Ukraine Holding On?

Even when kernels of truth appear in MSM reports, the vast majority of what’s put out daily sticks to the fabricated official narrative.

How much longer Kiev’s greatly degraded military can hold out before collapsing is a fair question to ask as Russian forces continue to grind it down and chew it up.

If Russia and Ukraine were prizefighters, a referee would have declared a technical KO and halted things long before now.

According to a so-called puppet Zelensky aide on Thursday, Ukraine’s military is losing up to 200 troops daily.

Last week, Zelensky said it’s up to 100 killed daily, another 500 wounded.

Most likely, these numbers are way understated with Kiev having to activate reservists, as well as draft middle-aged men and young teenagers for combat duty.

Focusing heavily on relentless artillery and precision missile strikes, analyst Larry Johnson explained the toll on Ukraine’s military as follows, saying:

“The Russians are methodically grinding the Ukraine armed forces out of existence.”

“And it’s unlikely that (the former is) suffering many casualties.”

“For them, the shells are going out.”

“or the Ukrainians. the shells are coming in.”

No “wonder weapons” exist for Kiev to turn things around.

Phony Western claims about Russia running out of manpower and munitions are belied by “hundreds of fire missions” conducted daily by its forces.

Continued requests for more weapons et al by Zelensky regime officials is because Russian forces are destroying most of what enters the country.

Even if it all got through to Ukrainian troops, they need weeks of training before being able to use what’s supplied.

And if all of the above was accomplished, Ukraine’s largely conscript military is way outmatched and outgunned by vastly superior Russian forces.

Ukrainian troops are either retreating or being annihilatedin place daily.

And this reality check by the NYT well into one report on Friday, saying:

“The Ukrainian military and government are now making no secret of the challenges they face in the east, three and a half months after” Russia’s SMO began, adding:

“Their daily updates that highlight real setbacks are atypically honest by the standards of military press offices, a tactic perhaps intended to add a sense of urgency to their daily calls for heavy Western weaponry.”

Unexplained by the Times is that no matter what weapons et al in what amounts US/NATO regimes throw at Ukraine, Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification aims will be achieved as planned.

And this WaPo rubbish:

“Putin likens himself to Peter the Great (sic), links imperial expansion to Ukraine war (sic).”

Times propaganda reported similar rubbish.

Separately, the BoJo regime’s war Wallace minister met with puppet Zelensky without disclosing where or when.

According to Britain’s war ministry, the aim of the meeting is to “work more closely” with Kiev against Russia “in support of the shared goal of enabling Ukraine to” regain lost territory — now liberated and not returning to Nazified rule.

Divorced from reality, sounding delusional, Wallace was quoted telling more buffoon than leader Zelensky:

“You’re doing an amazing, amazing job (sic)” — from your Polish hideout out of harm’s way, he failed to add.

Separately according to Russia’s Special Representative for International Cooperation in the Field of Information Security, Andrey Krutskikh, weeks earlier:

Hackers from North America, the UK, EU and Ukraine repeatedly carry out attempted cyberattacks on Russian government agencies, financial institutions and other enterprises.

“Whoever sows the cyberwind will reap the cyberstorm,” adding the following this week:

“Militarization of the information space by the West and attempts to turn it into an arena of interstate confrontation have greatly increased the threat of a direct military clash with unpredictable consequences.”

“Rest assured, Russia will not leave aggressive actions unanswered.”

“All our steps will have a measured, targeted character, in accordance with our legislation and international law.”

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following on Friday:

In the last 24 hours, Russia’s air defense destroyed 4 Ukrainian Tochka-U tactical missiles, along with multiple rocket launch systems.

Two more Ukrainian warplanes were shot down, as well as another 5 UAVs.

“Air-launched precision missiles eliminated aircraft of the Ukrainian air force at the Dnepr military airfield and destroyed the production capacities of the military hardware repair and recovery enterprise in the area of Kharkov.”

Strikes “eliminated two batteries of multiple launch rocket systems in  Donetsk and five missile/artillery arms and ammunition depots” in Lugansk.

Russian artillery and precision-guided missiles struck “62 command posts, 138 artillery firing positions, and 303 areas of massed Ukrainian manpower and military hardware.”

Russian artillery eliminated over 350 Nazified thugs, “seven pieces of armor, two Grad multiple launch rocket systems, five field artillery guns and mortars, 16 special vehicles, and also 11 missile/artillery arms, ammunition and fuel depots.”

Russian forces destroyed the following since its SMO began:

195 Ukrainian warplanes 

130 helicopters

1,168 UAVs 

336 anti-aircraft missile systems 

3,484 tanks and other combat armored vehicles

499 multiple launch rocket systems

1,843 field artillery guns and mortars, and 

3,528 special military motor vehicles

Ukraine’s military has been overwhelmingly degraded in manpower, weapons, munitions and equipment since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24.

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