The American Way: Forever Wars on Invented Enemies

Differences aside, both wings of the US war party are likeminded on waging forever wars on invented enemies by hot and/or other means.

After a humiliating defeat in Southeast Asia a half century ago, hegemon USA’s preferred modus operandi is proxy war with Al-Qaeda, ISIS and likeminded jihadist foot soldiers in some theaters, Nazified thugs in another to “cancel” Russia, as Sergey Lavrov explained.

At the same time in pursuit of its diabolical aim to rule the world unchallenged, both wings of the US one-party state support forever hot wars, cold wars, economic wars, financial wars, trade wars, anti-social justice wars, anti-human rights wars, anti-democracy wars, propaganda wars, sanctions wars, tariffs wars, homeland war to eliminate unwanted millions by toxic kill shots, and global war to eliminate billions the same way.

From inception, the US was never beautiful, never democratic, never the land of the free and home of the brave, never a shinning city on a hill.

Today it’s an unparalleled global menace to ordinary people yearning to breathe free from its scourge.

It’s an imperial state, a warrior state, a terrorist state, a gangster state, a racist state, a mass-surveillance state — a nation of, by and for its privileged few at the expense of its great majority, a nation threatening everyone everywhere.

While its monied interests never had things better — especially Wall Street, Big Oil, Pharma profiteers and its merchants of death — most Americans struggle to get by on rotten low-pay, largely part-time or temp jobs with few or no benefits.

Nearly one-fourth of working-age Americans are jobless.

Ones employed are one or two missed paychecks away from impoverishment, homelessness, hunger and despair.

Post-WW II industrial America no longer exists, most of it offshored to low-wage countries.

At the same time, hegemon USA pours countless trillions of dollars down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse to perpetuate militarism, war-making, mind-manipulating propaganda war and police state rule at home and abroad.

In pursuit of what’s euphemistically called “homeland security,” fundamental freedoms have been greatly eroded ahead of eliminating them altogether.

The empire of lies operates the world’s largest gulag prison system at home and abroad — locking people in cages, including thousands for political reasons to silence them, notably Julian Assange once extradited by police state Britain to police state USA for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism.

The United States of forever wars on humanity, injustice and service to its privileged few at the expense of most others defines the American way.

Commenting on US perpetual war and perpetual debt, David Stockman stressed that what’s going on is “a ticket to fiscal perdition,” adding:

Things are so out-of-control that he estimates a US federal debt of an unimaginable $50 trillion by 2032.

Put another way, 50 years after January 1981 when Stockman became Reagan admin. Office of Management and Budget director, the US “public debt will have risen fifty-fold.”

Yet clowns masquerading as politicians in Washington OK’d another $40 billion for Ukrainian Nazis.

With more of the same to come — besides billions earlier since 2014 — the new handout “was rushed into law sight unseen and without the benefit of any committee hearings,” Stockman explained.

Not a single Dem House or Senate profile in courage opposed the outrageous handout to cutthroat killer Ukrainian Nazis.

Anything involved in waging proxy war on invented enemy Russia is OK with them.

Nor do any of them support the restoration of long gone fiscal discipline.

To date since early 2014, hegemon USA poured around $65 billion into Nazi-infested Ukraine to wage hot war on Donbass along Russia’s border.

And since its SMO began three months ago, US proxy war on Russia is prioritized with Ukrainian Nazified and conscript foot soldiers.

No matter that Russia’s military is systematically rolling over and degrading Ukrainian troops.

On Sunday, noted military analyst Andrei Martyanov explained what’s indisputable, saying:

Russian forces “achieved…overwhelming…superiority” over battered and beaten Ukrainian ones.

Moscow’s military aims were “settled from the onset of the SMO.”

At the same time, what’s at stake goes far beyond Ukraine.

“(E)xistential in nature,” it’s an “unprecedented” clash of civilizations.

An East/West struggle, Russia is defending itself against hegemonic USA-dominated NATO’s rage for unchallenged global rule.

While waging global war would be madness, what’s unwinnable by either side if launched, the risk of what’s unthinkable is real.

If tactical or thermonukes are used in enough numbers, it’s game over for humanity.

The dominant political class in Washington and key NATO capitals pose an unparalleled menace to world peace and humanity’s survival.

If they push things too far in pursuit of their diabolical aims, we’ll all be doomed.

One thought on “The American Way: Forever Wars on Invented Enemies

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Wow ..
    Suffice to say, ” You said, Pal..!

    ( A Classic )

    It’s “Day For Night”
    What is.
    And what could be..!

    Remember 10 Years After

    How about 60 Years After
    Post Dallas ’63

    And the Mob ..

    Twisted, corrupted every facet of our Reality.

    The Bush Crime Family make Hitler look like a mere novice.

    Hitler was a Cub Scout.

    Look at this mess.

    Dead Bodies..
    Mass Murder

    Strewn everywhere..
    Stacked in every Corner

    On every Continent of the globe
    For Decades

    Decades of bizarre needless cruelty and perversion

    by a deformed pathological Serial Killer

    One thing… interestingly,

    Serious Hard Core Drugs saturate the entire country.

    That’s the Core Business isn’t it?

    Couldn’t be worse if you planned to destroy a Country.

    Wait they did.

    Everything and Everyone will be punished so the Criminal Elite can maintain their Class Rule.

    Yes..I said it.

    What 5 Billion other people on Planet Earth already know .

    Them or Us .
    Russia and the Ukraine is a Side Show.

    Speaking of which…

    Did you see where the Russian Doctors and Scientists

    discovered Medical Records in the Ukraine..

    Denoting the healthy organs of young children..

    Nothing more..

    No pathology or record of illness attributed to the Reason to examine the children’s organs!

    is what that means..!

    We all know who’s involved in that Business.

    This Ukrainian NAZI STUFF…
    Real Odessa File stuff.

    Oh.. We’re the Nazis ..!
    No Crime Beneath these Freaks

    As I write this my TV on ..

    Listening to the Freaks tell us how Russia is Starving the World

    Yet…USA has been deliberately starving 100s of Millions of People for Decades..

    As we speak .


    Yet the Human Pigs are worried about World Hunger.

    Crack Head Sam spends about
    $1.5 Trillion a Year on Murder..

    And $30 Billion would end
    World Hunger …

    Go figure..

    And here’s the kick in the ass:

    Now, 125,000,000 Americans are literally hungry.

    Not starving but hungry..

    About 1/3 of the Country..
    Is Hungry..

    1/2 of Americans malnourished!

    And the Criminal Elite give money ..BILLIONS TO NAZIS

    Rich Mitch McConnell
    The Coke Dealing Senator

    Says giving money to Nazis,

    ” Is the most important thing
    In the World…!”

    There’s a fire burning
    Just below the Surface
    in America..

    A fire like the Capitalist Ruling Class has never seen before..

    It’s going to explode..

    Very soon..
    Probably this Summer.

    Sweeping all the Human Trash down the gutter…!

    Uncovering all their mountains of heinous crimes.

    Like River..
    Like a River .
    Like the River of Babylon.

    Mark my words

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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