Trying to Have Things Both Ways

There’s no ambiguity about reality on the ground in Ukraine and Donbass.

Russian forces are systematically degrading Ukraine’s largely conscript military — its ranks filled with involuntary fighters, wanting no part of war-making.

Since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24, no “stunning” Ukrainian “successes” were achieved, as NYT fake news falsely claimed.

Nor are Russian forces “depleted and) failing to make major advances (sic).”

Or is “time on (battered and trounced) Ukraine’s side (sic).”

In stark contrast to the above denial of reality, Times editors about-faced from weeks earlier arguing for perpetual war on Russia by Ukrainian forces “no matter how long it takes” to achieve what’s unachievable.

On May 19, the Times admitted that a “decisive military victory for Ukraine over Russia…is not a realistic goal.”

And this Times admission:

There’s “a limit to how far (hegemon USA-dominated) NATO will go to confront Russia.”

There’s a “limit to (US/Western) arms, money and political support.”

“It is imperative (Kiev’s) decisions be based on a realistic assessment of its means and how much more destruction (it) can sustain.”

At this time, the above is as close as the Times is likely to admit that Russian military superiority is too overwhelming to be defeated by vastly inferior Ukrainian troops.

That it’s time for Kiev — and its US paymaster — to admit indisputable reality on the ground and surrender to save lives and halt greater destruction.

Then in its latest fake news edition, the Times pretended that nonexistent Ukrainian “counterattacks have retaken ground outside Kharkov, diverting Russian forces and threatening their supply lines (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from this rubbish.

Russian forces smashed an attempted Ukrainian advance, not the other way around as the Times falsely claimed.

No Russian advance was stopped, no disruption of its supply lines.

Its forces are focused heavily on liberating Donbass entirely — where Kiev’s heaviest troop concentration is based.

They’re being systematically ground down, beaten and on their back foot in retreat as Russia continues to liberate more areas from the scourge of their occupation.

Ukrainian forces continue to sustain heavy casualties.

Hundreds of its conscripts continue to lay down their arms and surrender daily.

Russia is advancing methodically to minimize civilian casualties and damage to nonmilitary infrastructure. 

Indeed “Russian forces are inflicting immense losses on the Ukrainian military.”

US/Western supplied weapons changed nothing on the ground.

And this Times rubbish:

“Ukraine has a more reliable supply of fighters than Russia does (sic).”

Many thousands of Ukrainian troops were killed, wounded, surrendered or deserted to live rather than die for a Nazi-infested regime they despise.

It’s just a matter of time before Russia’s SMO concludes successfully, before Ukraine is demilitarized and deNazified, before Donbass is liberated entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Times pretense otherwise increasingly falls flat — in stark contrast to admitting Kiev’s lost cause against vastly superior Russian forces by its editors.

With the majority of Kiev’s forces in Donbass, Russia’s intent to liberate its residents entirely will indeed “likely be the last major offensive” ahead.

On Tuesday, WaPo admitted what’s indisputable, saying:

“Russian advances in Ukraine’s east mark(ed) a tipping point” for its SMO.

“For Ukrainians, the news from the front lines is not encouraging.”

“On Monday, Russian” and Lugansk forces gained control over about one-third of Severodonetsk.

WaPo called the city one of the last strategically significant (LPR ones) still (largely) in Ukrainian control.”

According to LPR head Leonid Pasechnik, fighting is slow-going to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure.

Goals of Ukrainian troops “are opposite, so (they’re) hiding behind civilians,” holding them hostage as human shields.

“Ukrainian forces have used this tactic” throughout Russia’s SMO — what Western regimes and their MSM consistently suppress.

Unlike the Times, WaPo admitted that Russia is making “steady progress” in Donbass.

Forcing Ukrainian forces to retreat “le(ft) Kiev on the back foot.”

Its troops are “outmanned and outgunned.”

Defeating and forcing their remnants to surrender is just a matter of time.

A Final Comment

In response to the announced embargo aim of about 90% of Russia oil to EU bloc countries by yearend, Brent crude futures rose to nearly $120 a barrel.

West Texas Intermediate jumped to nearly $119 a barrel.

In the US, prices of gasoline and diesel are at an all-time high — with overall consumer price inflation at the highest level since 1947, likely heading higher.

2 thoughts on “Trying to Have Things Both Ways

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    India is buying all the oil it can get..

    I believe it went from 600,000 barrels last yr at this time

    To 23,000,000 M currently this year..!


    That’s the future Lost
    European Market

    sitting like a Honey Suckle Vine
    Right Now..!

    Sweet Petunia..!

    Here’s the Play on the big talking
    Nazi Collaborators..!

    They say they’re gonna Phase Russian Oil out by the end of the Year .

    Van der Liar.
    The Delusional Ghoul

    Do that.

    Every Book in Vegas & London:
    Say that’s about a 20 to one shot

    Delusional Teresa
    With the Bullshit..

    The Nazi Bullshit .
    Fairy Dust for Imbeciles!

    Anyways.. here’s the Play,

    Russia .
    Europe says they’re gonna cut you out .

    “Drop you like a Bad Habit”

    Heroin Pushers
    Abu Ghraib Buttfuxers

    Tell Europe it’s a bad habit to take inexpensive top quality
    NEVER ENDING Perpetual

    Energy from Russia.

    why is it..
    Why is it.

    Sounds logical to most sane people.

    Only Wall St , the Pentagon, CIA
    Maybe 20 War Criminals

    think it’s a bad idea..

    So the Nazis are telling their constituents

    Tough shit..
    Fux You .

    We dont care..
    About you .

    We work for Goldman Sachs!

    Gonna be Hell to pay for the Insane Deformed Ruling Classes

    I’m talking Spartucus
    The Social Wars in Rome
    In 78 BC

    Hundreds of Millions
    Upon Hundreds of Millions

    Of Wage Slaves
    Will Revolt inevitably

    Work 48 hours a week
    Can’t afford food or Housing

    You Tell Me.

    Here go to the Bank with this

    World Proletariat is Gonna Blow Up..

    THE SCAM..
    Almost over.

    Pay out the ass
    To hurt Russia.

    Hitler’s Banner..
    Hurt Russia..

    Their Leitmotif..


    A Bridge Too Far..

    So the

    Help them transition


    Help the NaziFuxs transition
    As soon as you have a Replacement Buyer,

    In this case, India.

    Phase Out Europe for the exact same amount.

    So nothing changes in amounts.

    Revenue would go down obviously..

    As India is buying at a reduced price.

    Here’s how Russia Compensates for that..

    Every Month Russia raises the price… slightly..

    Called a “Phase Out Penalty”

    Raise it consistently every month

    Until Jan 1..2023.


    When Van Der Liar

    Said Europe was Going to Drop Russian Oil.


    EIN SO..if Europe still needs Russian Oil…


    Price doubles..
    Or goes up significantly

    Call it the


    What are they gonna do …?

    What are they gonna do.

    Shut down their factories
    Sit at home…in the Cold

    Can’t drive anywhere
    Not even the Food Bank

    And my kids are really hungry.
    No Petro…

    Only the Rich
    Driving Bentley’s can drive.

    Them or Us .
    How about my Kids.



    You’re Karma
    Like Black Bile

    Your Stink
    Like Satan’s Breath

    Is not long
    In This angry world.

    BTW.. you’re too stupid to Rule.

    Deserve your Nasty Horrible Fate..

    Your Vicious Vulgar Hate

    That you would visit upon Innocent Russia..!

    BTW the World won’t miss your
    Filthy Nazi Culture.

    To the Contrary…
    Will be the Beginning of History!


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