US-Dominated NATO’s Forever War Agenda

The 30-member hostile to peace and rule of law war-making alliance — ahead to be 32 with Finland and Sweden added — is holding its annual summit in Madrid, Spain to plot more ways of supporting Nazism in Ukraine to challenge Russia more belligerently than already. On Friday, an alliance press release falsely claimed to... Continue Reading →

Perversion of Reality on Russia and Ukraine

Examples abound daily. A glaring one is discussed below.  Ignoring reality by political science professor, Alexander Motyl, in a days earlier LA Times op-ed, he reinvented what’s happening in Ukraine and Donbass: “Russia can’t win its (liberating SMO) against Ukraine,” he roared — what’s already won. According to Motyl, Moscow is “not just fighting Ukraine.”... Continue Reading →

Ukraine Update on June 30

According to the Donetsk News Agency, DPR/Russian and Ukrainian POWs were exchanged for the first time on Wednesday since Russia’s SMO began, a statement saying: “Today, we’re bringing home 144 DPR militiamen and Russian servicemen captured by the enemy.” “We handed over to Kiev as many POWs from Ukrainian armed formation, most of them wounded.” ... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Liberating SMO Going As Planned

Russia’s SMO aims were publicly stated, repeated for emphasis, remain unchanged and are proceeding effectively as planned. Despite tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons et al thrown at Nazified Ukraine by the US-dominated West since hegemon USA’s 2014 coup in Kiev, its largely conscript force is way outclassed by Russia’s vastly superior military... Continue Reading →

Fake News on Parade

Despite indisputable reality about cutthroat/Nazified Azov, Aidar and Right Sector thugs — elements guilty of horrendous war crimes — NYT fake news reinvented them as “defen(ders)” of Ukraine. And it called evidence of what they’re all about a “false claim that…Ukrain(e) (is) infected with Nazism (sic).” And this Times fake news — falsely claiming that... Continue Reading →

Platform for Russia Bashing

As stated by the world body: “The Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.”  UN “member states are (legally bound) to comply with (its) decisions.” Its 10 rotating members — and 5 permanent ones with veto power over resolutions — take “the lead in determining the existence of a... Continue Reading →

Late Partial Admission of Reality

From day-one of its liberating SMO in Ukraine and Donbass, Russian forces have been rolling over ill-trained, poorly motivated Kiev’s Nazified and conscript troops, largely armed with long outdated Soviet era weapons. Overpowering Russian military superiority transformed Kiev’s troops into the equivalent of a staggering punch-drunk boxer, teetering on the ropes near collapse. Yet it... Continue Reading →

War Criminals ‘R Us

The above indisputable reality applies to the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies threatening no one, its NATO vassals, apartheid Israel and Nazi-infested Ukraine — not Russia, China, Iran or other nations targeted for regime change by both right wings of the US war party. Last week, the Biden regime’s attorney General,... Continue Reading →

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