Congenital Liars

Lies, Big Lies, and related made up rubbish define the worthlessness of dominant 4th estate reporting on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative — based on state-approved talking points — the mission of MSM is mind-manipulating brainwashing.

Notably since 2020, they’ve gone all out to push kill shots and all else flu/covid related in pursuit of mass-extermination of unwanted segments of societies worldwide — along with wanting the world community of nations transformed into ruler/serf societies.

At the same time, they’re at war on all nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to a higher power in Washington — Russia and China topping the list of invented enemies at this time, especially the former.

Daily reports about its SMO in Ukraine and Donbass fill the public mind with mush — fake news over the real thing.

In its latest mind-numbing edition, the NYT continued to defy reality on the ground by pretending that badly battered and degraded Ukrainian forces are “counterattack(ing) and seizing back” territory Russia controls (sic).

And this Times fake news:

“Ukrainian fighters show that (Russia’s SMO) has not gone according to Moscow’s expectations (sic).”

Consistently ignored reality on the ground by the Times and other MSM is worlds apart from the above rubbish.

Notably they’ve reported nothing about years of Kiev aggression on Donbass.

Nothing about hundreds killed or wounded in Donetsk and Lugansk in the last three months alone.

Nothing about Kiev attacks on residential areas and civilian infrastructure.

Nothing about its daily war crimes, including use of cluster and other banned weapons.

On Saturday alone, Donetsk reported that Kiev forces struck two schools, a lyceum, a gymnasium and a day care center in Voroshylovskyi district.

In the DPR’s Petrovsky district, 21,000 residents lost power from cross-border shelling.

Four civilians were killed, 20 others wounded — by US/Western munitions supplied to Kiev Nazis.

And this WaPo rubbish in its latest fake news edition:

Calling model democratic Vladimir Putin a “dictator (sic),” WaPo ignored the daily surrender of hundreds of Ukrainian troops, many others deserting their units, most others retreating as Russia forces advance.

No Ukrainian “successes” were achieved since Russia’s SMO began.

And this WSJ rubbish:

No Ukrainian “counterattacks” retook territory Russian forces control.

No “Russia(n) blockade of Black Sea routes” exists.

Ignoring their bodies and clothing adorned with Nazi symbols, the Journal called Nazified Azov thugs “a Ukrainian volunteer militia (sic),” adding:

They’re “working hard to shake their reputation as a far-right movement (sic).”

Claiming “they oppose fascism and don’t subscribe to any extremist views” ignores their horrific war crimes against Donbass civilians and Russian POWs.

Trying and failing to put lipstick on Azov pigs, the Journal said their ranks include “piano teachers and professional musicians…a vegan pet food (store owner), lawyers, (and) 40% (of their numbers have) higher education.”

In 2018, Congress banned Azov from receiving US weapons or training. 

In 2019, 40 congressional members called for designating them a terrorist organization. 

Now they get US/Western weapons, funding, training and direction to fight Russians.

Puppet Zelensky called them “our boys…They are what they are (sic).”

And this rubbish from the so-called Institute for the Study of War (ISW) propaganda operation:

Badly battered and beaten Ukrainian forces “continue to conduct (nonexistent) successful counterattacks against Russian positions (sic).”

ISW claims about “the declining combat power of Russian forces in Ukraine (sic)” are fake news, ignoring indisputable reality on the ground. 

MSM claims about Russian airstrikes on Kiev over the weekend were fake news.

Russia’s Defense Ministry debunked them, saying:

“Russian Aerospace Forces delivered strikes by air-launched long-range precision missiles against Kiev outskirts to eliminate T-72 tanks and other armor on the premises of the railway-car repair plant that had been supplied by East European countries.”

Russia strikes military targets alone — in stark contrast to how the empire of lies, its NATO vassals and Kiev Nazis operate.

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  1. Read/digested with my usual appreciation for Mr. Lendman’s integrity and boundless energy. My two takeaway lines are:

    “In 2018, Congress banned Azov from receiving US weapons or training.”

    “In 2019, 40 congressional members called for designating them a terrorist organization.”

    (If any of those 40 are still “on board” in Congress, someone should (e.g.) initiate and make happen a petition to draw widespread attention to history and to the extant hypocrisy and “rubbish” that have supplanted reason and any pretense at “democracy” up there where — truth be told — “regime change” is an urgent-and-pressing need. That, along with excising all the present-danger ZioNazineocons from Congress (sic), the Administration (sic), the embedded bureaucracies, scurrilous think (sic) tanks, the sycophantic now-non-existent Fourth Estate et al from WashDC environs while ushering in a few/many true-blue Americans who would do justice and honor to the title of JFK’s book of long ago…those who would be real-world examplars of “profiles in courage” in our body politic.)


  2. Mr Lendman..

    First one Cross Over Comment

    Congenital Liars would certainly include the CNN Court Liar..

    Fraudster Dr.Leana Wen.

    I listen to her bloviate regularly on the Criminal News Network

    As you stated,
    “CNN the most disreputable name in Broadcasting..!”

    Here’s the Point:

    FB..who are not only a Social Media Platform

    But also highly educated
    Medical Authorities…

    Censors that spent a week reading
    People Magazine and Elle..

    Always find half Truths in when the blatant facts are presented
    On Big Pharm.

    Big Pharm is sacrosanct.
    Like Baal in Mesopotamia.

    The.Shysters keep a record of their stupidity…

    The call it my half Truths.

    And then use them to put me in Jail ..

    I’ve got 8 of them..
    7 from questioning Big Pharm

    Some include Yale epidemiologist

    FB Censors know more than him

    One includes Luc M..the Nobel Prize Winning epidemiologist

    FB Censors know more than him also. get it.

    Busting me is the most urgent assignment the Zio Censors have.

    That’s why I stopped posting anything on Big Pharm.


    Adults being reprimanded and punished like a child for telling the truth.

    Or better…
    What leading scientists say is the truth.

    BTW… I’ve never been in an Organization that puts you in Jail… LOL

    Please read my new book

    “The Facebook Gulag”

    Now I forgot my Point.

    This will suffice.


    Misunderstood, Disrespected
    and Angry..!



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