Ukraine Update on Day 110 of Russia’s Liberating SMO

Launched in self-defense — the UN Charter right of all nations — Russia’s SMO aims to eliminate the threat of made-in-the-USA Nazified Kiev aggression with no end of it in prospect diplomatically because the empire of lies and its NATO vassals don’t negotiate.

They demand. 

The same goes for US-colonized Ukraine — as directed by its higher power in Washington.

As previous articles explained, Ukraine’s military and economy are heading toward collapse — what’s coming if its troops keep pursuing a lost cause against vastly superior Russian firepower and tactical skills.

US/Western MSM are beginning to accept what’s inevitable.

On Monday, the WSJ reported the following, saying:

What’s going on “in Ukraine has turned into a grinding artillery contest where Russia is steadily gaining ground thanks to its overwhelming advantage in firepower,” adding:

Kiev “faces defeat in…Donbass,” Odessa and elsewhere likely to follow.

The Journal left unexplained that no matter what further supplies of weapons, munitions and related equipment are sent by US/Western regimes to Ukraine’s greatly degraded military, reality on the ground won’t change.

Citing so-called “Western officials and analysts,” the Journal pretended that its SMO left “Russia’s military…severely battered,” defying reality.

While admitting that Russia has “a significant superiority over Ukraine in artillery…armor,” and overall military strength, the Journal falsely suggested that its forces may “lack (enough) manpower and equipment to advance beyond Donbass (sic).”

On June 15 in Brussels, Biden regime war secretary Austin will host a so-called Ukraine contact group conference of his NATO counterparts and other senior military officials.

Ignoring the lost cause of throwing more billions of dollars worth of weapons et al at Ukraine, they’ll discuss ways of doing it anyway.

Former US army head in Europe, general Ben Hodges, reflects Pentagon incompetence compared to Russian tactical superiority.

Ignoring reality, he falsely claimed that by yearend, battered and beaten “Ukrainian forces are going to drive the Russian(s) back to the Feb. 23 line (sic),” adding:

“I believe that the Russians are actually exhausted (sic).”

With generals like Hodges in senior command positions, it’s no wonder that the empire of lies hasn’t won a war since WW II — and back then only in the Pacific.

Russia defeated Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht, US and British forces playing subordinate roles.

While the Journal and other MSM have begun to accept reality on the ground, their daily reports also revert to Russia bashing form by making stuff up — including fake news claims of battlefield losses and using “obsolete” weapons for lack of enough modern ones (sic).

And this WaPo rubbish:

It’s “Putin’s fault” — referring to soaring US/Western inflation, including the average price of gasoline in America at over $5 a gallon, a historic first while heading higher.

More on WaPo’s propaganda below.

Last week, Forbes magazine reported that gasoline in Mendocino, CA was $9.46 a gallon for regular, $9.77 for premium.

On June 12, reported that the Biden regime wants to have its cake and be able to eat it, too, saying:

In talks with other Western regimes, US officials are discussing how to “keep Russian oil flowing into international markets” while curbing its revenues.

Are they plotting more ways of stealing Russian assets?

According to Treasury Secretary Yellen:

“(W)e want to keep Russian oil flowing…to hold down global prices.”

“But absolutely the objective is to limit the revenue going to Russia.”

Soaring energy, food and other costs have nothing to do with its SMO.

They have everything to do with Wall Street-controlled Fed money printing madness, sanctions war on Russia, and broken supply chains causing shortages of essential and other goods.

The way to curb soaring inflation is by reversing harebrained policies in place.

US/Western inflation will stay high and likely keep rising if current policies are unchanged.

According to WaPo, Putin is to blame for record-high gas prices because they soared after Russia’s SMO began.

WaPo left unexplained that if illegal US/Western sanctions hadn’t been imposed on Russia, notably on its oil, the price of gasoline in the US/West wouldn’t have risen to its current level.

The ability to increase oil production is limited.

There’s no limit on reversing illegal sanctions.

Separately on Monday, an explosion rocked the Koksokhim chemical plant in Ukrainian controlled Avdeevka, Donetsk.

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that its forces destroyed a “large depot of anti-tank missile systems, portable air defense systems and shells provided to the Kiev regime by the US and European countries.”

And this Reuters rubbish:

Controlling most of Severodonetsk, Lugansk, the wire service falsely accused Russia of “pound(ing) a a zone where hundreds of civilians (are) sheltering (sic).”

It called Nazi thugs in the city “Ukrainian defenders.”

Citing a fabricated Ukrainian source, Reuters falsely accused Russian forces of destroying the city “quarter by quarter (sic),” then saying:

It cannot “independently confirm” what it reported above.

And this rubbish by Yale history professor, Timothy Snyder, tweeting:

“Russia has a hunger plan (sic).” 

“Vladimir Putin is preparing to starve much of the developing world (sic) as the next stage in his war in Europe (sic).”

Earlier he turned reality on its head as follows, tweeting:

“A (nonexistent) Russian naval blockade now prevents Ukraine from exporting grain (sic).”

“If the (nonexistent) Russian blockade continues, tens of millions of tons of food will rot in silos, and tens of millions of people in Africa and Asia will starve (sic).”

“Putin’s (nonexistent) hunger plan is, I believe, meant to work on three levels (sic).”

“First, it is part of a larger attempt to destroy the Ukrainian state, by cutting off its exports (sic).”

It’s “also meant to generate refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, areas usually fed by Ukraine (sic).”

“This would generate instability in the EU (sic).”

“Finally, and most horribly, a world famine is a necessary backdrop for a Russian propaganda campaign against Ukraine (sic). 

“Actual mass death is needed as the backdrop for a propaganda contest (sic).”

The above rubbish and countless more like it is drummed into the manipulated minds of US/Western students in what’s called “higher education.”

One thought on “Ukraine Update on Day 110 of Russia’s Liberating SMO

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Right in the middle of the
    Great Deception …
    The Immaculate Deception

    The Worldwide Plandemic..

    Next on the Merry Go Round

    The Looters of Civilization
    The Destroyer of Worlds..

    Launch their insane
    War to Delete Russia.


    That’s what’s important.

    Nazis and Food Shortages
    And 30 Million Starving Afghanis

    And Stagflation
    USA Swamped in Debt..

    No hope for Recovery.
    Patient is Dead.

    Then the Needless Insane War on Russia says it all

    Rather than give some kind
    of real Social Relief to the American People..

    Mitigate the Disaster..

    The Criminals give the money to the Nazis.

    Says it all.
    Need to get rid of these
    Human Pigs in Congress
    that now walk upright..


    They are the Enemies of the American People..

    Not Russia
    Not China
    Not Iran..

    No..our own Capitalis
    Ruling Class…

    Who doesn’t give a fux about us!

    As Mitch McConnell said,

    ” Nazis are the most important thing in the World..!”

    Lordy, Lordy..
    Judgement Day Coming..!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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