Hegemon USA and Apartheid Israel: A Match Made in Hell

While hegemon USA-dominated NATO pushes things toward direct confrontation with Russia by escalated sanctions war and no end to pouring weapons into Nazi-infested Ukraine — including  MLRS and HIMARS rockets able to strike Russian cities — Israel simulated aerial aggression on nonthreatening Iran.

The latest from the empire of lies is to supply Nazified Kiev with Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) — and likely High Mobility Artillery Rocket systems (HIMARS) — for attacks on Russian forces and cross-border on its cities and towns.

In response to supplying these weapons and others to Ukrainian Nazis, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said the following on Wednesday:

“Any arms supplies (by hegemon USA-dominated NATO), which continue and escalate, increase the risk of such a development,” adding:

The Biden regime “maintains its course of what we characterized many times as an intention to wage war to the last Ukrainian, which reflects the goal of inflicting – as they say themselves – the strategic defeat of Russia.”

“This is unprecedented (and hugely) dangerous.”

“Kiev is being flooded with uninterrupted and perpetual supplies of” weapons to wage US/NATO proxy war on Russia.

Its Defense Ministry will achieve its SMO objectives “no matter what steps are taken” by the empire of lies and its NATO vassals.

According to an unnamed senior Biden regime official, a new package of military aid to Ukraine will include MLRS and HIMAR able to strike targets up to around 50 miles from where launched.

With Kiev forces already striking Russian territory, these intermediate-range rocket systems will be able to hit targets well inside its borders.

Separately, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“Russia (continues to) bolster its strength, independence and sovereignty” to counter US/Western threats to its security.

According to Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov:

Russian “agencies, including the Defense Ministry and border guards, understand risks” from the US-dominated West.”

All “necessary measures” are being taken to counter them.

“There is nothing new” about more US/Western weapons to Ukraine.

The empire of lies and its NATO vassals are “deliberately and painstakingly pouring gasoline on the fire.”

Hegemon USA “is clearly pursuing a policy to fight Russia until the last Ukrainian.”

Instead of conflict resolution to avoid the risk of direct East/East confrontation, US-dominated NATO is heightening the risk of what’s unthinkable.

Nuclear powers never went to war against each other before because going this far could be catastrophic, especially if these WMDs are used.

Given US rage to undermine, isolate and “cancel” Russia, the risk of what’s unthinkable was never greater than now.

Separately overnight Tuesday, apartheid Israeli warplanes conducted large-scale maneuvers over Mediterranean Sea waters to simulate an attack on Iranian targets, including its commercial nuclear facilities.

According to an IDF statement, dozens of Israeli warplanes conducted (provocative) Chariots of Fire drills.

It included “long-range flight, aerial refueling, and striking distant targets,” meaning Iranian ones.

Months earlier, IDF chief of staff, general Aviv Kohavi, said Israel “greatly accelerated” preparations to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Unlike nuclear armed and dangerous Israel, Iranian nuclear facilities have no military component.

In stark contrast to intense IAEA monitoring and inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities, the Jewish state denies the nuclear watchdog access to its bomb development and production facilities.

Notably in the run-up to Israel’s preemptive one-sided blitzkrieg June 5 – 10 1967 Six-Day War on Jordan, Syria and Egypt — what included war on the West Bank and Gaza to seize control over historic Palestine entirely — IDF air force commander, General Mordechai Hod, said the following years later:

“Sixteen years of planning (went) into those initial eighty minutes.” 

“We lived with the plan. We slept on the plan. We ate the plan. Constantly we perfected it.”

IDF chief, General Haim Barlev, later explained:

“We were not threatened (by nations Israel attacked or Palestinians) on the eve of the Six-Day War.”

“We never thought of such a possibility.”

Long after the fact, other Israeli political and military officials made similar comments.

Despite no foreign threat then or now, is Israel planning war on Iran in similar fashion to its 1967 blitzkrieg strikes for fabricated reasons?

Most likely not but it’s possible.

Ahead of its Six Day War, Israel didn’t issue warnings of its intent in advance.

Doing it now and earlier has Iran on high alert to respond to Israeli aggression if launched.

If Israel strikes Iranian nuclear and/or other targets, its response is likely to be swift and powerful in retaliation.

Israel got away with striking three Arab states over half a century ago.

Attacking Iran will entail a likely major retaliatory price the Jewish state avoided in 1967 and most likely will again by not attacking a nation able to hit back hard if attacked.

At the same time, nothing is certain, especially if an IDF attack on Iran is supported by the US.

The empire of lies risks war with Russia over Ukraine.

It won’t surprise if it backs Israeli aggression on Iran.

A Final Comment

So-called Chariot of Fire drills are scheduled through June 3.

According to the Times of Israel, they’re the largest-scale ones “in decades.”

The Jerusalem Post called them “unprecedented in scope” with US tanker aircraft refueling Israeli warplanes in flight.

IDF “officials said (they aim to) rais(e) the competence and readiness of troops and top brass for war on multiple fronts, as well as coordination with other emergency organizations, local authorities, and government ministries.”

Like US-dominated NATO, Israel’s only enemies are invented.

No real ones threaten the US/West or Jewish state.

3 thoughts on “Hegemon USA and Apartheid Israel: A Match Made in Hell

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Lendman, for this expose of the lies, actions, and Hypocrisies of the real-time Axis of Iniquity — the USZioIsraeli “Entangled Alliance.” Made in Hell, Indeed. May it return to Hell, post-haste, forced or by seli-infliction. The Palestinians, and many others, will appreciate it.


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Astonishing huh.
    Not one Country demands any Accountability from Israel.

    A Lifetime of
    Get Out Of Jail Free Cards.

    Actually Israel does have one Mortal Enemy..

    The People of the World.

    The overwhelming majority of the World

    whose agenda is completely opposite of the Zionists..!

    The Polls have flipped in the last ten years.

    And the World is starting to get involved.

    That’s why the Zios are in such a hurry to Start another War.

    The Window is Closing on the Plague known as Zionism.

    Go Iran..
    To Total Victory..!

    Liked by 1 person

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