Disarm Americans, Heavily Arm Ukrainian Nazis

Multiple mass-shootings in US cities this year have had the foul odor of made-in-the-USA false flags all over them with diabolical aims in mind.

They’ve come at a time when polls show the likelihood of Republicans gaining control of both houses of Congress from November midterm elections because of soaring inflation and growing economic hard times most voters justifiably blame on the party in power.

So undemocratic Dems want the subject changed.

And they want Russia falsely blamed for their criminality.

Gun control is another issue.

Instead of applying it to the Pentagon and CIA to halt forever US wars on invented enemies, Dems want Americans disarmed to render them defenseless against growing tyrannical rule.

At the same time, they’re pouring weapons and munitions into Ukraine for its Nazified and conscript forces to wage forever war on Donbass civilians.

They want Ukrainians sympathetic toward Russia terrorized through the barrel of a gun, along with perpetual war on liberating Russian Federation forces.

On Thursday, dementia Joe’s double once again hyperventilated via teleprompter.

Pretending concern about US victims of gun violence ignored a nation at war on invented enemies throughout most of its history from inception — domestically and worldwide.

The real JB spent a near-half century supporting US wars of aggression on invented enemies — along with backing Israeli wars on Gaza and other Palestinians.

The Obama/Biden regime toppled Ukraine’s democratically elected government by coup d’etat, US-installed Nazified fascist tyranny replacing it.

The real JB’s dirty hands supported the worst of US violence at home and worldwide.

He and the vast majority of other US policymakers want ordinary Americans exploited, not served.

Uncaring about victims of US imperial rampaging worldwide and homeland violence, the fake Biden and regime he nominally heads wants the Second Amendment “right of the people to keep and bear arms” altered with enforcing tyrannical rule in mind.

Calling for “limitations” on gun ownership, he lied claiming that increasingly despotic USA is “a free country (sic).”

He lied saying that he doesn’t want to “tak(e) away anyone’s rights (sic).”

Undemocratic Dems have been destroying them more than already since usurping power by election rigging.

The fake Biden lied claiming that “limitations” on gun ownership his regime supports is all about “protecting children (sic)” — ones the US ruling class doesn’t give a hoot about.

He lied saying:

“It’s about protecting families (sic).” 

“It’s about protecting whole communities (sic).”

“It’s about protecting our freedoms to go to school, to a grocery store, to a church, without being shot and killed (sic).”

He ignored countless tens of millions of victims at home and abroad throughout the nation’s history — from state-sponsored violence by the Pentagon, CIA and killer cops.

US police nationwide are responsible for killing over 1,000 victims annually, mostly Black and Latino male youths.

With the rarest of rare exceptions, cops operate unaccountably, a badge serving as license to kill or commit other forms of violence.

State-sponsored military violence is worst of all by a nation at war on humanity to advance its diabolical aims by brute forces against invented enemies.

The real JB is an unindicted war criminal multiple times over.

The same reality applies to the nation’s ruling class overall.

Addressing America’s longstanding culture of violence starts with its policymakers.

A nation of, by and for its privileged class at the expense of most others is responsible for blood in the streets at home and worldwide.

The Biden regime and undemocratic Dems want blame shifted to victims.

They want their own interests served at the expense of harm to others.

They want state-sponsored gun violence false flags used as a pretext to disarm Americans.

First by wanting ownership of so-called assault weapons restricted or banned.

Then by going after other guns.

They want ruler/serf societies established worldwide, a lower level of Dante’s hell their aim.

They want unchallenged control over Americans and others abroad by whatever it takes to make tyranny the law of the land worldwide.

A Final Comment

Will what Canada’s Trudeau regime aims to enforce be followed by similar US policymaking?

According to the CBC days earlier:

His regime “tabled new gun control legislation that includes a national freeze on buying, selling, and importing handguns.”

Stopping short of a full ban on buying and owning guns, will that be the next shoe to drop if introduced legislation becomes the law of the land?

Step one is capping gun ownership.

According to Trudeau:

Other than for “sport shooting and hunting, there is no reason (for) anyone in Canada (to) need guns in their everyday lives (sic).”

Earlier, his regime aimed to ban handgun ownership entirely, then scrapped the idea.

The newly proposed measure includes a provision to let authorities require gun owners to relinquish their firearms if claimed they endanger themselves or others.

In 2020, the Trudeau regime banned 1,500 types of firearms, including so-called assault rifles.

The proposed measure requires that rifles and other long guns be permanently altered to hold a maximum of five rounds.

Earlier Trudeau regime gun legislation and what’s proposed has nothing to do with “keeping Canadians safe” as he falsely claimed.

It has everything to do with incrementally rendering them defenseless against growing tyrannical rule.

Will the US and other Western regimes follow Canada’s example?

Will banning gun ownership entirely become the law of the land throughout the West ahead with the worst of diabolical aims in mind?

3 thoughts on “Disarm Americans, Heavily Arm Ukrainian Nazis

Add yours

  1. The corruption of everything now extends to the Ukrainian Army selling weaponry from the US on the black market using the dark web. Google only searches about 3% of websites nd the unsearched is the dark web.


    Juan Sinmiedo/Fearless John/Ukraine exposed. @Youblacksoul, [6/2/2022 11:41 AM]
    US Javelin missile systems are now being sold on various Ukrainian and international darknet sites. Prices start at $30,000.

    The US and NATO states have supplied Ukraine with thousands upon thousands of such systems, and have complained that rather than being used against Russia forces, many have disappeared without a trace



  2. Mr Lendman..

    I’ve been arguing
    For keeping the Bill of Rights
    All my life.

    All the Bill of Rights..
    One thru 10.

    That’s why our Founding Fathers
    Wrote them.

    I believe strongly in the
    Original Document
    Jefferson put in my hand.

    It’s not like a Pizza ,
    Where you choose different toppings..!

    BTW..the Second Amendment
    Didn’t Give Us the


    We Already had that right..
    As Americans, as Free Citizens

    The 2nd Amendment says,
    Point Blank..


    That straightforward.

    Don’t let some lying Shysters
    With Badges..

    Secret Police
    Political Agents

    Criminals that murdered 100s of Innocents in False Flags

    To advance their disguise agenda of taking away our ability to defend ourselves.

    Out of my “Cold Dead Hand”
    Works for me…!

    Here’s what I find refreshing about this discussion currently,

    The people I speak with now say to defend themselves against the Gendarmes of the State.

    The Corrupt State..

    In the Past people
    Mostly just said,

    “To protect ourselves from Criminals..!”


    Well that’s true..
    The FBI and Congress
    Are Criminals..

    The Criminal Elite

    But they’re not mutually exclusive.

    For instance
    I’d never put a Burglar in the same cell with a Senator who murdered millions of People.

    No the Burglar deserves better treatment.


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