The Big Lie Drowns Out Truth-Telling

Nazi Germany’s Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, once said:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it,” adding:

“Truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state.”

In service to regimes they support, MSM Big Lies come at the expense of truth and full disclosure, notions they long ago abandoned.

Almost a decade ago by open letter to NYT editors, I said the following:

MSM fake news is far worse than  character assassinations carried out by Senator Joe McCarthy’s communist witch-hunt demagoguery in the early 1950s.

Until censured by majority Senate vote in December 1954 ended his reign of terror on invented enemies, his “Red Scare” malarkey lasted a few short years.

MSM fake news is longstanding. It never quits.

Instead of opposing imperial rampaging, the dominant 4th estate cheerleads it.

Nonthreatening nations are raped and destroyed.

Millions perish. Countless millions more suffer from the scourge of US sought global dominance by brute force and other dirty tricks.

McCarthy paid for his villainy. 

For time immemorial, MSM bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception share responsibility for irreparable harm to countless millions at home and worldwide.

In vain almost a decade ago, I urged the Times (and by extension other MSM) to support the following:

Call for putting money power back in public hands where it belongs.

Support progressive policies, including the protection and preservation of social America.

Oppose the power of monied interests over the general welfare.

Demand that US ruling authorities comply with international, constitutional and US statute laws.

Stand for getting money entirely out of politics.

Support aid to impoverished millions. 

Back free, fair and open elections domestically and worldwide — democracy as it should be over fantasy versions.

Support the right of independent US parties and candidates to compete on a level playing field in federal, state and local elections.

Back peace, equity and justice over financial gain.

Stand for strengthening the disappearing US middle class. 

Back universal healthcare — everyone in, no one left out. 

Support public education — what US educational reformer Horace Mann called “the greatest (ever) discovery.”

Back organized labor and right to a living wage and essential benefits.

Support the protection and preservation of human and civil rights beyond lip service alone.

Oppose predatory banks and other corporate profiteers at the expense of the general welfare.

Prosecute corporate and political felons.

Tax wealth, not low and middle income earners.

Call for an end to corporate personhood.

Stand for the abolition of perpetual wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies like Russia.

The American way is worlds apart from all of the above — with full Times and other MSM support over the other way around.

Based on state-approved talking points, daily 4th estate print and electronic editions feature Big Lies and mass deception over journalism as it should be.

Instead of denouncing the scourge of US/Western support for Nazi-infested Ukraine, the Times and other MSM support what demands opposition.

What puppet Zelensky calls “our boys…our heroes” — as quoted by the Times — are cutthroat killer Nazi thugs.

Citing Ukrainian infowar propaganda fake news, the Times falsely claimed that Russian forces killed or wounded over 40,000 civilians — despite no evidence suggesting it.

At the same time, indisputable evidence of Russia going all-out to keep noncombatants out of harm’s way, along with wanting nonmilitary infrastructure preserved, is ignored.

Nor do Times and other MSM explain that the empire of lies doesn’t give a hoot about Ukraine or its people.

That its territory is only valued as a platform for perpetual US/NATO proxy war on Russia.

That its forces are expendable cannon fodder.

That the attention of most Americans is focused on growing hard times at home, not what’s going on thousands of miles away.

While dominant Biden regime hardliners and Congress throw billions of dollars at Ukrainian Nazis, vital homeland needs go begging.

As inflation soars and economic conditions weaken, the empire of lies is indifferent toward the needs and welfare of the vast majority of Americans — exploiting, not serving them with MSM support.

2 thoughts on “The Big Lie Drowns Out Truth-Telling

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    So true.

    And yet, nothing ever changes with these professional liars..

    Nor will it.

    I say this repeatedly..

    First thing our Founding Fathers
    did when they met in the
    First Continental Congress

    Was to set up the Committee of Publick Correspondence

    And the Committee For Publick Safety.

    Their own organs that couldn’t be compromised.

    We have nothing similar.

    Under the present Tyranny

    NOV 22, 1963 COUPISTS )

    We are not allowed any.
    The Capitalist Ruling Class won’t allow any Truth

    Only their lies
    The Fundamental Darkness.

    Their Politics of
    Vulgarity, Loathing and Hate.

    I like to point out,
    In the Antebellum South

    It was a Felony to teach a Slave to Read .

    Today, the Wage Slave can read
    But only the Official Lies.

    Hence, remaining in the de facto, Precise Same Ignorance.

    Actually, even more confused.

    A Slave knows immediately when he’s being abused.

    Knew the difference tween
    Good and Bad
    Profane and Sacrosanct

    Learned that right away

    When you’re in the Position of Chattel Property.

    Plato mentions this in the Phaedra..

    He’s walking alot the Docks
    Commenting on the innate movement of the “subjagated”


    The Adumbrated Modern Citizen
    Doesn’t even know right from wrong

    after 12 yrs of Public Miseducation…

    ( Brainwashing)

    Sure we need to drop 500 pound bombs on the ” Terrorists”

    War is Peace.
    Lies are Truth.

    We need to take away your guns
    To protect you ..!

    Moreover, the Social Media
    Platforms are owned by whom?

    Not us..!

    I’m a Poster Boy..!


    There’s nothing I say
    That’s not completely 100%
    protected by the Constitution..

    And yet FB banned me
    Gagged me for 3 months

    Starting on the Second Day of the War.

    Because they didn’t like my opinion..

    So they concocted some preposterous frame up !

    What power did I have to resist this Abrogation of My Rights…

    Defense Against this Tyranny.


    We’re left with no organs or even leaders..

    Our Gangster Ruling Class

    all our Real Lesders.

    Left us with these
    Crooks, War Criminals
    And pathological Liars..

    In a Word,

    125 Million Americans are Hungry

    And the Shitbags give money to the Nazis..!

    Here’s the Point:
    There’s Good News.
    Really Good News .

    There is a Plan.

    It’s a Winner..


    We will bypass all the
    Half Way Houses..

    All the Bourgeois Media

    of the Bankers and their
    Political Parties





    Which has the support of the overwhelming majority of the people.

    Because it is the
    American People..!

    We’re the State..the 99%

    So forget about asking

    With the insane Serial Killers

    We want the State
    We demand it.

    It’s ours
    By virtue of who we are..

    And our enormous Percentage of the Population.

    And you Gangsters
    Have clearly proven you’re inept

    Criminally incompetent..
    To say the very least.

    Get out of here..
    Or we’ll throw you out..

    We can do better..
    Much better.

    To a Sane Future.


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