Most Intense Ever Information War Ongoing

Retired US diplomat Chas Freeman earlier said the following:

The US is engaged in “a long war…with enem(ies) so-ill-understood that we must invent a nonexistent ideology” for justification.

The US “risks sleepwalking into a war with China it does not want and cannot now win.”

The same reality applies to Russia.

The leadership of both countries and others don’t trust the US for good reason.

Freeman sees no easy ways to halt the its “march toward (potential) catastrophe.”

Commenting on US/Western policies toward Russia since launching its SMO in Ukraine three months ago, Freeman said “the most intense information war humanity has ever seen” is ongoing.

Last August, he said that the US “not only ceased longstanding efforts to establish the rule of law in international affairs, it began progressively to set aside major elements of international law it” was involved in creating post-WW II, including:

Principles behind formation of the UN Charter.

US constitutional principles and procedures for the authorization of war-making.

Waging sanctions war on nations free from its control.

Using “legal evasions (to) eviscerate…the Geneva Conventions.”

One-sidedly supporting Israel’s occupation of historic Palestine.

Breaching human and civil rights by inventing “enemies of the state.”

“Americans came to believe that, in foreign policy, might makes right and the ends justify the means.”

“US claims to exceptionalism r(ing) increasingly hollow.”

Abandonment of “enlightenment norms” by the US let the “Islamic world…China, India, Russia (and other nations gain) positions of global influence” at Washington’s expense.

Dominant US policymakers cannot accept that the nation’s “unipolar moment expired.”

A new “world order” replaced it — with norms worlds apart from the decadent West.

Instead of the UN Charter and other international laws that stood the test of time — that other prominent nations respect — the US pushes its international and constitutional law-breaching “rules-based order.”

It aims “to restore basic elements of (an expired) ‘unipolar moment’ by proclaiming its own rules.

Then “unilaterally imposing, enforcing, (and) deciding which of them, if any, it will apply to itself or its client states.”

It’s part of a failed effort “to isolate and cripple China, Russia, and their economies, while forcing a choice between them and the US that” most non-Western nations oppose.

The US is gripped by “domestic political hallucinations.”

“The pathology is not just domestic.”

Its foreign policymaking is adversely affected.

Its “leverage over other states is declining.”

“Fantasy foreign policy is not an answer to (today’s) challenges.”

The US is increasingly its own worst enemy.

The same goes for Western vassal states, ones shooting themselves in the foot by following Washington’s failed attempt to maintain unipolarity in an increasingly multipolar world.


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  1. Thank you, sir, for featuring Ambassador Freeman. He’s a patriot, like you and too-few others trying to right the US ‘ship of state’ — a ‘state’ that currently, and progressively, is not a ‘ship’ that can sail much longer as a belligerent, special-interests-driven (AIPAC!), warmongering, diplomacy-deficient/non-existent, led(sic)-by-caricature-like-fools/morons, flailing-and-failing wanna-be empire without clothes.

    A good-enough/keeper takeaway for me from today’s excellent Lendman presentation: ‘Dominant US policymakers cannot accept that the nation’s “unipolar moment expired.” ‘

    And another one! — right on! — ‘The US is gripped by “domestic political hallucinations.” ‘

    [Ambassador Freeman’s astonishingly varied-and-potent credentials, BTW/of course, go all the way back to 1972, when Chinese-fluent he was the US interpreter for POTUS Richard Milhous Nixon’s historic trip of opening the door to China. Sigh — 50 interminable years ago…that have witnessed the deaths-by-war-and-immiseration of uncountable millions of innocent “others among us” unlucky enough to have encountered our brand of “democracy.”]


  2. NATO’s purpose is to conquer Russia and plunder its resources. They forgot that the Russian winters defeated Napolean and Hitler.

    This time, the coming Russian winter will be in NATO countries due to severe shortages of natural gas. Canadian sanctions have prevented Nord Stream 1 from delivering to its full capacity to Europe.

    Of course, Gazprom can always turn off the gas spigot by citing Western-supplied weapons to Ukraine as undermining Russian security.

    Even the Chechens, who fought a war at the behest of NATO against Russia are now voluntarily fighting alongside the Russians. The Chechen war was to bypass the Baku-Novorossiysk pipeline which transports Azeri oil from Baku to the Novorossiysk terminal at the Black Sea coast in Russia in favour of the new Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline from Baku to the Ceyhan on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey.

    The coup in Tbilisi was for the pipeline to pass through Georgia. This pipeline through difficult terrain is meant to supply Israel with oil. Hence Israel and Turkey supplying weapons to Azerbaijan in its war with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh and Turkey’s desire to conquer Armenia.

    The truth will always prevail regardless of MSM propaganda. Even the Pope has gotten into the act asking for peace while NATO is sending more weapons. This shows how dire the situation is for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    The Pope who is the Puppet Master of NATO, is in turn controlled by the Black Pope who is the Puppet Master of most of the world. Nations not under the Black Pope’s Babylonian control do NOT have Jewish-controlled, privately-owned Central Banks.

    In WW2, UK-USA supplied weapons to the Germans via Dunkirk and Russia via Lend-Lease. Russia and Germany decimated one another, after which UK-USA (the Beast with 2 horns like a lamb) arrived well after half-time to claim victory with minimal casualties. Same script, different actors.

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