Russia’s Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

Now in its fourth month, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below), explained the following about its ongoing SMO:

On International Children’s Day last week, US-controlled Nazified Ukraine once again shelled Donetsk residential areas with causing civilian casualties in mind — including by use of banned cluster munitions.

Kiev and its US master ignored the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM).

It bans production, use, transfer, and stockpiling of these terror weapons.

When detonate, they scatter submunition bomblets over a wide area with inflicting maximum casualties in mind, including to children.

Brightly colored, children mistake cluster bomblets for toys. 

Picking them up risks serious injury or death.

The US and Israel notoriously use these and other banned weapons in waging preemptive wars on invented enemies.

Both countries failed to join over 100 others that are parties to the CCM.

Cluster munitions can be fired by artillery, rockets, and missiles, or air-dropped by warplanes.

Most often, they open when airborne, dispersing multiple submunitions (bomblets) over a wide area.

Like landmines, they remain dangerous for years unless professionally destroyed.

Supplied by the empire of lies, Kiev uses them against Donbass residential areas.

Like other regime war crimes, US/Western MSM ignore the worst of what Nazified Ukraine is responsible for.

US-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel notoriously use chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons in their wars of choice — the human toll never an issue, nor the rule of law.

Appalling Kiev war crimes remain unreported by US/Western MSM — while Russia is falsely accused of all sorts of things its forces had nothing to do with.

Horrific Kiev war crimes have been committed repeatedly since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup.

MZ asked:

“Did Western media report” what continues to go on?

Have there been worldwide protests against Ukraine’s war crimes?

“Did NGOs” condemn them?

“Are furious EU residents picketing at Ukrainian embassies in their countries?” 

“Or is it all right to kill Donetsk and Lugansk residents and everyone else who has not taken the oath of allegiance to the Nazi and neo-Nazi regime?” 

“It looks like it.”

Since 2014, what US/Western regimes claimed that Kiev needs for defense is all about cross-border aggression.

Now it’s about waging perpetual US-dominated NATO proxy war on Russia.

Weapons et al supplied to Ukrainian neo-Nazis are used against civilians, including women and children.

The Biden regime’s intention to supply Kiev with intermediate-range rockets and missiles, ones able to strike targets up to a distance of about 50 miles from where launched, virtually assures greater civilian casualties in Donbass and Russia.

Ukrainian forces already have long-range “French Ceasar howitzers, Polish Krabs and US M109s,” MZ explained, adding:

“Germany has promised to provide the PzH-2000 and Slovakia, Zuzana howitzers.”

“The Western war concerns are getting rich off the death of peaceful civilians in that long-suffering country.”

“We have long known that (their regimes) don’t care about Ukraine” — except as a platform for perpetual proxy war on Russia.

Supplying Kiev with weapons and munitions by US-dominated NATO regimes since 2014 for endless war-making is why Russia launched its SMO in self-defense.

MZ stressed that it’ll “continue until all its goals, namely the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, are achieved.”

“We have done a great deal towards this end.”

Nazified Azov thugs “surrendered in Mariupol, and the liberation of Donbass is proceeding according to plan.” 

At the same time, US/Western and Kiev Russophobic infowar rages with no end of it in prospect.

Ukraine’s so-called human rights commissioner, Lyudmila Denisova, was forced to resign for inventing over-the-top rubbish about things Russia had nothing to do with — stuff even too extreme for the regime and West to tolerate.

Her sacking was a rare exception to the rule, given how much outrageous Russophobic fake news is produced by the US/West, Kiev and their MSM press agents daily.

Separately, MZ denounced widespread, made-in-the-USA war on Russian culture, including its language, history, traditions, monuments and national figures of renown.

US/Western war on Russian media has been ongoing for years, now in more extremist form than earlier.

Along with wanting Russian straight talk truth-telling suppressed, its journalists are endangered.

In cahoots with the empire of lies, Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Meta, Twitter and other US information technology firms are blocking Russian digital resources connected to its media.

It’s one example of how the scourge of censorship operates to silence what conflicts with the fabricated US/Western official narrative.

The worst of what’s going on in the US is matched by Britain’s BoJo regime.

It’s all about a diabolical scheme to “cancel” Russia.

All things Russophobic should scare everyone.

What’s going on risks crossing the line to direct East/West confrontation.

Is that what dominant Biden regime hardliners have in mind?

Will they up the stakes more than already against Russia?

Will they repeat 2020 election rigging to maintain control of Congress?

Do they have global war in mind?

Nuclear powers never went to war with each other before.

Will that change before yearend or in the new year?

Dems in power are more diabolical than any of their predecessors. 

Their rage for unchallenged global dominance excludes nothing in pursuit of their recklessly dangerous aims.

3 thoughts on “Russia’s Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

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  1. A depressing, ominous, but appreciated, read.

    I haven’t read — from any source — recently about China in its (purported?) support of Russia. Is China stepping up to supply Russia with (e.g.) IT essentials, aircraft-maintaining materiel, etc., that Russia needs to keep its infrastructure and societal safety intact?


  2. Mr Lendman..

    The CIA Sub Humans..are running the Show in the Ukraine

    Hence, any Crime the Nazis inflict upon the Ukrainian People should be noted in CIA Ledger.

    Uki Nazis propagate so much brutality against their own people it’s shocking.

    These are Wild Animals..!

    I guess we shouldn’t be
    surprised the Russians found files in the Bio Weapons Labs

    That the Ukis were planning to infect the People of the Donbass

    With deadly pathogens by Spraying them from Drones !

    An Experiment.

    Nothing these Monsters do should surprise anyone.

    Liked by 1 person

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