Slaying the US-Created, Nazi-Infested Ukraine Monster

Its economy near collapse, Ukraine’s greatly degraded military heads toward imploding in similar fashion.

Are MSM cheerleaders for Nazi-infested Ukraine beginning to shift from state-approved fake news to reality on the ground?

In its latest edition, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT said the following:

It’s “clear” that US/Western sanctions war on Russia failed to achieve their aims.

Saying Ukraine’s badly damaged economy “is still functioning” ignored its near-collapse.

On the front lines, the Times admitted that “Ukrainians’ ability to ward of Russian troops is becoming more limited because of their unmatched weaponry and a rapidly dwindling supply of ammunition.”

Puppet Zelensky was quoted, saying:

What’s happening is “the fastest example of the complete degradation of any state.”

WaPo headlined the following:

“Ukraine is running out of ammunition as prospects dim on the battlefield,” adding:

Russia’s “overwhelming firepower (is) heavily outgunn(ing) Ukrainian forces.”

“(A)s many as 1,000 Ukrainians are being taken out of the fight every day, including those who are injured.”

According to one Zelensky regime official:

“The Russians are using long-range artillery against us, often without any response, because we don’t have the means.”

“They can attack from dozens of kilometers away and we can’t fire back.”

WaPo reported that Ukraine is fast exhausting its “ammunition.”

Eastern European regimes “r(an) out of surplus supplies to donate.”

“Russia’s immense firepower” is pounding Ukrainian forces into submission.

Russian forces “continue to advance.”

They’re “tak(ing) full advantage of their firepower by remaining at a distance from Ukrainian positions, pounding them relentlessly, then taking territory once Ukrainians (are) forced to retreat.”

No Russian shortage of manpower, weapons or munitions exists.

Ukraine is increasingly short of everything, including the willingness of their military personnel to die, be injured or disabled for a lost cause.

According to the NYT, Biden regime efforts “to coax…cajole,” bribe, or otherwise pressure “India, Brazil, Israel, Gulf Arab states, and others to ally with US/Western sanctions war on Russia were rejected. 

It’s “impossible to isolate a country” as prominent on the world stage as Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, stressed.

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, slammed what he called hegemon USA’s “coercive diplomacy.”

Separately on Friday, Sergey Lavrov called puppet Zelensky a “child (who) wants to amuse himself” in response to the Kiev’s regime imposition of sanctions on Vladimir Putin.

In response to Poland’s Nazi-supporting fascist president Duda’s comparison of Vladimir Putin with Hitler, Lavrov said:

Does he or other members of his regime “compare me with anyone? Ribbentrop?” 

Nazi Germany’s foreign minister was ordered executed for war crimes by the Nuremberg Tribunal.

On relations with European regimes, Lavrov stressed that Russia is “open to dialogue, but it takes two to tango.” 

“Western (regimes) are breakdancing alone so far.”

Separately commenting on the election of Malta, Mozambique, Switzerland, Ecuador and Japan as nonmembers of the Security Council for 2023-24, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

“Russia is firmly committed to constructive cooperation with the newly elected non-permanent members of the Security Council, with a view to settling the most urgent crises of our time.”

“We are convinced that in the current conditions, depoliticized cooperation and the pursuit of mutually acceptable solutions should be our common priority.”

2 thoughts on “Slaying the US-Created, Nazi-Infested Ukraine Monster

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Fabulous Article.

    Everything going in the Shitter for the NaziFuxs in the Ukraine

    And Nazi Collaborators in the West.

    And notice on MSM

    Round the Clock Glam Fest
    for the UkiNazis is diminishing rapidly…muy rapido..!

    Barely mention it.
    Perfunctory reports

    Cover Ups.
    Delivered with apologies.

    The Anchors and Studio Guests All Dismal.

    “Now you don’t talk so loud..
    Now you don’t walk so proud
    Queen Jane..!”


    The Mantra..
    “Joey didn’t send enough shit..!”


    But he grabbed the Cash..
    Hunter over in Kiev as we Speak.

    One thing I found interesting

    Lavrov said,

    Now that Poland has accused Russia of invading the Ukraine
    to grab Ukrainian land..

    An Illegal act..

    They’re doing exactly that..!”

    Aren’t they..

    Remember the Fake
    Tag Team Studio Wrestling

    Poland and Ukraine playing
    Tag Team Nation..!

    Go Russia..!
    To Total Victory..!

    Liked by 1 person

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