Blocking Sergey Lavrov’s International Travel by the Empire of Lies

Dominant US hardliners go out of their way to disgrace themselves by trashing the UN Charter and other international law in pursuit of their hegemonic aims.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, explained that Sergey Lavrov’s flight to Belgrade, Serbia was blocked by denying his aircraft’s passage through the airspace of Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

Of course, what happened was ordered by the empire of lies as part of its war on Russia by hot and other means.

In response, Lavrov said the following:

What happened was “unprecedented…by a number of (US-controlled) NATO” regimes.

The “unthinkable” occurred.

In flagrant breach of international law — and common sense — Russia was denied “the right to carry out its foreign policy.”

At this time, Russian/Serbian activities as they should be conducted “are blocked” by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

“Let’s not beat around the bush,” Lavrov stressed.

Blocking his travel to Belgrade “is another clear example of how far (US-controlled) NATO and the EU  (will) go in using the most low-grade methods of influencing those whose actions are grounded in national interests and who are against sacrificing their principles and dignity for the sake of the ‘rules’ imposed by the (US-dominated) West instead of international law.” 

The action against Russia, and Lavrov personally, as ordered by the empire of lies was an unacceptably over-the-top affront to the right of all nations to conduct foreign relations without obstruction by any others for any reasons.

It’s one among countless examples of US self-declared “rule-based order” — its own rules, ones in flagrant breach of international and its own constitutional law.

According to the Biden regime’s neocon envoy to Serbia, Christopher Hill:

“There is only one way for Serbia, and that is the West (sic).”

“That is the European Union (sic)” — transformed into a NATO appendage.

That is forever war, renouncing peace, stability and the rule of law.

Like other Russophobes infesting the US/West, Hill demands subservience to Washington’s interests by the world community of nations.

Defying Russia’s respect for the sovereign rights of all nations, according to the rule of law, Hill falsely claimed that its leadership “doesn’t care about Serbia (sic),” adding:

It’s “not in (the country’s) interest to be energy dependent on Russia (sic).”

Claiming that the empire of lies “want(s) to help Serbia have access to natural gas and gas pipelines” is code language for wanting Belgrade to depend on and be subservient to US interests as a vassal state.

Commenting on Hill’s remarks, Lavrov stressed that even unsophisticated observers should know that hegemon USA and Brussels oppose sovereign independence of nations “as enshrined in the UN Charter.”

The same goes for rhetorically supporting freedom of choice while going all-out against it policy-wise. 

Time and again, US-dominated Western regimes say one thing, then go another way entirely in pursuing their diabolical aims.

As for denying Sergey Lavrov’s access to the airspace of three NATO regimes, they’ll say they followed “orders from” the war-making alliance or its EU appendage.

At the same time, the empire of lies and its Western vassals will hypocritically say words to the effect that all nations are free to make their own choices.

When any go their own way, ignoring US diktats in the process, they have a choice.

Bend to the will of a higher power in Washington or go on its list for regime change.

The empire of lies tolerates no nations free from its control, none sympathetic to Russia’s interests, none prioritizing compliance with the rule of law when conflict with the American way.

Serbian President Alexandar Vucic opposes US/Western sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia in breach of international law.

Sticking to this policy makes him a marked man in Washington and other key Western capitals.

Had he been able to arrive in Belgrade as planned, Lavrov intended to write the following entry in Serbia’s Honored Guest Book, saying:

“Let us be worthy of the memory of the Soviet and Yugoslav warriors who perished in the struggle against Nazism.”

“Serbia and Russia stand in solidarity in their efforts to preserve the truth about the history of World War II.”

“We will not allow the rebirth of Nazism” — not in Ukraine, the West or elsewhere.

In stark contrast, while pretending to champion peace, stability, the rule of law and democratic principles, the US-dominated West consistently follows worlds apart policies in pursuit of unchallenged global dominance by brute force when lesser tactics fall short.

3 thoughts on “Blocking Sergey Lavrov’s International Travel by the Empire of Lies

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Is there anything ..

    Any little petty thing the
    Nazi Collaborators wouldn’t
    do to harass Russia..?

    No.. probably not.

    BTW…I remember being in Greece in the 1960 -70s..

    And you couldn’t travel thru Albania.

    Which made going north back towards Europe extremely difficult.

    What a hassle it was.


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