Massive Ukrainian Battlefield Losses

Time and again, indisputable reality has final say.

The illusion of Ukrainian battlefield successes at any time since Russia’s SMO began was thoroughly debunked by independent truth-telling reports about reality on the ground.

Even MSM reports are increasingly hard-pressed to ignore the inability of Ukraine’s greatly degraded military to hold on against vastly superior Russian firepower and tactical skills.

Diverging from the fabricated official narrative, an exclusive London Independent (LI) report explained the following:

Citing Western and Kiev intelligence reports about reality on the ground, LI said “Ukrainian troops are suffering massive losses as they are outgunned 20 to one in artillery and 40 to one in ammunition by Russian forces.”

They’re unable to respond effectively against relentless precicion Russian shelling and missile strikes.

Kiev’s artillery has a range of up to “25 km” — compared to “12 times that distance” by long-range Russian salvos.

So while the majority of its forces can’t be struck by Ukrainian shelling — and its missiles can be destroyed by Russia’s air defense systems — Kiev troops are cannon fodder.

Along with large numbers of Ukrainian casualties daily, “desertions are growing every week,” LI reported.

Russian advances are unstoppable.

Its Donbass offensive is “fierce,” said LI, adding:

“Reporting on the ground backs up claims of rising Ukrainian losses due to Russian firepower.”

LI “last week witnessed losses being inflicted on the Ukrainian military and the lack of long-range firepower to fight back.”

An intelligence report states: 

“It is plain that a conventional war cannot be won if your side has several times fewer weapons, your weapons hit the (other side) at a shorter distance, and you have significantly less ammunition.” 

“The tactical situation on the Eastern front is as follows.”

“The Ukrainian side has almost completely run out of stocks of missiles for MLRS of Smerch and Uragan types.” 

“Today, the maximum range of fire of” Ukrainian forces is 15.5 miles.

“This is the range at which 152/155mm calibre artillery and the Grad MLRS units remaining in service can fire.”

“At the same time, (Russian) strikes at concentrations of Ukrainian forces from a distance of (186 miles) with Iskander tactical ballistic missiles, (43 to 50 miles) using Smerch MLRS and Tochka-U (missiles), and from (25 to 37 miles) using MLRS Uragan.”

Reality on the ground is hugely one-sided to the advantage of Russia’s overpowering military.

LI stressed it, saying:

“This creates a situation of absolute inequality on the battlefield, not to mention the complete dominance of  (Russian) aircraft in the air.” 

It’s “extremely difficult” for Ukraine’s greatly degraded and way outgunned military to defend positions.

The longer Russia’s SMO continues, the greater the attrition of Ukrainian units by growing numbers of casualties and desertions.

It’s just a matter of time before Ukraine’s military collapses altogether.

Days earlier, Russian journalist in Donetsk, Vladislav Ugolniy, reported the following:

The combination of Ukraine’s battered and beaten troops, along with dire internal economic conditions, is shattering public “unity” for what’s clearly a lost cause against overpowering Russian military strength.

Support for puppet Zelensky “disappeared.”

The regime is so desperate for manpower that it’s “detaining men on streets of cities it controls and serving them with draft notices.”

The notion of a Ukrainian military victory against vastly superior Russian forces was always pure fantasy.

Now it no longer exists except in dwindling numbers of propaganda reports.

After major military defeats, “motivation (of) Ukrainian society…is exhausted.”

Kiev has a choice:

“(S)urrender Donbass.”

“Save (what remains of) the army, and be faced with a revolt from (hardcore Nazi) forces who consider the surrender of Donbass a betrayal.”

“Or fight for Donbass to the last soldier, lose the army, and Donbass a little later, followed by other territories.” 

Reality for the regime on the ground is too dire to be reversed.

Time and again, I stressed that pouring more weapons et al into Ukraine by the US/West — wasting billions of dollars on a lost cause while vital homeland needs go begging — won’t change a thing on the ground.

On all things Ukraine, Russia won.

The puppet Zelensky regime lost in embarrassing fashion.

The same goes for the empire of lies, its Western vassals and MSM co-conspirators.

Analyst Larry Johnson stressed the following:

Ukrainian casualties are 20-fold Russian ones.

Throughout Russia’s SMO, Kiev forces never launched an “organized offensive” or were able to counterattack effectively.

Ukrainian troops “are experiencing (relentless Russian) artillery and missile attacks.”

Not only are Kiev units being decimated, but “noise and blast waves rattle the brains and souls of those on the receiving end of the Russian offensive.”

Nothing Ukrainian forces have done or are able to do can turn overwhelming battlefield defeat into victory.

Most Ukie territorial defense forces want no part of becoming front lines cannon fodder.

They’re rebelling in large numbers, Johnson explained.

Even at full strength, Ukraine’s military never had a chance against overpowering Russian firepower.

Kiev’s only sensible option is surrender to cease the slaughter of its youths.

Continuing a campaign impossible to win will destroy Ukraine politically, economically, financially and militarily.

Things are nearing that stage now.

One thought on “Massive Ukrainian Battlefield Losses

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Great Article.
    You said it all.

    I hear Cronkite,

    “And that’s the Way it is
    June 12, 2022..”

    Only one Going Away Gift .
    But important

    Maybe the wipe out in Ukraine will be a Poster Boy..

    A perfect example

    For other Countries that want to fight Russia…!

    Let’s hope even Gangsters have some sense..

    A Sense of Self Preservation
    If nothing else.

    But to save their own necks



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