Destruction of International Security by the Empire of Lies

Throughout the post-WW II period, both wings of the US war party have gone all-out in pursuit of hegemony over the world community of nations, their resources and populations by hard ball tactics that include threats, intimidation and brute force.

On Thursday, Russia’s Security Council Secretary, Nikolay Patrushev, minced no words in setting the record straight about what’s gone on and continues by the empire of lies and its Western vassals.

For decades, the US-dominated West “has been provoking inter-state tensions and conflicts increasingly frequently to preserve its global hegemony,” he stressed, adding: 

Their regimes have been “dismantling arms control” and other agreements that stand in the way of their unipolar aims. 

As a result, “military and political…tensions keep growing” along Russia’s borders and worldwide.

The US-dominated West “embarked on a course towards destruction of the universally recognized security architecture, established after World War II, with the UN at the top, and replacement of international law by some ‘rule-based order,’ with rules that they intend to set up themselves without consideration of anyone’s interests.”

Since 2014, Russia engaged in good faith diplomacy to end US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass with slow-motion genocide in mind.

Russia launched its liberating SMO because the empire of lies sabotaged its efforts for peace over perpetual war along its borders — an untenable situation it could no longer tolerate because it threatened to spill cross-border into its territory, along with terrorizing its nationals in Ukraine and Donbass.

And this straight talk by Patrushev:

Lawless actions by Western regimes “ha(ve) not changed for centuries.”

To this day, they “dictate their (demands) to the world.”

They “boorishly trampl(e) on the sovereign rights of states.”

Feigning concern “for human rights, freedom and democracy,” their actions spurn these principles and the rule of law overall.

Serving their ruling elites and other privileged interests exclusively is at the expense of exploiting the vast majority domestically and worldwide. 

Along with waging perpetual sanctions and hot wars on invented enemies, they “creat(ed) economic crisis conditions” throughout the West and elsewhere in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

“(M)illions of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America (are at risk of) starvation (because of) limit(ed) access to grain, fertilizers and energy,” Patrushev explained.

Infested with psychopaths and sociopaths, the illegitimate Biden regime — nominally headed by a pathetic JB impersonator know-nothing — exceeds the worst of its predecessors.

Along with Fed money printing madness to enrich Wall Street at the expense of Main Street, dominant Biden regime hardliners manufactured soaring food, energy and overall inflation.

They willfully created shortages of essential goods like grain and baby formula.

With prices of food, energy and other essentials continuing to rise, things are heading toward becoming much worse than already.

Will shortages of essential goods cause rationing to be imposed, what hasn’t happened in the US since WW II?

According to financial entrepreneur/analyst Chris MacIntosh:

“A great bull market in inflation has just begun and is unavoidable.” 

The vast majority of ordinary people are being hit hardest like always during hard times.

In cahoots with Pharma and other monied interests, US/Western dark forces manufactured all things flu/covid with mass-extermination of unwanted billions worldwide and elimination of what remains of greatly eroded freedoms in mind.

And this from Patrushev:

Ignoring their unparalleled state terror, US-dominated Western regimes may designate Russia “a terrorist country (while supporting) neo-Nazi thugs in Ukraine.”

Ignored today is that during the July 17 – August 2, 1945 Potsdam, Germany conference, Russia, the UK and UK agreed on eradicating German militarism and Nazism once and for all. 

It thrives in disguised form in the West and overtly in Ukraine.

Because of what the scourge of Nazism did to Soviet Russia and its people during WW II, the Russian Federation prioritizes the deNazification of Ukraine.

It’s in stark contrast to how US-dominated NATO is using it against Russia and Donbass today.

“Nazism must either be 100% eradicated, or it will rear its head in a few years, and in an even uglier form,” Patrushev stressed, adding:

Russia’s SMO goals will be accomplished.

Its SMO will continue until Ukraine is demilitarized and deNazified.

“It cannot be otherwise,” Patrushev stressed.

At that time, “the fate of Ukraine will be determined by (its) people.”

In stark contrast to diabolical US/Western aims, Russia supports the sovereign independence of world community nations, according to international law principles.

It supports multi-world polarity over the other way around that the empire of lies wants preserved at the expense of world peace and the rule of law.

As directed by his US master, puppet Zelensky called for Russian reparations — not forthcoming.

“It is Russia that has the right to demand reparations from (US/Western regimes) that sponsored Nazis in Ukraine, and the criminal Kiev regime,” Patrushev stressed.

Donetsk and Lugansk are also entitled to reparations for over 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on their territory and people.

Separately, Sergey Lavrov commented on the risk of US-dominated NATO getting directly involved in Ukraine against Russia, saying:

“This risk exists.”

“Reasonable Western (officials) are well aware of the risks.”

Yet their ruling regimes keep pouring more weapons et al into Ukraine for perpetual proxy war on Russia, what could cross the line to direct East/West confrontation.

Russophobia dominates US/Western geopolitical policymaking.

Dominant EU hardliners virtually transformed the bloc into an extension of NATO.

“This is the goal of those who want to rally the West under Washington’s unquestioned command,” said Lavrov, adding:

The worst of times could repeat because European leaders ignore “the lessons of (the continent’s) dark history” during the 20th and earlier centuries.

One thought on “Destruction of International Security by the Empire of Lies

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  1. Mr Lendman.

    What an Important Article

    I cannot Emphasize that enough.

    One thing historically minded scholars know .

    That separates them from the
    “Shuffling Madness…”

    Is that these events are shaped by historical forces & dynamics

    That are decades, nay Centuries old .

    Of Course, but what is the Paradigm.. that’s what Historisns know..

    You articulated it perfectly..

    In the Land of Lies,

    We of course, have the other accompanying suitcase.. AMNESIA..!

    The one, two, three step of the How We Got Here ..

    Subtitled, ” THE WAY WE WERE!”

    This is the Paradigm of the Death March, Sir.

    The Sad..sordid ..Truth

    The very minute the CIA, FBI, Mossad, Bush Crime Family,
    LBJ and the Mob.. et al..

    Shot JFK in 1963..
    That was the point of impact

    The Venom entered the
    Body Politick..

    “The Jab”

    Every since that minute on
    Nov 22, 1963

    The Great Experiment was doomed to failure and collapse.

    Started the Unraveling.
    We never Recovered.

    Nor will we.
    The Republic is dead.

    Killed by the most toxic vile Political pathogens on Earth.


    I might add briefly,

    Amazingly Nixon and Reagan in this 60 year Eclipse..

    This Nose Dive into the Historical Dempster Dumpster.

    Say what you will about Nixon and Reagan..

    I fully you
    They are Bad Apples..

    Like Nixon who bombed Vietnam Laos and Cambodia…

    Committed enormous
    War Crimes

    But I see the Dualism

    These are the only two Presidents that really understood or acted in a sane

    fashion to keep some kind of Bumper Rails.

    This Idiot
    This Criminally incompetent fool

    Can’t even stop the CIA from shipping LONG RANGE
    multiple rocket launchers

    Although he said he was.

    Crooked Joey.


    BTW..were you aware that
    Hunter Biden is over in the UKRAINE right now.

    Judge Napolitano said so on May 19..

    But could have grabbed the Cash and left already.


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