More Russia Bashing Fake News

Virtually everyone paying attention knows that the dominant fourth estate is a national disgrace.

Featuring fake news over the real thing, nothing they report on major issues can be taken at face value.

According to the NYT’s latest fake news edition, Russia is responsible for “holding millions of tons of Ukraine wheat hostage (sic).”

As explained in a previous day article, the alleged great Russian grain robbery is a made-in-the-USA/West hoax.

Russia guaranteed safe passage of commercial vessels into and departing from Ukraine as long as the US-installed regime removes mines it laid in offshore waters.

Russia supports unobstructed exports of all nations — in stark contrast to how the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine operate.

No Russian missile destroyed a Ukrainian grain terminal, as the NYT falsely claimed, no blockade of its grain exports.

The US-dominated West is responsible for food crisis conditions, not Russia.

Citing Biden regime congenital liars, the Times falsely accused Russia of “seeking to sell” Ukrainian grain — what it didn’t “plunder” as falsely claimed, what it has no control over.

Interventionist Blinken pushed the great Russian grain robbery Big Lie, falsely claiming:

“There are credible reports (with no credibility) that Russia is pilfering Ukraine’s grain exports to sell for its own profit (sic)” — a typical bald-faced Big Lie by the notorious congenital liar.

Separately while Russian forces are “inflicting decisive losses” on greatly degraded Ukrainian troops, it’s not the other way around against its own military’s campaign to liberate Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Separately, the Donetsk News Agency reported how Ukrainian troops operate, saying:

On Monday alone, they “fired 483 shells on DPR” residential areas with intent to cause civilian casualties and destroy vital infrastructure, adding:

“Four people were killed in Donetsk (city), seven injured.”

“Two people were killed in Makeyevka, two others injured.”

“Two people were injured in Yasinovatya.”

“Two people were killed, one injured in Volnovakha.”

“A woman was killed in Gorlovka, four civilians injured.”

“Extensive destructions were reported all over the DPR.”

According to a DPR tank battalion commander:

“The enemy suffers heavy losses, but now mobilization is ongoing in Ukraine.”

“Combat effective military personnel (are dying) and reservists immediately substitute for them.” 

“Their combat effectiveness” weakens daily. 

“The(ir) (forces) are captured daily.”

“When our troops enter an enemy’s trench, they surrender.” 

“They no longer stand their ground.”

Through Monday, Russia, DPR and LPR forces “liberated and established full control over 229 (Donbass) localities.”

And this rubbish from the empire of lies as reported by NYT fake news:

The Biden regime falsely “accused Russia of threatening American journalists in Moscow (sic).”

Interventionist Blinken’s so-called spokesman Price made the phony claim.

Like his unindicted war criminal boss multiple times over, he’s also a congenital liar.

In stark contrast to his Big Lie, Russian journalists are increasingly unsafe in the US and West.

Some kernels of reality on the ground in Ukraine by WaPo were as follows, saying:

Russia’s SMO “is now at a demoralizing stage for many Ukrainian soldiers.”

They’re “reeling from Russia’s (relentless) artillery (and aerial) onslaughts.”

What’s going on “is daunting and devastating for Ukrainian soldiers.”

And this WaPo reality check:

“Ukraine’s position worsened in fight for Severodonetsk.”

The WSJ admitted that Ukrainian troops “pulled back from the center of the city” in response to relentless Russian strikes against them, adding:

“Russia is gaining ground” at the expense of pummeled Ukrainian troops.

Separately on the home front according to a WSJ/NORC poll:

Four in five respondents (83%) called the US economy poor or not so good.

Over a third (35%) said they’re dissatisfied with their financial situation.

It’s the highest dissatisfaction level since 1972, according to NORC polling.

Only one in four respondents (27%) said they have a chance to improve their standard of living —a 20-point drop year-over-year.

38% of respondents said their financial condition worsened — notably because of soaring inflation, incomes failing to keep pace.

Ahead of USNovember midterm election, pocketbook issues top voter concerns.

At the same time, most Americans are increasingly disinterested in what’s going on in Ukraine.

They want neglected homeland issues addressed over sending billions of dollars abroad.

According to Morning Consult polling results, only one in four respondents said that the US is doing too little to support Kiev — a record-low number since tracking this sentiment began.

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