Russia Exposes Major US Breaches of International Law

On Thursday at the Security Council, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia minced no words like always in his public remarks about the true state of things.

During an open debate on “strengthening accountability and justice for serious violations of international law,” he said the following:

Notably in the run-up to and after Russia’s liberating SMO began in Ukraine, the US-dominated West abandoned international law like countless times before.

When hegemon USA-dominated NATO was raping and destroying “Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, (Yemen), Libya, and Syria, international law was perceived only as an annoying impediment,” Nebenzia explained, adding: 

Unjustifiably justifying “their aggression against sovereign states, the collective West had to come up with exotic concepts, such as “humanitarian intervention, war on terror, preventive strikes” and other perversions of reality. 

All of the above trashed international law. 

That’s why US-dominated “NATO’s military adventures (have been) aggressive unprovoked wars of choice,” said Nebenzia 

“They systematically and cynically ignored international law, including the UN Charter.”

In flagrant breach of the letter and spirit of international law, the US concocted what it cynically and deceptively calls “rules-based order.”

It’s all about inventing its own rules to pursue its diabolical aims.

They’re used to unjustifiably justify sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia and other targeted nations.

When US/Western regimes commit crimes of war and against humanity too grievous to ignore, “a completely different” standard of justice is used, Nebenzia stressed, adding:

It includes “direct threats against international criminal justice mechanisms” and officials to block investigations from taking place.

“In their attempts to justify themselves, the West usually says that their legal systems are perfectly capable of holding the perpetrators to account and that allegedly they do need the ICC.”

“But somehow there are no reports about any verdicts for the military from the US, UK, and other Western states for war crimes” against one nation after another threatening no one.

In stark contrast, imprisoned in Britain ahead of extradition to the US, Julian Assange, faces prosecution for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism as it should be.

Police state USA intends for him to “spend the rest of his life in prison” if he survives his ordeal, Nebenzia stressed. 

His gross mistreatment symbolizes Western depravity.

So do US/NATO atrocities against invented enemies.

In all their wars of aggression, millions are killed or otherwise harmed, along with vast destruction of vital infrastructure in targeted nations.

Yet accountability is off the table.

The US-dominated West weaponized judicial proceedings to serve the diabolical aims of their ruling regimes.

The collective West supports and encourages crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities by Ukrainian Nazi thugs and conscript troops — against Donbass civilians, Ukrainians sympathetic toward Russia, and its liberating SMO forces.

“Western (regimes) are ready to spill high-sounding words about the implementation of ICJ rulings, countering impunity and paying compensations to victims of violence as long as it does not (apply to) themselves,” Nebenzia explained.

In stark contrast to how Russia operates, war crimes ‘R us describes how US/Western regimes pursue their diabolical aims.

“(P)ump(ing) up (Nazi-infested) Ukraine with weapons” is a war crime, Nebenzia stressed.

Used to kill Donbass civilians, murdering them gratuitously has been ongoing for over the past 8 years.

The more weapons supplied by the US/West, the more killings of civilians in harm’s way — while accomplishing nothing toward changing reality on the ground in Ukraine.

Nothing deterring steady Russian advances.

Nothing preventing its forces from liberating Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Nothing preventing Russia from demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine.

Nothing preventing all its publicly stated SMO aims from being accomplished.

2 thoughts on “Russia Exposes Major US Breaches of International Law

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Such an important little document you wrote.

    The Hypocrisy so despicably deep and blatant..

    My Hypothalamus is laughing …and crying.

    What a load of Shit they unload on us …24/7

    All my life..

    To me , Sir,

    Nothing exemplifies the Cronyism
    And Egregious Lies

    Better than the
    ” Get Out Of Jail Card”

    The Zionists get for commiting
    The very same crimes as Hitler.

    The very same Crimes the Nuremberg Criminals got hung for..
    Israel did all those Crimies..
    THIS WEEK..!


    Who are these People?
    These Zionists

    Why do they Control EVERYTHING..!

    That consorts with AIPAC





    Only because they control everything


    Russia hasn’t even done 1/100 of the Crimes the USA, UK, Israel and NATO did..!

    Go figure.


    World Opinion has flipped
    Worldwide Polls show

    Overwhelming % of Population
    Think Russia and China
    Are the Good Guys now

    Pax …getting Waxed
    In every facet of Reality.

    From the Battlefield
    To the Economy
    To Moral Authority..

    See ya, ShitCakes..
    See ya at Nuremberg.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Mr. Lendman. Sigh–same ol’ same ol’ wanna-be-hegemon-crowd affronts against Russia….

    Right on, Envoy Nebenzia! RIGHT ON, Sir!!

    Has the UNSC no balls…no shame? Rhetorical question….

    [As I note “Syria” above, I can’t escape my always-niggling suspicion that it was the 2015 decision by Russia to derail the ZioUS lust to “regime change” the government of President Bashar Al-Assad that has, invidiously and progressively and tragically, been the impetus, the raison d’etre, for going after Russia on all possible fronts–most esp. “NATO” and all that that anachronistic acronym and militaristic monster implies. GASP! — Counter the psychotic designs of Zionism and its partner-in-crime USA? How DARE you?!—-you’re outta here! (But not so fast…Russia ain’t ‘outta here’; the Bear is hangin’ tough, always in pursuit of its core national-security interests!)]

    Viva Russia! Viva Syria! Viva Palestine!


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