The Latest MSM Infowar Rubbish on All Things Russia and Ukraine

According to NYT fake news on Sunday:

“(S)talemate” conditions exist in Ukraine’s east and Donbass (sic) — ignoring steady Russian advances.

On Saturday, Vladimir Putin said the following about Russia’s SMO:

“Our (control of Ukraine’s airspace and) air defense systems are cracking (US/NATO-supplied) weapons like nuts” — destroying them daily.

On the same day, Sergey Lavrov said control by the empire of lies over Ukraine prevents diplomatic conflict resolution.

The Times quoted Nazi-supporting Yale history professor, Timothy Snyder, saying:

“Appeasement of Russia (sic) distracts us from the people who really are cornered: the Ukrainians (sic).”

Separately, Snyder stuck to the fabricated official narrative as following, saying:

Russia’s liberating SMO is “a war of aggression (sic).”

Its aim is “destruction in Ukraine (sic).”

“Wherever Russia controls Ukrainian territory, Russians commit genocidal crimes against citizens of Ukraine (sic), including mass rape, mass killing, and mass deportation (sic).”  

“A democracy (sic) is defending itself against an autocracy (sic), and the fate of democracies hangs in the balance (sic).”

Snyder likely manipulates the minds of students in his classes with mind-numbing mush like the above to brainwash and keep them uninformed about reality on the ground in Ukraine.

He’s not alone.

US/Western academia is infested with likeminded apologists for direct and proxy aggression by the empire of lies — supporting what demands condemnation.

No Russian missiles struck a Kiev “residential neighborhood…early Sunday morning” as the Times and other MSM falsely reported.

No Russian “artillery bombardments…razed (Ukrainian) towns and cities (sic).” 

So-called Biden regime envoy to Nazified Ukraine, Bridget Brink, tweeted the following rubbish: 

“It’s barbaric and unconscionable that 261 children have been killed in Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine (sic).”

In Kiev, she, Mrs. puppet Zelensky, “and the people of Ukraine…mourn these children’s tragic deaths, and we will continue to support Ukrain(ian)” Nazis. 

In his latest nightly propaganda address, more buffoon than leader Zelensky falsely accused Russia of “destroying Ukraine’s cultural and historical heritage (sic), as well as social infrastructure, housing, and everything necessary for normal life (sic).”

And this Zelensky rubbish:

“The Russian army (is) burning churches (sic), destroying cities (sic) and killing children (sic).”

Along with turning truth on its head, he once again ignored 8 years of Kiev aggression against long-suffering Donbass residents.

And this WaPo fake news:

“Kiev’s forces said they regained ground (sic).”

“Ukrainian counter-attacks are likely blunting the operational momentum Russian forces previously gained,” citing BoJo regime fake news.

“In the past 24 hours, (Kiev troops) push(ed) back…five (Russian) attacks…and three tanks, four artillery systems, 11 armored combat vehicles and 26 vehicles have been destroyed (sic).”

Russia’s Defense Ministry set the record straight as follow, saying:

Ukrainian troops are sustaining “critical losses” as Russian forces advance in Donbass.

And this National Pentagon Radio (NPR) fake news on Friday, falsely claiming:

“Ukraine held off Russia’s (nonexistent) attack on Kiev (sic)…and…repelled Russian troops from around the capital entirely (sic)” — not there.

Nothing of the above happened. 

Like other MSM, NPR features state-approved fake news over the real thing.

More of the same followed, saying:

“Russia regrouped and is focusing its efforts in eastern and southern Ukraine.”

No regrouping occurred. Russia’s plan all along prioritized the liberation of Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation.

NPR quoted the following BoJo regime fake news, tweeting:

“1/2 Russia’s assault into northern Ukraine ended in a costly failure (sic).” 

“Russia failed to implement its own principles of war (sic).”

“With the limited combat readiness of many units, it spread its forces too thinly without enough support from artillery and combat aircraft (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from the above infowar rubbish.

And this AP (fake) News Russia-bashing, falsely claiming:

“How many buildings have been obliterated in Ukraine” by Russia (sic)?” 

“How many limbs lost, children brutalized, refugees put to flight (sic)?” 

“How many mothers and fathers, sons and daughters killed in 100 days (sic)?”

“How many dreams have been destroyed (sic)?”

“The conflict unleashed by Russian President Vladimir Putin defies statistics (sic).”

“It is a story best told in unsparing images of human suffering and resilience (sic).”

Instead of laying blame squarely where it belongs — starting with the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, replacing democracy in Ukraine with Nazi-infested tyranny — AP and other MSM falsely blame Russia for criminality by hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Kiev.

Russia’s SMO is all about eliminating the menace to its security and Donbass, what the empire of lies created in Ukraine.

For over 8 years, US regimes used its territory as a platform for perpetual war along Russia’s border.

After its SMO began, the Biden regime and its Western vassals escalated sanctions and have been waging proxy hot war on Russia, what risks crossing the line to full-blown East/West confrontation.

The Russian Federation prioritizes peace and stability.

The empire of lies forced it to respond in defense of its threatened security by rebuffing years of its good faith conflict resolution diplomacy.

With no end to made-in-the-USA war along its border, self-defense by military action was the only option.

Anything less would have been irresponsible.

A Final Comment

The threat of East/West war is greater than any previous time since WW II ended.

On Russia’s Rossiya-1 TV’s 60 Minutes, journalist Olga Skabeeva said the following:

“Even though we are methodically destroying the weapons that are being delivered (to Ukraine), the quantities (sent by US/NATO regimes) force us to come up with some global conclusions.”

“Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that maybe Russia’s (SMO) in Ukraine has come to an end, in a sense that a real war had started: WW III.” 

While US-dominated NATO’s proxy war on Russia hasn’t so far crossed the line to direct confrontation, the risk is ominously high.

It got Skabeeva to believe that demilitarizing Ukraine alone won’t protect its security.

Russia needs to “demilitariz(e) the entire NATO alliance,” she said.

Vladimir Putin earlier warned that a price will be paid by nations interfering in Russia’s SMO.

The Biden regime and its Western vassals are going all-out to undermine Russia politically, economically, financially and militarily.

Will unthinkable global war follow?

The heightened risk is too ominously great to ignore.

2 thoughts on “The Latest MSM Infowar Rubbish on All Things Russia and Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Rubbish on Russia. That’s a good/apt word, Mr. Lendman, and you make good use of it in your consistent/voluminous, piercing analyses and commentary…appreciated, even as I seem to find myself more pessimistic, more depressed by the day. Time for me to check out of this vale of tears, this earthly realm that features so much quiet [and some not at all quiet] desperation?

    (I hope I haven’t lost some of my sense of humor and/or irony. I saw “Bridget Brink” and found myself on the brink of great amusement. Biden, Blinken, Brink: just three of the stooges soiling their pants and the ecosphere in ZioOccupied WashDC and far beyond.)


  2. Mr Lendman..

    What I take away from this short but potent article..

    Is the despicable role the Intellectuals play in apologizing and promulgating the Imperial Agenda.

    This Yale charlatan only represents the aggregate.

    In fact, John Mersheimer is the only University Intellectual I know of that speaks the Truth.

    I’m sure there are others

    Sadly, Steven S. Cohen and Howard Zinn are gone .

    ( dear friends)

    The US Ruling Class has
    co opted the Inteligencia
    in America.

    Sadly, that demographic
    is sorely missed.

    I should mention as an honest historian…

    The Role the Zionists have played in cajoling & threatening

    ( Blackballing )
    College Professors is what has turned the milk sour.

    It cannot be emphasized enough

    I point out..

    ( Cuz I don’t give a fux )

    An enormous Percentage of the Professors are Jewish

    and more easily browbeaten or subtly coerced.

    Non Jewish are fired and made Poster Boys by the Zionists..
    the Jewish Nazis.

    In fact, dissident and anti Zio
    college Prof
    need an Organizational Form
    To fight this tyranny.

    Or they’ll never break free of the Zio Bondage and Tyranny.


    Liked by 1 person

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