More on the Great Russian Grain Robbery Hoax

Russia prioritizes cooperative relations among nations while the empire of lies obstructs them in pursuit of its hegemonic aims.

No shortage of grain exports or overall food crisis conditions would exist if the US and its Western vassals hadn’t engineered them.

While their dark forces are indifferent toward the rights of everyone at home and worldwide, international humanitarian law affirms them.

Meeting with his Turkish counterpart in Ankara on Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov stressed the need to ensure Black Sea security, according to Montreux Convention maritime traffic principles.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu called for one or more shipping corridors to be established by the UN, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine for Kiev to export grain.

Lavrov stressed that current food crisis conditions emerged long before Russia’s SMO began.

The empire of lies, its Western vassals and Kiev made a bad situation worse by waging sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia.

Russia’s Defense Ministry explained what US/Western regimes, Kiev and their MSM press agents suppressed, saying:

Before Russian forces liberated Mariupol, Azov Nazi thugs incinerated over 50,000 tons of grain in the city to prevent Donetsk authorities of supplying it to its residents.

“This inhuman crime demonstrates to the entire world community the ‘true face’ of the (Nazi-infested) Kiev regime, which uses food terrorism against” against civilians, Russia’s Defense Ministry stressed.

Donetsk official Yan Gagin explained that incinerated wheat and corn is no longer suitable for human or animal consumption.

Separately, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, explained that Ukraine has much less grain for export than the ruling regime claims.

Its export potential will do little to ease global food crisis conditions — what Russia can do as a major wheat, corn and fertilizer producer if its vessels aren’t blocked from entering Western and other ports. 

Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia is ready to ship large quantities of grain to world markets if US/Western regimes halt their obstructionism.

And Russia will help Ukraine export its own grain.

Instead of taking steps to ease crisis conditions, US/Western regimes worsened them, Putin adding:

“We are not preventing Ukrainian grain from being exported.”

“It can be moved through the ports controlled by Ukraine.”

“We are not the ones who mined these ports. Ukraine did.”

“I said many times. Let them demine and let ships with grain leave.”

“We guarantee their passage with no problems.”

Separately, Belarusian President Alesander Lukashenko said he’ll help Ukraine transport grain through his country’s territory by rail to European ports for export.

According to the WSJ on Wednesday, Ukraine “hasn’t consented to” safe passage corridors to export its grain as agreed to by Russia and Turkey. 

If the report is accurate, Kiev is likely obeying orders from its higher power in Washington.

If eager to export its grain, Kiev should welcome Russian/Turkish  help to do it securely.

Hesitancy or rejection of their help shows complicity with the empire of lies to falsely blame Russia for their own unwillingness to export Ukrainian grain.

Like US/Western regimes and Kiev, the Journal falsely blamed Russia for blocking Ukraine’s grain exports, along with driving up food prices overall.

According to Politico, the Biden regime won’t agree to a deal on Ukrainian grain exports if involves sanctions relief for Russia.

The empire of lies wants Ukraine’s grain exports blocked to falsely blame Russia for what’s going on.

If Kiev hadn’t mined its offshore waters, its grain exports wouldn’t have been impeded.

In cahoots with the US, it’s withholding grain instead of exporting what amounts to much less than it claims to have.

Knowing its grain exports are safe, Kiev on Wednesday pretended otherwise saying:

“Security is (the regime’s top) priority.”

Clearly not as it continues waging US proxy war on Russia and Donbass, mined its offshore waters and withheld its grain exports — on orders from its US master.

On Wednesday after meeting with his Turkish counterpart in Ankara, Sergey Lavrov stressed the following:

Russia and Turkey guarantee the security of Ukrainian grain exports.

The problem lies in Washington and Kiev, not in Moscow or Ankara.

At the same time, Ukrainian grain “is less than 1% of global production,” a drop in the bucket compared to what’s needed worldwide.

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  1. Ukrainian grain exports disruptions is good news for grains exporters of the Americas.

    Ukraine depends heavily on grain exports. Zelensky is a traitor to Ukraine. He now has the mark of the Beast.


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