Press Agents for Wealth, Power and Privilege

Where hegemon USA goes, Western vassals and MSM follow.

While not as top-featured as earlier, Russia bashing persists along with support for Nazi-infested Ukraine.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT continued to pretend that puppet Zelensky is competent to run things — especially when hiding out cross-border in Poland.

Proving once again his detachment from reality, he falsely claimed that “more than a thousand settlements have been liberated (sic).”

The correct number is none.

His perversion of reality is one among numerous reasons why he’s widely reviled.

Russian forces haven’t been “thwarted” anywhere in Ukraine or Donbass.

At a time when the regime’s military and economy near collapse, Zelensky sounded buffoon-like claiming that Kiev maintains a “strategic initiative,” that Russian forces are being pushed “out of our regions (sic).”

And this Zelensky rubbish:

“We will liberate” the Russian Republic of Crimea (sic).

“The (crumbling) Ukrainian army will definitely come (to) liberate” areas now free from Nazified control.

Knowing reality is the other way around, the Times said the following:

Puppet Zelensky “reiterated his conviction that Ukraine would emerge victorious (sic)” — when its decimated troops are retreating as Russian forces advance.

Separately, the Times cited Ukrainian official Mykhailo Podolyak’s admission of reality.

That the regime’s military is running out of ammo. 

It’s taking heavy casualties — up to 1,000 daily.

It’s being “battered” by overwhelming Russian firepower. 

There’s no possibility of Ukraine’s military achieving parity with Russian forces.

And this Times admission:

Vladimir Putin remains overwhelmingly popular, according to polls.

Most Russians support the ongoing SMO.

And this from WaPo:

Battered and beaten “Ukrainians are resisting bravely (sic).”

Calling model democrat Vladimir Putin a “dictator” — again — WaPo hyperventilated:

“We can’t let Ukraine lose (sic)” — what its greatly degraded military already lost and won’t regain.

And this from WaPo:

A “Russian victory will send a dangerous signal to the world that the West is weak.”

WaPo’s solution:

Throw billions more dollars worth of weapons at Ukraine for Russia to destroy.

Pour more money down a black hole than already at the expense of vital homeland needs.

Aid Ukrainian Nazis at a time when the vast majority of US households are struggling to make ends meet because of made-in-the-USA soaring inflation combined with shortages of essential goods.

Pretend that Ukraine’s battered and beaten military can counterattack Russian forces with more US aid — despite not having seized the offensive at any time throughout the SMO.

And this WaPo defiance of reality:

Supply Ukraine with more warplanes — for Russia to destroy when airborne.

And this perversion of reality:

“Ukraine has millions of volunteers willing to risk death to defend their homeland (sic).”

Ukrainians want to live, not die for a Nazified regime they revile.

They want no part of being cannon fodder for a lost cause.

They want peace, not war.

They want legitimate leadership and freedom from foreign control.

And this WaPo rubbish:

The US-dominated West “ha(s) a strategic and moral imperative to step up now to help Ukrain(ian)” Nazis retain power, what’s slipping away against overwhelming Russian military superiority.

A Final Comment

On Monday, GOP Senator Rick Scott stressed what Dems are hard-pressed to conceal.

The selected, unelected White House imposter “destroyed” the US economy.

“Incompetent and confused,” dementia Joe’s double “is unfit for office and should resign.”

As long as undemocratic Dems run things, they’ll likely go from bad to worse.

Along with sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia — what’s harming the West and their people, not their intended target — shortages of food and other essentials exist in the US.

Soaring inflation was exacerbated by scores of suspicious fires, what destroyed or damaged plants, warehouses and other facilities.

Things have gotten so bad, no easy way exists to turn around the ship of state — no matter which right wing of the nation’s war party runs things.

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  1. Lira was on The Duran today and he said Ukraine is conscripting women. He sees war with China as inevitable.

    Alexander sees Zelensky as the scapegoat.


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