Interventionist Blinken’s Blithering and Blathering v. Reality in Nazified Ukraine

In stark contrast to Jefferson, Madison, Daniel Webster, George Marshall, Dean Acheson and others at State long ago — the likes of Albright, Hillary, Pompeo and current incumbent Blinken rank with the worst of the worst ever to disserve as chief US foreign policy official.

At a time when Russian, Donetsk and Lugansk forces are grinding down, chewing up and spitting out Ukrainian Nazis and conscript troops, interventionist Blinken turned reality on its head last week as follows, saying:

Nazified Ukraine is “fighting for (the) country (sic), fighting for (the) future (sic), fighting for freedom (sic).”

“It’s unclear what the Russians are fighting for (sic), except to advance the whims of Vladimir Putin (sic) and the bizarre belief that Ukraine is not a sovereign, independent country (sic) and needs to be subsumed somehow into Russia (sic).”

“So I am convinced and confident (sic) that, at the end of the day, Ukraine’s (fantasy) independence, (its fantasy) sovereignty will prevail (sic).”

Ukraine’s “future is (not) up to the Ukrainians” — not as long as the empire of lies controls things.

Puppet Zelensky is beholden to his higher power in Washington.

Powerless, incompetent and out of touch with reality, he has no say over anything related to Russia and its SMO.

It’s unclear what say he has over what goes on internally.

As for US/Western supplied weapons, here’s one instance among many others of their disposal, Russia’s Defense Ministry saying the following on Wednesday:

“Kalibr long-range high-precision missiles wiped out a depot in the area of the community of Zolochev in (Ukraine’s western) Lvov region that stored ammunition for foreign armaments handed over by NATO countries to Ukraine, including ammo for 155mm M777 howitzers.”

And this from Russia’s Defense Ministry on the same day:

“Operational-tactical and army aviation aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles struck 24 areas of amassed Ukrainian manpower and military equipment.” 

“(A)ir strikes eliminated over 300 (Nazi thugs), a jamming station, 10 tanks, other combat armored vehicles” and 11 artillery guns — including “four 155mm M777 howitzers, three Grad multiple rocket launchers, 18 special vehicles and three mortar squads.”

Russia also destroyed a Ukrainian military airfield and aviation equipment.

Throughout Russia’s SMO, Ukrainian troops never launched an effective counterattack able to halt advancing Russian forces.

According to military expert Andrei Martyanov:

Weapons supplied to Ukraine by the US/West “performed dismally,” adding:

So-called US Harpoon anti-ship missiles “NEVER encountered” Russian state-of-the-art air defense systems.

They “won’t reach the battlefield for several months” and when arrive will likely be targeted and destroyed by Russia.

And this reality check by Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, saying:

After US/Western regimes impose sanctions on Russia, they “come up with schemes to circumvent them,” adding:

Western economies “cannot survive without our country.”

Without vitally needed Russian commodities, “they won’t get food for their citizens, fertilizers to produce food for their citizens, energy sources for food production and heat for their citizens.”

Nor “metals and other products to produce machines and mechanisms for their citizens, fuel for European and American NPPs (nuclear power plants) which produce 20-40% of electric power for their citizens.” 

“I won’t reiterate about inflation, prices for all types of fuel and forecasts on collapsing (US/Western) econom(ies).” 

And summer has yet to begin. 

“We are waiting for autumn when they will have to reap the main sanctions harvest.” 

“Meanwhile, the steam engine of their econom(ies) of services and digital currencies (are) heading towards a wall at full speed.”

Separately on Wednesday, according to fake news by the US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW):

Another “$1 billion worth of (US) military aid will be invaluable to support Ukrainian” Nazis and conscript troops (sic).

Admitting that it’s not enough and that Kiev “require(s) further sustained support,” the ISW continues to pretend that Ukraine’s military is doing a splendid job — when, in fact, it’s being systematically destroyed by overwhelmingly superior Russian firepower.

2 thoughts on “Interventionist Blinken’s Blithering and Blathering v. Reality in Nazified Ukraine

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  1. This guy Blinken is a perversion of the word and profession “diplomacy.” How shameful has become my America, in thrall to dark, darker, and darkest forces. Report appreciated, Mr. Lendman.


  2. Mr Lendman..

    The Last two..
    the bottom of the barrel..

    Everything is irrepreabliy damaged.

    The World is off the Tracks in the World they created.

    The Dregs,

    Pompous Pimpio
    And Stinking Tony Blinken

    Totally Worthless

    Eliot Abrams
    Crazy Nikki
    And NutBolt Johnny

    Round out the Hall of Shame.

    What could we expect.
    DNA is Crime.

    Its the John Birch Foreign Policy
    The Gehlen / Dulles World.

    We lost our Golden Age..
    Unlike Rome we never had one.

    The Gangsters ended that

    In Dallas.

    Straight from Imperialism to Fascism.

    The Story of America..!

    Liked by 1 person

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