Biden Regime Racism

Along with risking global war by its support for Ukrainian Nazis against Russia and its anti-China Taiwan policies, racist Biden regime actions got “(a)t least 21 Black staffers (to leave) the White House since late last year” or intend to leave soon, Politico reported, adding:

“They describe a work environment with little support from their superiors and fewer chances for promotion.”

Things are so unacceptable that a current and former Biden regime official called what’s going on “Blaxit.”

According to the Washington Times weeks earlier:

“(T)op-level staffers (are) bailing out of high-paying, cushy positions in Vice President Kamala Harris’ office.” 

“Deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh (quit) to take a job at the” war department. 

She was “at least the (10th) key (Harris) official (to quit since last) summer.”

Others departing included:

National security adviser, Nancy McEldowne.

Director of digital strategies, Rajun Kaur. 

“Director of advance, Karly Satkowiak.

“Deputy director of advance, Gabrielle DeFranceschi. 

Communications director, Ashley Etienne.

Chief spokeswoman, Symone Sanders.

Director of press operations, Peter Velz.

“Deputy director of public engagement, Vince Evans. 

Speechwriting director, Kate Childs Graham.

Senior Harris aide, Tina Flournoy.

Public engagement head, Cedric Richmond.

According to Politico, the following Black Biden regime staffers left or intend to leave:

Public engagement aide, Carissa Smith.

Gender policy aide, Kalisha Dessources Figures.

National Security Council senior director, Linda Etim.

Digital engagement director, Cameron Trimble.

Associate counsel, Funmi Olorunnipa Badejo.

Chief of staff, Ron Klain.

Advisers Elizabeth Wilkins and Niyat Mulugheta.

Press assistant, Natalie Austin. 

National Economic Council aides Joelle Gamble and Connor Maxwell.

Presidential personnel aides Danielle Okai, Reggie Greer and Rayshawn Dyson. 

“Deputy White House counsel, Danielle Conley. 

Council of Economic Advisers aide, Saharra Griffin.”

Commenting on “Blaxit,” Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies head, Spencer Overton, was quoted as follows, saying:

“Black voters accounted for 22 percent of Biden’s voters in November 2020.” 

“It is essential that Black staffers are not only recruited to serve in senior, mid-level and junior White House positions, but are also included in major policy and personnel decisions and have opportunities for advancement.”

According to Black White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre:

The fake Biden “is incredibly proud to have built what continues to be the most diverse White House staff in history (sic).”

He’s “committed to continuing historic representation for Black staff and all communities (sic).”

“Committed” by fallout domestically from waging unparalleled sanctions war on Russia.

Along with Wall Street owned and controlled Fed money printing madness, Biden regime/Western sanctions war on Russia sent US inflation soaring to the highest level in the past 75 years.

Low and middle-income households are harmed most, including millions of Black Americans.

According to a mid-May Quinnipiac University poll, “4 in 5 Americans (80 percent) say (the US economy is) either not so good (34 percent) or poor (46 percent).”

“This is Americans’ most negative description of the state of the nation’s economy in a Quinnipiac University poll since (the fake) Biden took office.”

Asked about how much control the White House has over inflation, two-thirds of respondents (67%) said a lot or some.

They believe recession is “a looming reality” — and they’ll be hit hardest.

The poll found that the fake Biden’s approval rating is 35% overall — 32% on how he’s handling the economy.

Commenting on Biden regime “Blaxit,” two current unnamed Black staffers said the mass-exodus hurt morale, compounding existing problems, adding:

“We’re here, and we’re doing a lot of work, but we’re not decision-makers, and there’s no real path towards becoming decision-makers.” 

“There is no real feedback, and there’s no clear path to any kind of promotions.”

A former Black staffer said the following:

“Black folks need some person to go to, to strategize and be a mentor, and we just don’t have as many folks who can be mentors to us.”

A current Black staffer said:

“If there is no clear infrastructure of how to be successful, you become just as invisible in this space (as) you would be if you were not in it.”

Another Black staffer said:

“(I)ssues that are the highest priority for our community are no longer at the forefront of the (regime’s) priority list.”

“When 10 Black people got killed at a grocery store (in Buffalo, NY), it’s business as usual, and no one stops to say to you, ‘Are you okay?’ ”

And this from another Black staffer:

“They gave us a mandate to execute on all the things that we promised and not only are we not delivering on that front, but then we’re not also delivering to the staff that came in on the basis of that promise.”

“People go home to their families or their communities, and what can they point to specifically?” 

“They can’t even point to their own experiences as positive.”

Of course, White House discrimination reflects US society overall.

It’s much more than a Black, Brown or other racial issue.

It’s a ruling class issue serving privileged interests at the expense of the vast majority throughout the US/West.

For countless millions of poor, unemployed, underemployed, and neglected people, the US/West is a wasteland of dystopian harshness, deprivation and despair.

In America, it’s in breach of Constitution’s general welfare clause.

Among developed countries, the US ranks last in labor rights, poverty, safety net protections, wealth disparity, overall inequality and economic mobility.

Among 37 OECD nations, the US ranks 35th in terms of poverty and inequality.

The world’s richest country doesn’t give a hoot about the vast majority of its people, just its privileged class.

Warts and all I remember at the time and in hindsight, the country I grew up in long ago is unsafe and unfit to live in for the vast majority of its people today.

Things aren’t improving.

They’ve been worsening for years, especially post-9/11 and since undemocratic Dems usurped power in 2020 by brazen election fraud — followed by installing an unelected imposter in the White House.

Waging forever war at home by kill shots and growing tyranny — along with sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia — made what’s going on today the worst of times, the most perilous time in modern memory.

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  1. A great read. The Dementia-riven Demented Biden Regime is a Blot on Humanity. And the irony, of course: the Rep other side of the scarred, tarnished coin of greed and crimes against humanity is no different at all.

    “Among 37 OECD nations, the US ranks 35th in terms of poverty and inequality.” Among all the evidences of USA-under-Biden deficiences and disasters, this strikes me as the most telling….


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Don’t have to be a Weather Man
    To know it’s Raining..

    On fact Thunderstorms..!

    The Center cannot hold.
    The Damage is too far gone.

    Don in 2024 won’t he able to stop the Avalanche..!

    Imagine, the same Criminals

    that harassed and destroyed Trump’s Presidency..

    Selected …hand picked this Moron Dirty Joe.

    Everything they touch turns to shit.

    USA will soon drop the Facade
    Of the President

    Cheney or Tom Cotton or Hillary

    will step out from behind the Curtain and be the Imperator.

    The final product
    “Fruit” of a Rotten Vine.

    Vintage 2001
    To 2022…


    Should be poured down the Drain

    Liked by 1 person

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