Dreaming Russia

Russia respects the rights of all people according to the rule of law.

In stark contrast to fantasy democracies throughout the US/West, Russians have the real thing.

Ukraine is a made-in-the-USA Nazi-innfested monster.

After the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev — replacing democratic rule with Nazified tyranny, over 900,000 Ukrainian emigrated abroad in 2014 and 2015.

Almost 750,000 chose Russia, over 80,000 others Belarus — where they sought refugee status.

Since Russia’s Feb. 2022 SMO began, over a million Ukrainians emigrated to Russia.

To provide for their needs, Russia established about 9,500 temporary refugee accommodation centers.

Moscow continues to provide thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to liberated areas of Donbass and Ukraine.

According to Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polansky, in April:

“Russia was faced with the consequences of the degradation of the situation in Ukraine immediately after the (US) anti-constitutional coup in February 2014.”

“As soon as (Nazified Kiev) authorities demonstrated their true face when they clamped down on the Russian language and began to physically eliminate people living in the country’s east, influxes of refugees rushed to Russia to escape after the Maidan rampage” and what followed.

“According to official data, at least 1.7 million people applied for Russian citizenship, a refugee status or for temporary shelter in our country since 2014.” 

“But when the Ukrainian side intensified shelling of Donbass ahead of Russia’s special military operation, this influx increased dramatically to 863,000 people.”

To date through around mid-April, “least 2.5 million Ukrainians found shelter in Russia” to be free from the scourge of Nazified tyranny.

Ukrainians continue to cross into Russia daily to be out of harm’s way.

On Tuesday according to Kherson Ukraine’s Military-Civilian Administration deputy head, Kirill Stremousov:

“The Kherson region intends to accede to the Russian Federation in the near future, becoming its full-fledged constituent.”

In early February before Russia’s SMO began, Ukrainian regions with predominantly Russian-speaking populations were “dreaming” of joining the Russian Federation, according to Russian General  Mikhail Zabrodsky.

According to him, millions of Ukrainians “dream” of becoming a Russian province in the country’s south — a “Novorossiya” or New Russia.

Areas he referred to include Kharkov, Dnieper, Kherson, and Odessa. 

In 2014, Vladimir Putin said the following after the Maidan coup:

“I would like to remind you that what was called Novorossiya (New Russia) back in the tsarist days – Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson, Nikolayev and Odessa – were not part of Ukraine back then.”

“These territories were given to Ukraine in the 1920s by the Soviet government. Why? God knows.” 

“Russia lost these territories for various reasons, but the people remained.”

In late March, Lugansk leader, Leonid Pasechnik, said the following:

“(I)n the near future, a referendum will be held on the territory of the republic where people will exercise their constitutional right and express their opinion on joining Russia.” 

“I am sure that this is exactly how it will be.”

Sentiment in Donetsk on joining Russia is likely similar to how Lugansk residents feel.

Largely Russian-speaking DPR and LPR seek liberation from Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Joining Russia will afford them protection and rights they lacked throughout 8 years of Kiev aggression against their long-suffering people.

A Final Comment

Separately on Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov debunked fabricated US/Western claims about Russian involvement in preventing grain exports from Ukraine.

Following orders from its US master, Kiev is blocking its own grain exports.

If mines laid by the regime in its offshore waters are removed, Russia’s Navy “will ensure” safe passage of Ukrainian vessels in the Black Sea to Mediterranean Sea waters.

Separately according to Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, the Biden regime created a food crisis in Ukraine by seizing its grain reserves.

What’s exported went to European warehouses at the expense of what’s needed in Ukraine, African and Middle East countries to alleviate food crisis conditions.

Hegemon USA and Western vassals falsely blamed Moscow for their own diabolical actions by waging sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia.

There’s no end of it in prospect for years to come, likely not for a generation or two or longer ahead.

And this from Donetsk head, Denis Pushilin, on Tuesday:

Several more Ukrainian Nazis were found while Russian and DPR forces were inspecting what’s inside the ruins of Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.

When captured, they posed no threat.

“They were afraid of everything, hiding. They have mental health issues,” Pushilin explained.

Like around 2,400 other Nazified Avov thugs in Russian custody, their days of terrorizing Donbass residents are over.

One thought on “Dreaming Russia

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    ” The Bear Has the Bull by the Horns..

    And the EU by the balls. ”

    Everything coming up Roses for Russia.

    That’s what usually happens when intelligent people deal

    With idiots..
    Made imbeciles by the Hate inside them..

    Blinded..by hate.
    (All of Satan’s agents wear blinders..)

    Remember as Cornelius Bullfinch said,

    “They’re only Dark Angels
    Not Gods..”

    Their Lord Satan’s hatred of what’s clean and untainted..

    Drives them mad not to have Pedo Clubs..

    Their old Fashioned Nazism
    run Wall Street Fascists..

    Drives them mad not seeing Smack sold on the Streets

    Like in Washington..
    Three blocks from the Capitol

    Vestiges left over of their
    hatred of the Workers..

    And he First Workers State..
    That took away Satan’s toys

    Drives the devil’s mad
    Not to have rampant prostitution

    And body parts harvesting
    Like in the Ukraine.

    And lastly, but distinctly,

    Their Hatred of Real Christians that exist in Russia


    The Western Branch of Christianity

    Jesus Came for the Wolf
    Not the Lamb..

    On Russia they worship the Baby Jesus who’s come for the lamb

    The Meek
    That shall inherent the Earth.

    These Western Freaks..
    Wolves..Jackels ..Devil Dogs

    That’s how the Asslickers for Raytheon..pious Mitt Romney
    and Mitch McConnell and the Cocksucker from South Carolina

    Can so gleefully want to drop bombs on People..

    Especially Christian People in Russia.

    Wake up my dear Friends
    My dear peaceful law abiding

    Respectful and Respected
    Russian Friends.

    Russia is at War with the entire Capitalist West.

    The 26 Countries that have a Comprador Class of Traitors

    Big-time CIA Heroin Money
    Bought these 5th Columnists

    Alcibiades tells Germans
    Eat less, freeze, bury your parents..tux em..

    We work for Goldman Sachs!
    And they work for ____?____

    You Tell Me..

    What on Earth could make someone drop their Country I
    the shitter like that..?

    Did the Heroin Pushers threaten you..they do that..

    Or your family..?

    They ask HR Perot
    Or ask General Flynn..

    Here’s where we’re at:

    Russia is at War with the Entire Nazi Axis Powers.

    And DeNazification can only be accomplished by taking control of all of the Ukraine..

    Of Course.

    Russia is deluding itself to think otherwise.

    EIN SO..

    I read one article which states:

    Poor Russian speaking Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine

    When the Russians tell them they’re just gonna DeNazify

    And then Split..
    go back to Russia.

    The Ukrainian is hesitant to show support for Russia

    Because when they leave
    The Uki Secret Police will come and shoot them in the Head.

    Made sense to me.

    Why does Russia have to explain anything to anybody.

    Explain to who..?

    Drug Pushers.
    Heinous War Criminals.

    Just do it.
    Tell the Gangsters Nothing.

    Fux em..you owe them nothing.
    Give em Dick !



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