The Scourge of Hegemon USA’s Aim to Cancel Russia

On Friday, Lavrov explained the following:

Russia’s SMO in Ukraine was launched to protect civilian lives and eliminate the threat posed by its US-controlled Nazified regime.

Most Ukrainians “suffer (greatly) at the hands of a regime which encourages extreme neo-Nazi sentiments and practices,” Lavrov stressed, adding:

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassals “double(e), triple(d) and quadruple(d) their efforts to contain Russia” by sanctions and proxy hot war.

Rampant Russophobia reached an unparalleled level throughout the West.

It’s why Moscow’s foreign policy response is crucial to protect its national sovereignty, security and rights of its people.

Dominant US hardliners and their Western counterparts “declared total war on…the entire Russian world,” said Lavrov.

US/Western regimes no longer conceal their diabolical policies and aims.

“(C)ancel culture directed at Russia and all things Russian reach(ed) the apogee of absurdity.”

Notable past and present Russian cultural figures and artists have been maliciously demonized for their nationality.

What’s going on isn’t a short-term thing.

It’s “here to stay” for years to come, maybe for a generation or two or longer — as instituted by the decadent, depraved, deranged West.

High-minded values expressed by its ruling regimes were always hollow.

Today it’s evident to everyone paying attention.

Countering what’s going on, Lavrov explained what he called “priority areas concerning interaction with civil society institutions,” as follows:

1. Mobilizing Russian NGOs’ capabilities to promote recovery and to provide humanitarian aid to residents of the DPR and the LPR, as well as the liberated Ukrainian territories.

2. Engaging public diplomacy channels for outreach activities with constructive international partners, including stepping up efforts to debunk fakes about the special military operation and promoting our views in social media and the blogosphere.

3. Using NGO resources, in particular, regional associations of entrepreneurs and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to minimize the consequences of unilateral sanctions, and to promote ties with the friendly countries, primarily, our allies and likeminded partners in the CSTO, the SCO, the CIS, the EAEU and BRICS.

4. Working with our compatriots residing abroad is particularly important.” 

“They are at the forefront of dealing with the phenomenon known as Neanderthal Russophobia.”

Along with the above initiatives, Russia is countering US/Western falsification of history and glorification of Nazism with intent to spread its scourge well beyond Ukraine’s borders.

Separately in remarks on Thursday to a plenary session of the first Eurasian Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin said the following:

No matter what hostile policies US/Western regimes pursue to try undermining Russia, “the current state of the global economy shows that our position is right and justified.”

Russia’s economy is holding up well in contrast to how US/Western ones are poorly faring.

In the US, a housing bubble has been deflating since last fall.

The same goes for declining stock prices for 8 straight weeks — followed by 5 days of a dead-cat bounce.

US economic weakness continues to deteriorate further.

Recession is highly likely and may already have begun.

While nothing is certain, chances for severe protracted decline are high.

According to David Stockman, the US industrial economy has “been flatlining for” most of the 21st century.

In the last 15 years, mining and energy sectors alone contributed to growth.

US manufacturing is notably “stagna(nt).”

The Wall Street owned and controlled Fed’s 2% inflation target “generated the worst of all possible worlds,” Stockman explained. 

“While crushing domestic worker paychecks with ever higher inflation, it sent millions of good paying manufacturing jobs abroad.”

Fed money printing madness contributed greatly to soaring inflation. 

Claims by Wall Street and Washington that “inflation has peaked” is cockamamie nonsense with food, energy and shelter costs continuing to rise.

US 21st century reality is “no boon to industrial growth, no wealth gains for the majority of Americans accompanied by a perverse redistribution to the top and no gains in housing construction,” Stockman explained.

As the everything bubble deflates and economic weakness persists, ordinary Americans are being hit hardest from years of reckless policymaking by the nation’s ruling elites.

In response to the increasingly dire state of things in the West, Putin said that he does “not doubt for a second that there are many countries that want to and will pursue an independent policy and their number is growing.” 

“No world policeman (can) stop this global process.” 

Efforts by the US-dominated West to “delete” nations unwilling to bow to their will are “impossible” to achieve.

Russia has done “everything necessary in key areas (to) ensure (its) sovereignty” and self-sufficiency.

“In the current international conditions when, unfortunately, traditional trade and economic links and supply chains are being disrupted, Russia’s initiative to form a Greater Eurasian Partnership – an initiative we have been discussing for many years – is gaining a special meaning,” Putin stressed, adding:

“Greater Eurasia is a big civilizational project.” 

“The main idea is to create a common space for equitable cooperation for regional organizations.”

“The Greater Eurasian Partnership is designed to change the political and economic architecture and guarantee stability and prosperity on the entire continent.”

While US/Western nations decline, Russia, China and other countries free from their control are rising in prominence on the world stage.

Centuries of Western dominance head for their end time.

According to one analyst, wrongheaded policymaking “destroyed America’s financial future.”

As hegemon USA goes, so goes the go-along West.

One thought on “The Scourge of Hegemon USA’s Aim to Cancel Russia

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Every single person..
    Still breathing..

    Needs to write one simple Meme

    ” I support Russia 100%..”

    And post it everyday..

    Flood Social Media.
    Swamp Social Media.

    Alsg desperately needed is an AntiWar Movement

    To galvanize and focus the enormous amount of dislike and resistance to this Insane War on Russia.

    The ether wearing off fast.


    College Campuses this Fall will be like the Berkeley Free Speech
    Movement in 1964..?



    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..,!


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