Russian Truth-Telling v. US/Western Big Lies

During a June 6 Security Council session on Nazi-infested Ukraine, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia said the following:

Long in advance of Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine and after it began, US-dominated Western regimes falsely accused the Russian Federation of all sorts of things it had nothing to do with, including rape and related violence.

Ignored was that US-dominated NATO and Kiev are guilty of virtually every imaginable crime of war and against humanity. 

Once again on Monday at the Security Council, no evidence was presented to support phony accusations against Russia.

Typical of how the US-dominated West operates, the fabricated narrative during Monday’s session defied reality by “depict(ing) Russian soldiers as beasts and boorish barbarians,” Nebenzia explained, adding: 

“That’s exactly what Goebbels’ henchmen did at the final stage of WW II.”

As directed by his master in Washington, Kiev’s envoy to the world body “follows the same fascist (play)book.”

Despite no evidence suggesting it, he falsely accused Russian soldiers of stealing home appliances, even toilets when leaving Bucha, because in his twisted mind: 

“There are no toilets in Russia.”

Virtually everything US/Western regimes and Nazi-infested Ukraine accused Russia of defied reality on the ground.

“So many inconsistencies and refutations of the (fabricated) official version surfaced that (US/Western regimes became wary of mentioning them,” Nebenzia stressed, adding:

“At the same time, baseless accusations of sexual violence” persist — once again during Monday’s Security Council session. 

A glaring example of baseless accusations against Russia led to the sacking of Kiev’s so-called human rights ombudswoman, Ludmilla Denisova.

Her over-the-top fabrications were too much for even the Nazified regime and its US paymaster to tolerate.

She was sacked for making stuff up about Russian soldiers raping children, while providing no evidence backing her clearly fabricated claims.

According to Ukrainian MP Pavel Frolov:

Her “inexplicable focus” on alleged Russian sex crimes, notably phony claims about “rape of minors, which she could not substantiate with evidence” only harmed Ukraine, adding:

Instead of negotiating prisoner exchanges with Russian officials, she spend much of her time in Davos, Vienna, Warsaw, as well as other “warm and calm” cities while Ukrainian forces are being smashed by superior Russian military power.

Truth-telling journalists, human rights activists and others accused her of ethical breaches for making stuff up.

Head of Russia’s presidential human rights council, Valery Fadeev, demanded that she be prosecuted for willfully spreading malicious lies about the nation’s military personnel.

Nebenzia stressed that virtually everything she claimed about Russian soldiers were bald-faced Big Lies, adding:

Stuff made up by her and others in Ukraine about alleged Russian sexual violence was debunked by indisputable evidence, including by testimonies of eye-witnesses and victims of offenses.

“For example, Kherson authorities reported that there is no evidence to prove that Russian troops used sexual violence against 11 female residents of the city, as some dubious online platforms (falsely) reported,” Nebenzia explained, adding:

“Nastya Savchishin, who made globe-circling news about ‘a girl raped and killed by Russians only because she is a Ukrainian,’ admitted that she is fine, and it was all about a photo session.”

In Mariupol, Russian soldiers were falsely accused of raping and killing young girls — murdered by Azov Nazi thugs.

Russia has documented facts to back its claims.

“Work is underway in liberated areas of Ukraine (and Donbass) to document evidence of crimes by Ukrainian” troops, said Nebenzia.

Azov and likeminded Nazi fanatics were justifiably accused of “pillaging, torture, violence against both men and women, pedophilia, murders, and abductions of Ukrainian civilians,” he stressed. 

Yet puppet Zelensky released many  convicted and imprisoned perpetrators of horrific crimes, supplying them with arms to rob, rape and kill again.

When Donbass tribunal proceedings reveal indisputable truths about crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities committed by Nazified Azov thugs, the international community will learn the truth about how they’ve been operating for years.

“Abundant evidence” is indisputable, Nebenzia stressed.

They raped, brutalized and murdered countless victims.

At a mass burial site in Mariupol, around 300 bodies were discovered.

According to eyewitnesses, Azov thugs dumped bodies of victims they brutalized and murdered in cold blood.

At the same time, no evidence suggests that Russian soldiers operate this way in Ukraine or anywhere else.

“To us, compliance with the international humanitarian law is an overriding priority,” Nebenzia stressed, adding:

“The same cannot be said about” Nazified Ukrainian thugs.

Separately, Nebenzia stressed the following:

Supplying Ukraine’s military with “long range artillery and multiple rocket launch systems” by the Biden and BoJo regimes affords its forces “carte blanche” permission (to) bombard” Donbass residential areas and Russian territory.

Statements by Zelensky regime officials made clear their intention to use these and other weapons without regard to the rule of law or other restrictions.

In response, Russia reserves the right to counter this threat by any and all means at its disposal that comply with the rule of law — including by striking centers where Kiev decisions are made.

A Final Comment

During Monday’s Security Council session when European Council head Charles Michel falsely and maliciously accused Russian forces of sexual violence in Ukraine, Nebenzia walked out in protest against his diabolical Big Lies.

Commenting on what happened, Russia’s deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyansky tweeted the following:

“We came to (hear) the truth.”

Subservient to hegemon USA’s interests, Brussels “clearly doesn’t need it.”

“We heard only cheeky lies and unsubstantiated claims, many of which have been already debunked.”

“It’s painful to see such low professional standards and lack of manners from key EU functionaries”like Michel and likeminded Russophobes.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Russia’s lower house State Duma approved legislation to henceforth no longer recognize rulings by the so-called European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) because of its unacceptable anti-Russia bias — in cahoots with the empire of lies.

Commenting on the legislation, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said the following:

“The European Court of Human Rights in the hands of Western politicians has turned into an instrument of political struggle against our country.”

“Some of its conclusions directly contradicted the Russian Constitution, our values and traditions.”

They’ve been numerous ECHR rulings that “we cannot (and will not) agree with.”

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