Sergey Lavrov’s Straight Talk at SPIEF

A same-day article explained the importance of Russia’s annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

That its support for mutual cooperation among nations is replacing exploitive US/Western unipolar decadence and depravity.

Interviewed by Russia’s NTV, Lavrov explained the following:

SPIEF’s championing of multi-world polarity is worlds apart different from the World Economic Forum, “an event that only promotes (exploitive) Western interests.”

It’s promoters “don’t even pretend that (it’s) a platform for dialogue among the” world community of nations.

As for hegemon USA, it long ago self-declared itself “the master of a (unipolar) world that all others must obey.”

NATO is an extension of Pentagon war-making on invented enemies.

EU bloc nations “surrendered” their sovereignty to a higher power in Washington.

The same goes for vassal state Britain.

So-called European Commission head von der Leyen virtually called for destroying European economies by entirely banning imports of Russian oil, gas and other essential commodities.

Her diabolical aim — shared by other European officials — to “punish” Russia shot European economies in their feet, while largely shooting blanks at the Russian Federation.

In sharp contrast to pouring tens of billions of dollars and euros down a black hole in Ukraine for war-making,  US/Western regimes have done “pitifully” little to address what’s vital for their populations — exploiting, not serving them.

Hegemon USA and its installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg want the war-making alliance expanded worldwide — for greater forever wars than already.

The US-dominated West is “hurt(ing) its own citizens for the sake of its geopolitical ambitions,” Lavrov explained, adding: 

It’s “forcing (other nations) to act likewise through open blackmail, threats, ultimatums and other lowbrow methods and moves.”

Long before Moscow’s liberating SMO began, interventionist Blinken pressured and threatened African and other nations to reject cooperation with Russia and China — to benefit US/Western interests exclusively.

European nations long ago abandoned their sovereign rights in deference to their US master.

As for pouring heavy weapons into Ukraine for waging forever US/NATO proxy war on Russia, Lavrov expressed “confiden(ce)” that its diabolical “plans will fail completely.”

Where did US Stingers, Javelins and other weapons end up, ones not destroyed by Russia?

“They’re on the black market already,” said Lavrov.

Some “surfaced in Albania and Kosovo.”

Ukrainian dark forces are selling them for self-enrichment.

As for Biden regime promised multiple launch rocket systems, Russia is “ready” to counter their arrival if delivered, “I assure you,” Lavrov stressed.

As for EU bloc nations, they’re a virtual appendage of NATO for non-alliance member states, a US-controlled imperial project.

And a requirement for bloc membership demands agreeing to anti-Russia sanctions.

Their member states no longer get “economic benefits.”

“What they get” is what no responsible leadership should agree to.

They become subservient to the “geopolitical ambitions and, ultimately, accession to the policy of (unipolarity) under Washington’s command,” said Lavrov, adding:

“Everything (the US-dominated West is) doing (combines) theatric(s) (with diabolical) intentions.”

“There are more theatric(s) and a lot of fake stories.”

Things happening “in Europe and the Western world (are) orchestrated and performed with clockwork precision.” 

It’s “unclear what instructions (puppet) Zelensky receives from his Washington and London bosses or what alliances they are planning to create.”

The White House impersonator and more clown than leader BoJo  “spearheaded (anti-Russia) policies.”

Their regimes have “no other ideas” beyond war-making by hot and/or other means.

Russia, China, Iran and other independent nations are beating the West over time by not acceding to their exploitive rules.

So-called US/Western endorsed Security Council “reform” is all about enhancing the influence of the empire of lies and West over how the body should operate — what Moscow and Beijing oppose.

Outreach to India by hegemon USA is all about trying to contain China’s growing preeminence on the world stage, another failed policy by the empire of lies and perpetual war on humanity.

At a time when multi-world polarity ended Washington’s unipolar moment, its diehards can’t tolerate the notion of how things changed and won’t reverse course.

If US-dominated Western regimes “fulfilled (their) obligations under the UN Charter to respect the sovereign equality of states as a principle of international relations, (they wouldn’t) be running around coercing others to impose sanctions against Russia, but would give sovereign countries the opportunity to sort things out for themselves,” Lavrov stressed. 

Russia prioritizes cooperative relations with the world community of nations.

US-dominated Western aims are polar opposite.

They’re declining while Russia, China, and other independent nations are rising in prominence.

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Similar to the Deep Divisions in the US Ruling Class

    A Big Rift taking place in Europe
    The USA and UK

    Which only means,
    the CIA and Mi 6

    About 20 Bedwetters..
    Perverts from Day One..

    Are pushing the Continuation of the Slaughter

    And France, Germany, Italy
    Adamant that it be stopped.

    And Negotiate a
    Peace Settlement.

    Smoke up the ass, anyway

    Like the CIA Gangsters or MI 6
    Looters..Pirates..honor anything

    Still waiting for them to Honor Minsk One…..or Two..

    These are Barbarians
    The Brits , Thievery Unlimited..!

    And The Cowboys
    The yokels..l
    The Drug Pushers and Illiterates,

    Who are pumping the old

    DNC Cash Cow for every
    Penny they can Embezzle..!

    The Europeans are not going to win out.

    They’re at the Mercy of the Raytheon SERIAL KILLERS

    Not having their own Army.

    That’s why Germany is preparing their own Army.

    Time will soon be upon Europe
    To liberate themselves !

    Mr Lavrov sure got that right.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lendman needs to learn the problem is not any particular nation’s cause, it is always truly the cause of the ROTHSCHILD CABAL, which owns the U.S. as its current kneecapper.

    Liked by 1 person

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