Reinventing Russia’s SMO

US/Western MSM operate as virtual echo chamber ministries of truth for regimes they serve at the expense of journalism as it should be.

Eliminating them by mass-refusal to watch or read their daily propaganda rubbish would free humanity from their assault on truth and full disclosure.

In print, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT is the worst of the worst — a mortal enemy of journalism as it should be, what’s banned in their daily fake news editions.

Waging daily war of words on all things Russia in cahoots with the darkest of US dark forces, Big Lies and mass deception define its reinvention of what Moscow’s SMO is all about.

It has nothing to do with “toppling (the US-installed regime) in Kiev (sic).”

Nothing to do with “spreading death and destruction across” Ukraine (sic).

Nothing to do with believing that pouring more weapons et al into Ukraine can help its regime “reclaim some towns (sic),” according to Times fake news.

It has everything to do with achieving Russia’s publicly stated objectives.

They include demilitarizing and deNazification of the US created Ukrainian monster, along with protecting Russia’s security and liberating Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation.

It’s about freeing central Europe from the malignancy of Nazified tyrannical rule.

It’s about protecting Russia from longstanding US regime change aims.

It’s about countering the hegemonic aims of the empire of lies to transform the world community of nations into ruler/serf societies.

No Russian blockade exists to prevent the export of Ukrainian grain, as the Times falsely claimed.

No “victory will be ours,” as US-installed puppet Zelensky again hyperventilated on Friday.

No “normalcy” exists for its people as long as US/Western-supported Nazis run Ukraine.

No Russian-caused “devastat(ion) of Ukrainian cities,” no responsibility of its forces for humanitarian crisis (conditions or) insecurity around the world (sic).”

No “push back (of) Russian forces (sic)” by battered and beaten Ukrainian ones anywhere in its territory.

And like other MSM, the Times continues to defy reality by pretending that Nazi-infested Ukraine is “a false narrative (sic).”

Along with the US-dominated West, Ukrainian Nazis bear full responsibility for the toll on civilians they don’t give a hoot about.

The same goes for Ukraine’s economy. It’s near collapse from years of war since 2014, rampant corruption, tyrannical indifference toward the rights and needs of most Ukrainians and abandonment of the rule of law.

Ignoring the immiseration of its people by Nazified rule, the Times pretended that “80 percent of Ukrainians believe the country is moving in the right direction (sic)” — at a time when puppet Zelensky and those around him are increasingly reviled.

And this Times rubbish:

“Russia is suffering from (its SMO), geopolitically isolated and facing years of economic dislocation (sic).”

European countries are suffering from the boomerang effect of sanctions on Russia — effectively sanctioning themselves, not their largely self-sufficient target.

The decadent, depraved West aside, most world community nations value normalized relations with Russia.

Western regimes harmed themselves by sanctions war, what never achieves intended aims, what never toppled a targeted government.

Russia’s economy is holding up well in contrast to Western ones heading for recession that perhaps already began.

Since 2014, US/Western regimes aided and abetted Kiev’s aggression on Donbass — what the Times and other MSM continue to ignore in support of Ukrainian Nazis.

And this WaPo rubbish:

Calling for Russia to be more militarily, politically and economically “diminished,” WaPo barely stopped short of urging global war to accomplish the above aims.

Like other MSM, it can’t bring itself to admit that Russian military superiority virtually defeated Nazi-infested Ukraine already.

Instead, WaPo published rubbish like the following, saying:

“Putin want(s) to restore (Russia’s) swagger (sic).”

The nation “limps into a shrunken future as a moral pariah (sic).”

Its overpowering military is “stumbling (sic).”

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

Russia lost “1,000 tanks (sic).”

It faces “shortages of components” for tanks (sic).”

It’s “semiconductor shortage is so severe (it’s) using computer chips from dishwashers and refrigerators in military equipment (sic).”

No way exists for the US/West to “check Russian advances.”

No “Russian (SMO) reversals” occurred.

No military “blunder(s).”

No push back of Russian forces to their border.

No Russian destruction of Donbass or other parts of Ukraine, just its military and related targets.

No threat of Russia using tactical nukes, chemical or other banned weapons in Ukraine — or anywhere else the way US-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel operate against invented enemies.

The Biden regime, its Western vassals and MSM press agents consistently lie and mass deceive on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

They’ve lied about all things Russia during the run-up to and after its liberating SMO began.

Their lies and mass deception changed nothing on the ground.

Russia’s intervention in Syria at the request of its government foiled the Obama/Biden regime’s aim to gain an imperial trophy by replacing President Bashar al-Assad with a US-installed puppet.

Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine is smashing the made-in-the-USA Nazified monster.

It’s outwitting and outmaneuvering hegemon USA’s best laid plans.

And it’s economy is holding up well from record-high revenues from oil, gas and other commodities, a strong ruble, and record trade surplus — while the US/West stumbles badly.

Russia isn’t running out of tanks, other weapons, munitions and equipment.

Its forces continue to batter and defeat inferior, demoralized, retreating Ukrainian troops.

The fullness of time will set the record straight on what US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents distort and suppress.

Russia is smashing Nazi-infested Ukraine.

The US/West and its puppet regime are losing badly.

Pretense otherwise changed nothing on the ground.

It’s just a matter of time before reality is too irrefutable to deny.

2 thoughts on “Reinventing Russia’s SMO

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    The Ukis are getting wiped out.

    Not much Press about that.

    Even Russian Media is low key

    That’s something I find very interesting…

    Bismarck told the Prussian Press ( hence Germany)

    To “Downplay” the Reports
    Of the Tremendous Military Victories of his Armies..!

    So as not to Wake Up the other Venomous Imperialist snakes.

    Smart move, probably.

    Russia is now, in the Donbass
    just Cleaning their Clock.

    They took about 90% of Severodonesk..

    All over but the maybe
    500-1000 Holdouts who are trapped.

    The Allies should move on.

    We can see the job of DeNazification

    is going to be a lot bigger than the ” Summer Crew” of 195,000

    Just the Reality…
    Ukraine is 800 X 600 miles

    Or about 1/3 the size of Europe.

    Just try to take Catalonia or the Alsace- Lorraine with 195,000!

    Be a very difficult proposition.

    50-50 Chance,

    this War will wind up with Warsaw, London, Brussels and Washington getting Nuked..!

    The Reality.

    Because the Job of DeNazification requires

    The Real Nazis in Langley and Foggy Bottom need to be expunged.

    Or we’ll be back at it for the Next 30.years.

    Let Afghanistan or Iraq be your model.

    There’s a new NATO slogan..
    Privately expressed,




    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!

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  2. An excellent assessment/recapitulation of the (battle) field, sir. Thank you.

    “Russia’s intervention in Syria at the request of its government foiled the Obama/Biden regime’s aim to gain an imperial trophy by replacing President Bashar al-Assad with a US-installed puppet.” Aha!!! — Herein lies a (the?) key to the door…Russia had the temerity to derail-cum-thwart-cum-change the entire course of ZioUSrael’s diabolical schemes to “make the neighborhood safer for the poor, never-endingly victimized [and don’t you ever forget it] Jews of Apartheid Israel.”


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