Smashing Hegemon USA’s Nazified Ukrainian Monster

Festering sore Ukraine in Europe’s heartland masquerades as a nation-state.

It’s a hegemon USA platform for perpetual war by its regimes on invented enemy Russia, threatening possible global war by pushing things too far.

Since its SMO began on Feb. 24, Russia has been systematically smashing the made-in-the-USA Ukrainian monster — created by coup d’etat.

Its Nazified thugs, conscripts and foreign mercenaries are being eliminated as part of Russia’s liberating demilitarization and deNazification campaign.

On Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry provided the latest update on how its SMO is going.

In the last 24 hours alone, “(h)undreds of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine were eliminated by Russian long-range precision weapons soon after their arrival at the places of training and cohesion of tactical units,” adding:

Captured mercenaries said during interrogations that they’re being sacrificed as cannon fodder — for Kiev’s Nazified regime and its higher power in Washington.

Largely suppressing reality on the ground, puppet Zelensky and others around him have been “hush(ing) up” the severity of large-scale Ukrainian casualties.

Inflows of foreign mercenaries to Ukraine’s front lines meat grinder slowed significantly over the past month.

Russia believes that numbers currently in Ukraine are half their peak total.

Captured ones are not considered POWs, Russia’s Defense Ministry saying:

“The Kiev regime’s urgent attempts to guarantee legal protection to mercenaries, including them in the list of military units of the armed forces of Ukraine or the National Guard, or issuing them new passports of Ukrainian citizens, will not save any of them.”

They’re war criminals and will be dealt with appropriately.

“In the past 24 hours, the Russian air defense systems shot down a (Ukrainian) Su-25 warplane and an Mi-8 helicopter.”

Whatever Kiev’s military sends airborne is easy pickings for Russian air defense systems or aircraft to destroy.

Separately according to Russia’s ruling United Russia party’s General Council Council Secretary, Andrey Turchak:

Donetsk, Lugansk and Ukraine’s predominantly Russian-speaking Kherson may join Russia, saying:

“The decision should be made by (their) residents, and I am confident they will do so.”

“And I have absolutely no doubt that (they’ll choose to) become part of the Russian Federation.”

A Kremlin statement said much the same thing.

That referendums in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zapporzhye will likely show overwhelming support for joining Russia.

It’s for their people to decide, not Moscow.

Ukraine will likely look much different in the aftermath of Russia’s SMO.

On Thursday, Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said the following:

“Special emphasis is placed on the development of measures aimed at stalling Western attempts to provoke a full-scale economic crisis in Russia with a potential to exacerbate the social situation in the country.”

“As part of that, the challenges of improving the quality of life of Russian citizens, ensuring macroeconomic stability and balanced territorial development of the country are being addressed.”

Separately according to Bloomberg News:

Biden regime officials are at odds over more sanctions on Russia.

Interventionist Blinken and White House Russophobes want tougher ones imposed.

Treasury Secretary Yellen and others are concerned that piling on additional sanctions will more greatly harm global economies, cause inflation to soar higher, keep supply chains disrupted, and elevate the risk of a severe, protracted recession.

According to international history Professor Nicholas Mulder, who focuses on the political and economic fallout of policymaking:

“We’re now just coming up to the limit of how severely you can impose sanctions against a major economy without it having such bad spillover effects that you are creating a ton of bushfires elsewhere.”

Sanctions war on Russia already caused significant economic and financial harm to US/Western economies — while largely shooting blanks at the self-sufficient Russian Federation.

The more sanctions imposed, the greater the harm to Western and other economies.

Biden regime under secretary of state for economic growth, energy and the environment, Jose Fernandez, said review is ongoing about imposing new sanctions on Russia.

Defying reality, former State Department official, Edward Fishman, falsely claimed that there’s “no good argument against maximizing sanctions on Russia (sic).”

“And the sooner you do it, the better (sic).”

Perhaps Fishman favors $200 a barrel oil, similarly high-priced natural gas and other commodities, a significant protracted downturn of Western economies, soaring unemployment, greater poverty and food insecurity, along with higher inflation than already — and global war for pushing things too far.

2 thoughts on “Smashing Hegemon USA’s Nazified Ukrainian Monster

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Today..RT has an excellent article/ video on the Sanctions

    I found the PM of Croatia’s speech so poignant..

    He flat out says it’s a terrible Failure..the Sanctions Regine.

    Oh to live in Adam Smith’s World..!

    Remember the mantra st the Ascension of the Bourgeoisie

    “Free Men and Free Markets!”

    Laughable now.
    Bootleg Capitalism so rancid
    So Crooked.

    SO DEADLY TO 90%


    Unwinding so fast..

    If it were an airplane propeller they’d already have gotten their heads chopped off …

    Even a Rubber Band
    .would knock em out..

    They’re so fragile.

    They have been walking on eggshells for 12 yrs.

    Nothing is resolved from 2008

    They never fixed the Roof

    They used the money
    Gifted to them
    By the Criminal Elite

    To buy back stock and make large horizontal mergers & acquisitions.

    37% fewer companies
    With over a 100 Employees
    now than in 2008.

    By 2028…

    There will be 80% less
    On this tragectory.

    BTW..if we’re standing at all.

    Also..Harley Schlanger said the Fed..

    propped up Wall St with
    $14 Trillion since 2008

    Under the table
    Of Course.

    The Old Fashioned Way
    The American Way..

    And now..
    The American Working Class

    Is expected to make enormous sacrifices..

    To hurt Russia.

    You don’t get it do you Dirty Joe?



    The American People are not going to let their kids be Malnourished

    The American People are not gonna pay $5 a gallon

    Because the American People
    Are waking up fast

    When they don’t have enough money to eat or pay rent

    And work 48 hours a week
    And their wives do also.

    And still can’t pay their bills.




    That’s why all the Rats left the Ship…

    The Dirty Joe
    Wreck of the Hesperus..!

    The American People are waking
    To the obvious fact,

    You’re their Enemy
    You and the Zio Congress

    You’re the American People’s Worse Nightmare.


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