China Responds to US War Secretary’s Hostile Remarks

The empire of lies pursues hostile to peace practices of meddling in parts of the world where it doesn’t belong.

Addressing the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on Saturday, US war secretary Austin defied reality about Washington’s belligerent agenda, saying:

The empire of lies, forever wars, crimes of war and against humanity on invented enemies “seek(s) a region free of aggression and bullying (sic).” 

“And we seek a world that respects territorial integrity and political independence (sic), a world that expands human rights and human dignity (sic), and a world in which all countries—large and small—are free to thrive and to lawfully pursue their interests, free from coercion and intimidation (sic).”

Longstanding US policy throughout its history is worlds apart from Austin’s perversion of reality.

Continuing more of the same, he falsely accused nonbelligerent, non-menacing North Korea of posing “nuclear threats (sic).” 

He lied claiming that hegemon USA is “commit(ted) to the security and prosperity of the Indo/Pacific (sic).”

Saying the region “is at the heart of American grand strategy” failed to explain that longstanding US policy aims to dominate regional nations, plunder their resources and exploit their people as serfs.

Addressing Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine, Austin ignored the threat posed by its Nazi-infested regime, its years of aggression on Donbass, its crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities — pursued with US/Western support and encouragement.

Saying “let’s use this moment to strengthen the rules-based international order” ignored that this policy flagrantly breaches the letter and spirit of international law.

At around 300,000, more US military personnel are based in the Indo/Pacific than elsewhere worldwide, said Austin — where they don’t belong and menace the region, he failed to explain.

Joint military exercises with regional vassal states are rehearsals for war on nonbelligerent China and North Korea.

Along with false claims about the DPRK, Austin lied about China.

PRC policies are world’s apart different from how hegemon USA operates worldwide.

China works cooperatively with other nations.

It’s not “coercive and aggressive,” as Austin falsely claimed.

Nor is Beijing “sparking tensions with its neighbors (or pursuing) illegal maritime claims (sic).”

Or “plunder(ing) the region’s provisions (sic).”

Or “operating illegally within the territorial waters of other Indo-Pacific countries (sic). 

Or threatening “the border it shares with India” or other nations (sic).

Or “intimidat(ing), coerc(ing) or harass(ing) (other countries) by maritime militias” or in any other ways (sic).

Nor is the PRC engaging in “unsafe aerial intercepts and confrontations at sea (sic).”

All of the above and forever wars by hot and/or other means is how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates worldwide.

On Washington’s one-China policy — as affirmed by the US Taiwan Relations Act, three Joint Communiques, and Six Assurances — Austin failed to explain how greatly US policy eroded on all things related to China and the offshore island state.

Responding to US hegemonic aims in the Indo/Pacific at the Shangri-La Dialogue on Sunday, China’s State Councilor and Defense Minister, General Wei Fenghe, stressed the following:

“Peaceful reunification (with Taiwan) is the greatest wish of the Chinese people, and we have the utmost sincerity and are willing to make greatest efforts to achieve that,” adding: 

“We are still making every effort with the greatest sincerities to deliver peaceful reunification now.”

“The Taiwan question arose out of the weakness and chaos of the Chinese nation and is a legacy of China’s civil war, but it will surely be resolved as the Chinese nation achieves its rejuvenation.”

“Let me make this clear.”

“If anyone dares to split Taiwan out of China, we will not hesitate to fight.”

“We will fight at all costs. We will fight to the very end. This is the only choice for China.”

Foreign interference in its internal affairs is doomed to fail, Wei stressed.

Hegemon USA’s Taiwan policy is hostile to China’s security and other interests.

Beijing “firmly opposes such acts.”

Taiwan is part of China.

National reunification will definitely become a reality, Wei stressed.

“I hereby want to make it clear to those seeking ‘Taiwan independence’ and those behind them.”

“The pursuit of ‘Taiwan independence’ is a dead end, a delusion!”

“Soliciting foreign support will not work, and they should never think about it!”

On Saturday at a Shangri-La Dialogue press briefing, deputy head of China’s Central Military Commission Joint Staff Department, General Zhang Zhenzhong, said the following:

Hegemon USA “already turned the Middle East and Europe into a mess.”

“Does it want to mess up Asia-Pacific next?”

Hostile to cooperative relations with other nations and peaceful coexistence, longstanding US policy destroys peace in pursuit of its hegemonic aims, Zhang stressed, adding:

Austin’s remarks about China were unfounded and “unprofessional.”

Waters and airspace “near China’s Xisha and Nansha Islands” do not belong to the US and its regional vassals. 

“China has to take necessary counter measures to safeguard its sovereignty and security interests.”

“We deployed necessary defense facilities in our own territory.”

“It is a natural right of a sovereign country to do so.”

“It is also a necessary response to the provocative actions of other parties.”

“It is fair to say that the (empire of lies and forever wars) is the biggest force driving the militarization of the South China Sea.”

“The Taiwan question (above other issues) could most easily lead China-US relations into conflict.”

“Mishandling (it) will have a destructive impact on bilateral ties.”

“The People’s Liberation Army always stands ready to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity at any cost.”

Hegemon USA “is the biggest source of instability in international order, the backstage manipulator for global turmoil. and a dangerous threat to (world) peace and stability.”

Nations free from US control prioritize peace and compliance with the rule of law.

Longstanding US-dominated NATO policy flagrantly breaches the above in pursuit of the diabolical aim to rule the world unchallenged.


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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Imagine..Raytheon errand boy Lying Lloyd Austin

    8000 miles away
    Lecturing China..

    5000 year old China
    10,000 year old China

    Nobody knows for sure..
    Since the Chinese were there

    At the Start of Time, itself..

    China the Builders of Civilization
    China who invented Diplomacy..

    And now Big Lloyd Austin..
    Raytheon Stooge is down there

    In the South China Sea..
    8000 miles away..

    Fuxing things ..

    Tellin “them folks” how he wants things to be run..

    Imagine that.

    Yo Lying Lloyd..
    Fix Fuxin Chicago..huh

    That’s your job, bro
    SE Asia…not your job.


    Crack Head Sam
    Will get his ass thrown out

    And a real bad ass whoopin
    From the Chinese..

    “Who don’t play that game,

    Go China..
    To Total Victory…!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman gotta Love
    Minister Zhang Zhenzhong’s statement:


    ” After you fuxed up
    the Middle East..

    And Everywhere else you went

    Now you want to come here and Fux up everything..!”


    That’s precisely how you speak to a Gangster from Raytheon.

    Go China..!
    To Total Victory…!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “…Saying “let’s use this moment to strengthen the rules-based international order” ignored that this policy flagrantly breaches the letter and spirit of international law….”

    Anytime I hear Washington officials and pundits sing the platitudes of “rules-based order” I can’t help but think of it as Dean Wormer’s double-secret probation.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ancient Babylon attacked and plundered its way to great prosperity but destroyed by Divine order.

    Modern Babylon (Vatican, City of London and Washington) is repeating history.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Read with great interest. [Uncle Tom] Austin as he bends the knee to his MIC/Ziominders in OccupiedWashDC: Sycophancy; Toadying; Hypocrisy, Inc./Unlimited.

    This will not end well.


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