Memorial and Veterans Day Hypocrisy Revisited

On May 31, 2021, the NYT reinvented reality in similar fashion to its practice on most all issues in daily fake news editions.

Saying “(w)e’re free because they were brave” ignored that every war in US history — including WW I and II — could have been avoided if the nation’s ruling elites favored peace, equity and justice over the other way around against invented enemies.

The traditional placing of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns by US presidents was done last year by the White House imposter — dishonoring the nation’s war dead more than already. 

On Monday at noon, the fake Biden will repeat the ceremonial wreath-laying at the Arlington National Cemetery.

A National Memorial Day Observance statement said that “attendance…will be limited to official participants only.” 

They’ll notably include senior members of the nation’s belligerent warrior class, figures currently directing war on humanity by hot and/or other means at home and worldwide in pursuit of diabolical US interests in defiance of the rule of law.

Throughout US history, the nation’s ruling class glorified wars in the name of peace they abhorred from inception.

In 1917, George Creel’s Committee on Public Information manufactured public consent for war by turning pacifist Americans into raging German-haters.

It was the first time state-sponsored propaganda manipulated the public mind for war while undermining opposition sentiment.

Yet in 1916, Woodrow Wilson was reelected on a pledge of: “He Kept Us Out of War.” 

Straightaway, he began planning US involvement in the war he wanted. 

Franklin Roosevelt operated in similar fashion for war he wanted in the Pacific against Japan.

In July 1941, he said the following:

“(S)olemnly (understand) that the United States will never survive as a happy and fertile oasis of liberty surrounded by a cruel desert of dictatorship.” 

His July 25 Executive Order froze Japanese assets.

Claiming it was “(t)o prevent the use of the financial facilities of the US in trade between Japan and the US in ways harmful to national defense and American interests, to prevent the liquidation in the US of assets obtained by duress or conquest, and to curb subversive activities in the US” was code language for manipulating Japan to retaliate.

In 1937, FDR planned a naval blockade of Japan, then dropped idea because of internal opposition. 

In 1938, it resurfaced because he knew strangling Japan economically assured war he wanted.

From 1933 to late 1941, he spurned Japanese peace overtures that would have protected all American interests in the Pacific. 

By November 25, 1941, the die was cast. 

War Secretary Henry Stimson said conflict depended only on how to maneuver Japan to attack with the lowest number of US casualties.

Roosevelt encouraged an attack on Pearl Harbor by stationing the Pacific Fleet there — against the advice of its commander and chief of naval operations.

After the Japanese code was broken, intercepted cables confirmed an attack was coming. 

The US tracked its fleet from the Kurile Islands to its North Pacific refueling point en route to Pearl Harbor on or about December 7.

At a December 5 cabinet meeting, Navy Secretary Frank Knox said: 

“Well, you know Mr. President, we know where the Japanese fleet is?” 

“Yes, I know,” said Roosevelt, adding: 

“Well, you tell them what it is Frank.” 

Naval intelligence reports indicated it was in Pacific waters heading toward Hawaii. 

On December 6 when attack was imminent, it came the next morning at 7:55AM Hawaii time.

Pearl Harbor commander Admiral HE Kimmel got no intelligence about what was coming. 

Roosevelt wanted isolationist congressional members and the public transformed into raging Japan haters. 

He got the war he wanted and planned for throughout most of his tenure since taking office on March 3, 1933.

What’s historically called a “surprise attack” by Japan on Pearl Harbor was no surprise at all.

Ahead of the attack, three US Pacific Fleet aircraft carriers were at sea on maneuvers to avoid the coming attack.

Around 3,500 US military personnel were killed or wounded, 68 civilians killed, others wounded.

Nineteen US warships were destroyed or damaged, including eight battleships, along with 188 aircraft destroyed, another 159 damaged.

US blockade and embargo toughness on Japan during the preceding months pushed its ruling authorities to war.

December 8, 1941 was the last time the US waged war legally, declared by Congress as constitutionally required. 

The notion of justifiable war at any time is unjustifiable.

The other way around is warranted only in self-defense if attacked, and not by manipulating an invented adversary to go this far the way hegemon USA pushed Japan.

Memorial and Veterans Day should be times for dedicating the nation to never again, to prioritizing peace over forever wars on invented enemies, for turning swords into plowshares, for abandoning state-sponsored militarism, belligerence, mass slaughter and destruction once and for all.

The vast majority of Americans are mindless about the nation’s history.

Its war of independence against Britain substituted new management for old. 

Everything changed but stayed the same.

The Civil war had nothing to do with freeing slaves, everything to do with keeping the nation intact, while maintaining dirty business as usual.

Hegemon USA enslaved Black Africans, exterminated its native people, stole their land and resources, stole half of Mexico, followed by Cuba, the Philippines, Guam, Samoa, Hawaii, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Canal Zone, Puerto Rico and other territories.

Post-WW II wars were acts of aggression against nations threatening no one.

9/11 was the mother of all state-sponsored false flags until kill shots and all things flu/covid surpassed its pure evil.

Honoring the nation’s veterans and war dead ignores state-sponsored responsibility for gratuitous mass slaughter and destruction throughout US history from inception — wars of choice for profits, power and dominance.

Veterans and Memorial Day commemorations dishonor the nation’s war dead.

Left unexplained is that they died in pursuit of imperial conquest, plunder and subjugation of nations.

That wars beget new ones.

That they serve privileged interests at the expense of most others.

That America’s best have been peacemakers opposed to an endless cycle of war-making — what has nothing to do with fostering democratic freedoms.

Nothing to do with protecting the nation from enemies.

Everything to with serving wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of harming most others.

Commemorations glorifying wars and the nation’s service personnel who waged them ignore their untold horrors.

An American tradition from inception, they reflect false patriotism, an unattainable peace and indifference toward pain, suffering, the dead, disabled and other survivors from all wars with intent to continue an endless cycle of more of the same to come.

At a time when super-weapons can turn cities and surrounding areas into smoldering rubble, incinerating everyone in them, failure to end perpetual wars may end us if the madness continues unchecked.

5 thoughts on “Memorial and Veterans Day Hypocrisy Revisited

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  1. In reparation to all those male human sacrifices mass murdered in previous wars, we need a female-only draft. Men’s lives shouldn’t be sacrificed for women and their state husbandry/sugar daddy/violence proxy.

    All women and politicians in support of mass murdering of men through the draft should be arrested, prosecuted and put to death.

    My body. My choice. Not your human shield. Not without my consent. Women need to stop propagating sexist, anti-male, outdated, barbaric gender stereotypes, most especially those that call for the disposal of men on women and their state pimp’s behalf.


  2. Mr Lendman..
    What an excellent article.
    Just brilliant.

    Every word..
    Cuts thru the Clutter..

    Strikes right to the Core.

    To add only the most recent lies and dishonorable actions of the murderous Albatross…

    As seen from the Heights..
    As seen by the eyes of History

    With the Long View..
    A million years long..

    Only a moment before ..
    A split second, really..

    In WWII..

    The USA was riding on the Victory Wagon..

    Provided and built with the Blood & Sacrifice of the Soviet People!

    And then..a split second later,

    turns abruptly and viciously bites the Russians under the neck …

    For no reason.

    “Oh..the Russians are too aggressive..” said the Filth.

    By moving troops around inside their own country..?

    The Beast…
    Like tigers taking down oxen or Gazelles…

    A Psycho Killer..!

    Better Yet .
    The Aesop Tale
    Where the Spider

    Bites the snake ..

    After the Snake carried him across the river..

    The Snake is surprised..
    And asks, ” why..?”

    And the Spider says,
    ” Well, you knew I was a Spider ”

    That’s the Story of America.
    Right there.

    Great White Father
    with Forked Tongue.

    Everything a lie and a Swindle.

    And now a ReWriting of History.

    They’re real history to shameful to discuss…it must be covered in lies.

    But here’s the Point.

    All week I’ve been walking around..

    Wondering what I’m missing..
    What is it..

    It just hit me ..

    I felt like the Famous
    Edvard Munch painting
    ” The Scream…!”

    Now I know what he’s hearing
    What the screaming is about

    As I was
    Like the ” Bronze Horseman” was following me around…

    It’s Peter the Great telling me that WWIII is coming.

    Mr Lavrov is Correct..
    It’s really a War on Europe.

    They’re the Losers.

    This entity..
    The Imperial USA..

    As seen thru the


  3. A truthful account of history. Thank you.

    WW1 was a UK-USA (read Jewish) plan to destroy Germany and the continuing need to offer human sacrifices to Marduk aka Bel.

    WW2 was another UK-USA plan to destroy Germany again. The provoked Japanese attack on the baited Pearl Harbour was used as justification to enter the war against Germany.

    WW1 and WW2 were conveniently used to set up a military base (Israel) in the Middle-east.

    Germany did not start WW1 and was the last country to mobilize but the only country having to pay war reparations and prohibited from having certain classes of aircrafts and ships.

    The Great Depression was created to deprive Germany of markets for its superior products and thus its ability to pay war reparations. Germany knew war was coming and rearmed. Hitler is a hero in Germany even to this day.


    1. “Hitler is a hero in Germany even to this day.”
      That’s a gem! Thanks for fully referencing that claim. Obviously you are some kind of scholar.


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