Uncle-Crying Time

The outcome of Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine was never in doubt since launched.

US-dominated NATO’s plan to use its campaign as a pretext for all-out sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia backfired.

The sound of Ukraine’s military and economic collapse is audible throughout the West.

Throwing billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment at its regime by the US-dominated NATO changed nothing on the ground.

Nor will it ahead if more of the same is provided.

The following WaPo reality check reflects uncle-crying in less than so many words, saying:

“Ukrainian troops struggled to repel Russian advances in…Donbass…as Kremlin forces pushed into areas key to Moscow’s goal of cementing its control of eastern Ukraine.”

“Ukraine’s military said that (its) fighters were forced to withdraw from central Severodonetsk (sic).”

The Lugansk city’s Azot factory aside — where Ukrainian Nazis are holed up behind civilians held hostage as human shields — Russian forces controlled Severdonetsk since end of May.

No Ukrainian “battlefield advantage” existed at any time during Russia’s SMO.

Its forces control almost all of Lugansk and most of Donetsk.

Liberating Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation is just a matter of time.

With the sound of US/Western uncle-crying growing more audible, what Donbass residents yearn for most likely will come sooner, not later.

Are US/Western regimes rethinking their failed strategy of wasting billions of dollars on a lost cause?

Will they cut their losses by pursuing peace with Russia?

Will they bow to reality by acknowledging that Ukraine never had a chance against vastly superior Russian military strength?

On Tuesday, the NYT reported that European leaders “are increasingly nervous about a long war that might end up bringing NATO into direct conflict with Russia.”

“(N)egotiations…to end” what’s going on is the only sensible option — given reality on the ground.

Last Friday, the fake Biden acknowledged that a negotiated settlement is the way to end Russia’s SMO.

The regime he nominally heads and US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg virtually admitted that Kiev will have to cede territory to Russia.

Residents of areas its forces control want no part of returning to Nazified Ukraine.

They’ll most likely either vote up or down by referendums to join Russia or declare independent sovereign states.

While the reality of Russia’s triumph is clear throughout the US/West — and that the end result of its SMO will be a rump Ukraine — the empire of lies may continue to arm Kiev ahead, according to Biden regime deputy war secretary Kathleen Hicks.

Pouring billions and trillions of dollars down a black hole is longstanding US policy.

Doing it at a time of soaring out-of-control inflation when a likely protracted Main Street Depression looms should be an impeachable offense.

At the same time, puppet Zelensky remains out of touch with reality.

Once again on Monday, he vowed to “liberate” Donbass, Crimea and territory Russia gained control over since its SMO began.

On the same day, Kiev forces shelled a maternity hospital in Donetsk city — forcing the evacuation of patients and staff.

In recent days, Ukraine intensified shelling of Donbass residential areas, especially on Monday, according to Donetsk’s Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC), saying:

“The DPR capital has never come under such massive strikes in terms of fire amount.”

Justifiably outraged over what’s going on, Donetsk head Denis Pushilin said the following:

Nazi-infested Kiev “crossed all lines (by using) prohibited methods of warfare.”

“Residential areas and the central districts of the city of Donetsk are under artillery shelling.”

So are “other cities and towns of the DPR.”

Asking Russia for more help to counter what’s going on, Pushilin added:

“An understanding was reached that all the necessary additional forces of allied troops, primarily of Russia, will be deployed.”

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s February 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, US/Western MSM ignored Ukrainian crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities.

They pretend that tyrannically run/Nazi-infested Ukraine is democratic.

They falsely blame Russia for the US-installed regime’s high crimes.

Separately on Monday, White House press secretary, Jean-Pierre, said the Biden regime will “continue to assist (Nazified) Ukraine…defend (its fantasy) democracy (sic).”

The real thing is banned throughout the West and in Kiev.

One thought on “Uncle-Crying Time

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Just Criminal for our despicable
    Nazi Collaborators to be giving all the Billions to Nazis..

    When the USA is literally prostrate.


    The 2022 and 2024 voters will let the Gangsters know..!

    One thing noteworthy on the Battlefield.

    Besides Russia just smokin em

    There’s a plethora of Reports
    of Uki Soldiers trying to surrender

    but Nationalists
    ( NAZIS)

    Shoot them..!

    I feel certain when the Atrocities the Nazis have committed

    Is revealed to the Public
    The War in the West will be won.

    The information War.

    I raise the this, sir
    Partially to emphasize how important it is ..

    What’s the Status Report..

    Why does it have to all be collected before any presentation is done..?

    That’s fallacious reasoning.

    Release Blurbs, for Chissakes.

    Short handed ..Well Gottdamn,

    Russia has a extra $ 200 Billion in Oil Revenues..


    Hire some more gottdamn people.

    Let’s go..
    We’ve got Soldiers in the Field.

    C’mon..expose them.

    Let’s win the War on the Airwaves..

    “How the West Was Won..!”


    Liked by 1 person

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