RT Interviews Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Since March 2011, the empire of lies has been at war directly and by use of jihadist proxies and White Helmets foot soldiers on nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Syria.

Over 11 years later, it was illegally launched to transform the country into another US vassal state and eliminate an Israeli regional rival.

Interviewed by RT on June 9 in Damascus, President Assad said the following:

On why Syria supports Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine, Assad stressed that not only is Moscow a valued ally, its campaign is “play(ing) an important role to ensure an international equilibrium exists,” adding:

Along with the importance of the SMO’s military outcome is what happens economically and financially, “particularly (with regard to) the status of the dollar” ahead.

If it remains the world’s dominant reserve currency — what’s unlikely longterm — “nothing will change, regardless of the results of the war.”

Dollar hegemony is worse than “blackmail” on the world stage.

It’s “robbery,” especially after the US abandoned the gold standard over half a century ago.

“As long as the dollar is a global (reserve) currency and continues to be settled through US banks or (what’s) called the (Wall Street controlled) Fed, you are under the authority, of the dollar,” Assad stressed. 

“Therefore, your future as a state, a country or society, as an economy is under the mercy of the US.”  

Dollar hegemony “is a central part of (US) sanctions, and without it, America would not be a super power.”

Things changed in the new millennium. 

Multi-world polarity is replacing Washington’s post-WW II unipolar moment with the rise of China, Russia and other nations free from US control.

While Syria remains heavily sanctioned by the US/West, “we severed our relations with” their ruling regimes, Assad explained.

“Every country can now secure its basic livelihood and growth requirements without American permission” because things shifted to multi-world polarity.

Separately, Assad debunked the fabricated US/NATO official narrative — falsely blaming Russia for the dismal economic/financial state of things throughout the West.

Despite illegal US occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory, stealing its oil, and harming its people by perpetual war, healthcare and education remain free for all Syrians, Assad explained.

Other basic services are available despite their scaled back status because of what the empire of lies did to the country and its people militarily.

Syria understands “the problem and the solution,” said Assad, adding:

“We are moving in the right direction, but we should not raise our expectations too high and believe that all our problems will be resolved. Not at all.”

“There will be an improvement and it will be gradual, but we must be aware that there are circumstances that are not in our favor.”

“There are attempts (by the US/West and Israel) to undermine every step we take towards development.”

“We must deal with each problem as it arises and continue to find sustainable solutions.”

“This is all part of the war.”

On all things related to occupied Syrian territory by the US and Turkey, Assad minced no words stressing that these parts of the country will be liberated.

“There is no doubt about this.”

“Any land occupied by the (US), Turks, or by their (ISIS, al-Nusra and other jihadist proxies) will be liberated in time.”

Reconstruction began in parts of the war-torn country — in limited fashion because of Syria’s economic and financial condition.

On relations with other Arab countries, Assad said he’ll visit any of them and meet with their leadership if invited, adding:

“Dialogue with (them) and Arab officials is essential.”

On possible normal relations with nations hostile to Syrian interests, Assad stressed that it depends on peace and respect for the rights of the Syrian people.

He opposes normalization with apartheid Israel because concessions if made to its ruling regimes assure “nothing” positive in return.

And “Syria will never change its position as long as” Golan is illegally occupied.

Assad also explained that since the Obama/Biden regime launched aggression against Syria in March 2011, “the biggest victim (has been) the truth” about what’s gone on, continues and why it was undertaken in the first place.

2 thoughts on “RT Interviews Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    President Assad is a Real World Leader..!

    World Class..!

    Some Men thirst for Power and Greatness..

    Some have Greatness thrust upon them.

    Such it is with the Humble and Noble President Assad.

    His People Love Him..
    And his Fabulous Wife, Asma..

    Like Aspasia..
    Regal in Every Way

    They are Camelot.
    They are the Future.

    Fitting that such a Great Man.
    Born of a Land of Great Patriots

    I say of Syria,

    “A Land where Patriots
    Grow on Trees..!”

    Syria was only supposed to a quick layover

    On the RoadMap to Terror.

    Number #5

    But Syria turned out to be the Death Knell for the Filth.

    Syria is where the Wheels started coming off the
    Imperial War Wagon..!

    What’s the Curse of Assad..?

    50 Men politically dead
    and gone..

    And there Stands Assad like a BRICK WALL, BABY..!

    God Bless Syria
    The SAA
    And Pres Assad..!

    GO SYRIA…!


  2. In March, Russia demanded payment in roubles for its export commodities. Look at how strong the rouble is now.

    USA demands payment in dollars for OTHER countries’ export commodities or be attacked and killed. Just ask Gaddafi and Saddam.

    Dollar hegemony is the reason the US government started wars, starting with WW1 and WW2. The Second Beast’s end, together with the First Beast, will surely come.


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