Reality Check on All Things Russia and Ukraine

There’s no ambiguity about Russian military superiority over the US-created, Nazi-infested, Ukrainian monster.

No doubt exists about the outcome of Russia’s liberating SMO.

While largely sticking to the fabricated official narrative, kernels of truth-telling now appear in MSM fake news reports.

Ukraine is running out of ammo, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT reported.

Despite at least $65 billion worth of weapons, munitions and military equipment supplied to Kiev by the US alone since 2014, it hasn’t halted Russian advances.

Its forces “fir(e) (vastly more) rounds” at Ukrainian positions than its troops are able to fire back, the Times admitted.

“We’re running out of shells” and can’t match relentless Russian firepower, the Times quoted one Ukrainian soldier’s admission of reality.

A Ukrainian MP made similar comments.

An unnamed Pentagon official said the empire of lies “exhausted all efforts to scrounge up available Soviet and Russian weaponry and munitions for Ukrainian troops to use,” the Times reported.

US/Western supplied weapons take time to arrive. 

They’re mostly targeted and destroyed by Russia.

And what gets through requires weeks of training before Ukrainian forces can use them.

Russian forces overwhelmingly outmaneuver, outwit and outgun expendable Ukrainian troops.

The Times admitted the indisputable superiority of relentless Russian artillery salvos.

And this Times admission of reality on the ground:

“Momentum…favor(s) Russia.”

Its forces “carved out gains in the east and south of Ukraine.”

Biden regime efforts to pressure, bully, threaten and/or bribe other nations to “expand (its anti-Russia) alliance stalled.”

China, India, Brazil, Mexico and other nations want no part of US/NATO proxy war on Russia.

Short of manpower, the Zelensky regime signed off on deploying so-called territorial defense forces to font line positions.

Regime war minister, Alexey Reznikov, called for reinforcements because of large-scale attrition in front line units.

Interviewed by Britain’s Sunday Times on June 12, 99-year-old Henry Kissinger once again said that the US/West and Kiev must take Russia’s interests into account to avoid another global war.

And this reality check WaPo admission:

Key Lugansk cities “could fall to Russian forces within a week” — the entire republic’s liberation to follow.

Ukrainian defenses continue to be “overwhelm(ed)” by relentless Russian firepower.

Russian forces are “gain(ing) (ground) against under-equipped, (overwhelmed) Ukrainian” troops.

Ukraine’s “prospects are dim on the battlefield.”

There’s virtually no chance for its troops “to reverse Russian gains in the face of superior firepower.”

They’re running out of everything as Russian forces advance, including the will to keep fighting.

Russia has a “demonstrably stronger force.” 

“The strategies and tactics (of its forces continue to be) successful.”

Their daily precision long-range artillery strikes took an enormous toll on Ukrainian units.

“We don’t have the means to attack,” said one Kiev official quoted by WaPo.

“Russia is firing as many as 50,000 artillery rounds a day into Ukrainian positions from long-distance positions.

“(P)ounding (them) relentlessly, (Russian forces) then tak(e) territory once (its troops are) forced to retreat.”

The tactic minimizes Russian casualties “while inflicting heavy losses” on Kiev’s military.

And this reality check from the WSJ on Saturday, saying:

“Russia (is) exploit(ing) (its) artillery advantage as Ukraine braces for (continued relentless) attacks.”

“Russia’s superior artillery arsenal bolsters its ability to (continue) a military campaign” that’s overwhelming Ukrainian units.

After earlier fake news about exhausting its weapons and munitions, the Journal and other MSM acknowledged reality by admitting that “Russian units have no shortage of arms” and ammo.

According to the Donetsk News Agency:

“DPR and LPR troops, supported by Russian forces, liberated and established full control over 235 settlements” in Donetsk and Lugansk.

The LPR is almost entirely liberated from the scourge of Nazified occupation, along with most of Donetsk.

It’s just a matter of time before both republics are free again entirely from Kiev’s Nazi-infested control.

One thought on “Reality Check on All Things Russia and Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    As the UkiFuxs fortitude and Fortunes dwindle…

    The Regime in Kiev
    ( And hiding in

    Is getting angrier and angrier with the West.

    Coming apart with Frustration.
    Attacking and accusing each other


    WANT OUT..!

    Visualize my imaginary cartoon:

    Baby in diapers the basket..
    calls out..

    ” MOMMA….PAPA….!”

    Everyone can read the
    Tea Leaves..

    Another Bad Investment

    Following the Illiterate Cowboys
    And Cutthroat British Pirates

    Holy Fux..

    The toll it exacts every day.

    Here’s My Point:

    Never been a War Like this.

    Total Transparency and
    Instantaneous Communication

    And low flying Drones give close up local coverage…

    Everything Compressed

    The Chili Dog..

    95 % of Enemy destroyed with the push of a Button.

    Like a Video Game.

    The Video Game War .

    This war changed Warfare

    Will never ever be another War that isn’t FOUGHT just like this.

    This is the New Paradigm.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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