Pharma-Controlled CDC OK’s Kill Shots for Infants and Young Kids Based on Pfizer Fraud

On Saturday as expected, the Pharma-controlled CDC OK’d use of Pfizer kill shots for infants and kids under age-5.

The anti-public health agency also authorized use of toxic Moderna jabs for infants and kids through age-5.

No one aware of reality should go anywhere near these toxins, what’s designed to destroy health, not protect it as falsely claimed.

Since the Pharma-controlled FDA OK’d emergency use authorization (when no emergency existed) for Pfizer’s flu/covid kill shots on December 11, 2020 — for individuals aged-16 and older — followed by OK’ing Moderna and J & J jabs, things advanced to include all age groups from infants aged-6 months to the elderly with extermination of unwanted segments of society in mind.

On Saturday, Pharma-connected fraudster, CDC head Walensky, defied science and medicine as it should be practiced as follows, saying:

“Together, with science leading the charge (sic), we have taken  another important step  forward  in our nation’s fight against” — seasonal flu-deceptively renamed covid (sic). 

“We know millions of parents and caregivers are eager to get their young children” — irreparably harmed in similar fashion to older segments of societies jabbed with kill shots.

So henceforth, parents of infants, toddlers and other kids up to age-5 and older can destroy their health by letting them be jabbed with what’s designed for this purpose.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective of what’s falsely touted otherwise.

Just the opposite is indisputable.

Millions of officially reported adverse events — and hundreds of thousands of deaths — leave no doubt about the harmful effects of kill shots.

On June 10, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said the following by letter to the Biden regime’s HHS secretary, the FDA and CDC on the issue of jabbing infants and young kids:

No flu/covid emergency exists for them — or anyone else, my view.

If contract flu/covid, children of all ages “have a 99.995% recovery rate.”

Almost none perish or suffer longterm harm if contract the viral illness.

Flu/covid jabs “do not prevent transmission. They do not prevent infection.”

“There is no statistically valid evidence that they prevent severe disease or deaths in children.”

“(R)isks demonstrably outweigh the benefits of (flu/covid mass-jabbing of) children.”

“Pfizer clinical trials for children 2 through 4 years old failed to meet FDA-specified requirements.”

“(C)hildren likely will die and others will be permanently injured from” health-destroying toxins in flu/covid jabs.

“There are no long-term safety data for (flu/covid mass-jabbing) of young children.

“Unethical coercive (and deceptive) pressure to (jab) will be applied to children and their parents.”

“There is no available care for children injured by” flu/covid jabs.

OKing their use is in flagrant breach of doing no harm as medicine should be practiced.

While kill shots irreparably and indisputably harm, known safe and effective drugs exist to treat and cure flu/covid.

Notably ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine — along with use of zinc and vitamin D.

On June 15th, the Hart Health Advisory & Recovery Team said the following about kill shots for infants and young kids:

Approval of their use by the FDA on the above date for this age group came “despite all the evidence of non-efficacy from the infant Pfizer (mRNA drug) and the still total lack of data on long-term harms,” adding:

FDA approval came despite no advisory members “point(ing) out that 2 months follow-up is totally inadequate for assessing safety…”

“(N)or (did they question) use of an antibody level as a measure of success.”

“No specific level of antibody exists which provides protection against (flu/covid) so how can this be used as a useful measure?”

“For young children, much of their reduced risk…arises from their superior innate immunity.”  

Moderna was also authorized for children at the same meeting.

Test results submitted by Pfizer “must be the most extreme case of data manipulation and bad science ever presented to the FDA.”

“The study was approved on the basis of 4,500 participants but 3,000 of them did not make it to the end of the trial.”

“That alone is enough to make the findings null and void.”

“(R)esearchers found that there were 30% more (flu/covid) cases (among the jabbed) in the three weeks after first dose.”

“So they ignored that data.”

“They also ignored data after the second dose where there was no benefit.”

“They then ignored a full week after the third dose too.” 

“In total, 97% of (flu/covid) cases in the trial were ignored.”

The Hart Health team stressed that mass-jabbing “efficacy post dose 3 cannot be precisely estimated due to the limited number of cases accrued during blinded follow-up, as reflected in the wide confidence intervals associated with the estimates.”

No evidence in Pfizer trial subjects suggested safety and effectiveness of mass-jabbing.

“Safety was only monitored for 6 weeks.”

“It is unbelievable that this study ever achieved ethical approval given the lack of long term safety data with these novel treatments in an age group that is at no risk of serious disease or death.”

Yet the FDA’s so-called advisory committee voted unanimously to recommend mass-jabbing of infants and kids under age-5. 

There’s no explanation for their recommendation — or CDC approval on Saturday — other than wanting irreparable harm inflicted on maximum numbers in this age group, along with all others with unparalleled depopulation in mind.

Separately, Hart Health team member, Dr. Clare Craig, tweeted the following:

The Pfizer trial “should have been deemed null and void. The regulators are failing to do their job.”

They approved what evidence shows causes harm, what doesn’t protect, what’s unsafe and ineffective.

Separately online, I saw an amazingly robust-looking elderly woman, displaying the following sign, saying:

“I am 99 yrs ‘young’




A Final Comment

In response to the FDA’s recommended mass-jabbing of infants and young kids for flu/covid, Florida Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, disagreed, saying the following:

“We expect to have good data that the benefits outweigh the risks of any therapies or treatments before we recommend those therapies or treatments to Floridians.”

“From what I have seen, there is just insufficient data to inform benefits and risk in children.”

“(T)hat’s very unequivocal.”

Florida is the only US state opposed to irreparably harming infants and young kids will kill shots designed for this purpose.

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