.

And this Zakaria rubbish:

“Every European leader I spoke with believed that Russia’s (defensive/liberating SMO he falsely called) aggression sparked a revolution of sorts across the continent (sic).” 

Zakaria ignored reality. 

Sanctions on Russia by EU regimes harmed their nations and people.

They largely shot blanks at self-sufficient Russia.

The West needs its key commodities.

Russia does not need the West.

Asking who’ll prevail in Ukraine ignored how Russia already triumphed.

Zakaria further embarrassed himself by falsely calling political nobody/puppet Zelensky “the most important world leader (sic)” not in Davos for the WEF.

After introducing him by video link to Poland, things were all downhill from from there, first asking the following while ignoring what’s self-evident:

“Where do you think we are in this conflict between Russia and Ukraine and really Russia and the world?” 

Reciting from US-scripted talking points, Zelensky defied reality like always in public remarks, saying:

“Ukraine is fighting for its independence and freedom (sic).”

The former is nonexistent under US control, and the latter was abolished by the one-party state, along with speech, media, academic and other freedoms.

Russian speaking Ukrainians as well as advocates of political and social justice have been persecuted as fifth column threats.

As in the US and throughout the West, democracy in Ukraine is pure fantasy, the real thing banned as ordered by hegemon USA.

Since fascist tyranny replaced democratic governance in 2014, what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative is prohibited.

Extrajudicial assassinations and other reprisals against political opponents reflect official regime policy, along with forever war on Donbass.

Tyranny is the law of the land in Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Puppet Zelensky is powerless.

A buffoon-like figure, he’s used by the empire of lies to wage proxy war on Russia by expendable Ukrainian forces.

Calling for more US/Western weapons, Zelensky ignored that whatever is supplied won’t change a thing on the ground.

While Russia is willing to engage in conflict resolution talks with Ukraine, Vladimir Putin understands the fruitlessness of negotiating with a US-controlled puppet — especially a detached from reality figure, aware of little more than what his US handlers tell him.

Zelensky’s claim about wanting to gain control over Crimea and Donbass ignored reality on the ground.

Yet on Saturday, he said the following:

Things are “indescribably difficult” in Donbass, stopping short of admitting how Russian forces liberated most of its territory from Nazified occupation.

Saying Donbass will be “Ukrainian again” ignored the likelihood of Donetsk and Lugansk joining Russia ahead.

Referendums if held in both predominantly Russian-speaking republics will highly likely show an overwhelming majority of its people for this outcome.

What Ukraine needs is restoration of democratic rule over Nazified control and US colonization — not more weapons for Russia to destroy.

It needs legitimate leadership to serve the rights and needs of all Ukrainians.

It needs restoration of its sovereign independence, peace over war on Donbass and proxy war on Russia.

It needs what’s nonexistent as long as hegemon USA controls its territory, weaponizing it to confront Russia militarily.

How much more battering will Kiev dark forces tolerate before approaching Moscow on bended knee for peace?

It’s just a matter of time given indisputable reality on the ground.

Russia won. Ukraine lost.

Its only sensible option is surrender to keep things from disintegrating altogether. 

One thought on “CNN Interview with Puppet Zelensky During the WEF

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    First off..on a personal note..

    Today I met a guy and a gal who left Europe heading to the Islands…

    To they told me..

    To avoid the most debilitating effects of the coming WWIII.

    I should add,

    Two weeks ago I met a Guy
    Another European traveling the

    Who said the Exact same thing.

    The Couple today..
    from a Nordic Country..

    The chap from two weeks ago
    Was from a Central European country..

    Both sets in their mid 40s.

    The Guy from Central Euro
    Was in Medical Sales.

    Sold Medical Equipment etc to US Army.

    Nordic Couple former teachers.

    Both as sane..
    As you or I.

    Jus sayin …


    Russia will be forced to conduct DeNazification for the entire country.


    That’s the Reality.

    The Nazi Collaborators are Intractible..
    .they mean too,
    As Mr Lavrov said..

    Delete Russia .
    Wipe them out.

    Just like Hitler

    Actually DeNazification should start in Brussels and end in Langley Virginia..

    The Gehlen/ Bush top dogs
    Who run everything.

    Van der Liar is from a Real Nazi Family..

    Her Family Nazi Collaborators in the 30s..

    Rich Belgian Schmata business
    That’s textiles, to you.

    She a Born Nazi Baby.

    Did you hear hear insane reason

    Why Europe needs to buy still buy gas from Russia..?

    What .you moron.
    ” To keep the Price Down. ?”


    Moronic ramblings from banana slug,

    Hardliner Elizabeth Truss..

    To this day, doesn’t know the difference between a Baltic State and a Balkan State..!


    And Dirty Joe..

    Has the worse Favorables
    Than any President in History.

    One point lower than
    Herbert Hoover …!

    See where USA exposes Norway
    Is Sending long range missiles to NaziFuxs in Ukraine.

    That was hidden.
    Uncle Sam dropped them right in the Grease.

    Oh…My original Point:

    Weapons… Weapons… Weapons
    From every Nazi Held Country

    More and more Countries openly advertising

    Here’s what I think..
    I won’t suggest Pres Putin send them something ” Unexpected ”


    Forget that..
    Here’s what the Big Weapons Push Tells me:

    WWIII is in fact coming..
    See the Gangsters don’t even care if they’re playing with fire

    They feel like Zionists
    Completely above the Law

    Everything they do.
    They do with impunity.

    Just like the Fascists in WWII.
    Who never imagined in 5 yrs
    They’d be hung.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


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