Ukraine Update on Day 116 of Russia’s Liberating SMO

Russia’s liberating SMO in Nazi-infested Ukraine is systematically degrading the US-installed regime’s military.

Hopefully it’ll be smashed beyond US/NATO’s ability to restore the monster their regimes created — no matter how much more in the way of weapons et al they throw at Kiev.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Sunday:

Russian “sea-based high-precision (Kalibr) missiles (struck) military infrastructure facilities of the Ukrainian army.” 

“The crew of a Black Sea Fleet frigate fired four Kalibr cruise missiles at designated ground targets.”

“More than 50 generals and officers of the Ukrainian armed forces were killed,” their command center destroyed.

Kalibr missiles also destroyed 10 US/Western supplied M777 howitzers and around 20 armored vehicles, stuff delivered to Ukraine this month.

Bloomberg News reported what happened. So did Al Jazeera and Germany’s DW news.

On Sunday, here’s what NYT fake news featured on Ukraine.

Ignoring the devastating Russian strike on a Ukrainian command center as explained above and destruction of US supplied weapons — unless buried in a report I didn’t spot — the Times defied reality on the ground.

Turning truth on its head, it falsely claimed that Ukrainian troops “destroyed large amounts of Russian equipment and weapons, and forced an entire enemy regiment to withdraw from the east (sic).”

Its source: Ukrainian fake news.

Then like often before as an afterthought, the Times noted that the Ukrainian claim “could not be independently verified” — code language for virtually admitting that it’s fake news.

Other US MSM ignored the elimination of 50 Ukrainian generals and military officials on Sunday.

Russia’s Defense Ministry earlier vowed to strike Ukrainian decision-making centers if its forces continued cross-border attacks on its territory.

Kiev now knows that the warning meant business, what Russia’s military should have done weeks ago.

Separately on Saturday according to Russia’s National Defense Management Center’s General Mikhail Mizintsev:

Based on “reliable information, it (was) established that in Nikolayev, Ukrainian security services organized preparations for video footage showing private houses allegedly destroyed in bombardments by the Russian Armed Forces, so local residents were left homeless.”

“More than 40 actors were employed for the shooting, participants paid a cash reward of $25.”

“We again focus attention of the world community on the fact that such fake news, cultivated by the Ukrainian ‘lie factory’ by order of Western handlers, contain no reliable and objective information.”

“The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are exceptionally humane to the civilian population and do not hit civilian infrastructure.”

If the above occurs as Mizintsev explained, it’ll be the latest made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented false flag to once again wrongfully blame Russia for what its forces had nothing to do with.

And this from Sergey Lavrov on Sunday:

US/Western weapons sent to Ukraine were agreed on by their ruling regimes “a long time ago,” adding:

For them, “Russia must know its place.”

“Russia does not have the right to its own voice in international affairs.” 

“Russia must comply with rules that were invented by the” the empire of lies and its Western vassals.

“They understand very well that they won’t succeed.”

Moscow’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov earlier warned that no end to pouring weapons, munitions and military equipment into Nazified Ukraine by US/NATO regimes risks “unpredictable consequences” between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

And this from Russophobic UK general Patrick Sanders, saying the following:

There’s “a burning imperative to forge an army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle.”

“We are the generation that must prepare the army to fight in Europe once again.”

There’s been no battlefield conflict between Britain and Russia since the 1853-56 Crimean War.

Is the BoJo regime yearning for another one?

Does it crave having its forces wiped out by vastly superior Russian military strength?

Perhaps so with remarks like the following on Sunday, BoJo saying:

“Time is now the vital factor (sic).”

“Everything will depend on whether Ukrain(ian) (Nazis) can strengthen (their) ability to defend (their) soil faster than Russia can renew its capacity to attack (sic).” 

“Our task is to enlist time on Ukraine’s side (sic).”

“Imagine for a moment that Vladimir Putin’s visions of glory were to come true (sic).” 

“Suppose he was free to keep all the areas of Ukraine now controlled by Russian forces (sic).” 

“What if no one was willing to lift a finger as he annexed this conquered territory and its fearful people into a greater Russia (sic)?”

“Would this bring peace (sic)?”

“Would the world be safer (sic)?”

“Would you be safer (sic)?”

“We must strengthen the hand of our Ukrainian friends to finish this war on the terms that (puppet) Zelensky laid out.”

“That should be the definition of success (sic).”

“In so doing, we and our allies will be protecting our own security as much as Ukraine’s and safeguarding the world from the lethal dreams of Putin and anyone else who might seek to copy them (sic).”

“(W)e need to steel ourselves for a long war, as Putin resorts to a campaign of attrition, trying to grind down Ukraine by sheer brutality (sic).”

UK parliamentarians had a chance to oust him as PM days earlier. 

Yet they failed to eliminate the malignancy he represents in Britain’s body politics.

Like the worst of his Western counterparts, challenging Russia militarily would be suicidal.

Separately according to political analyst Petr Lavrenin, “growing numbers of Ukrainian servicemen” refuse to fight any longer in Donbass for a lost cause.

They’re deserting in large numbers for lack of food, ammunition, artillery and overall support from Kiev.

According to audio information posted on one video, members of a Ukrainian brigade were taken to a Donetsk village and left there on their own to perish, saying:

“We sat there for five or six days, and the commanders abandoned us.”

“And now we are being made deserters for the fact that we survived.”

“There are a lot of corpses still lying there in those pits.” 

They were ordered to “go hand-to-hand against (Russian) tanks,” one brigade member saying:

“I will no longer wear the uniform of this (unit), and half of us guys here feel the same.”

They were poorly armed, poorly trained, poorly led, then abandoned “to certain death,” adding:

“There is no combat leadership, no combat commander, no respect for people.”

Betrayed by their military command and Kiev, they’re now called deserters for refusing to be cannon fodder any longer.

According to a Ukrainian sergeant, “Russians have artillery, armored vehicles, and their forces are five to six times greater than ours.”

“We only had machine guns and RPGs from 1986.”

“A Degtyarov machine gun from 1943.”

“And the Maxim machine gun from 1933.”

“We also have a Swedish portable NLAW anti-tank missile system, but the battery did not work.”

“This is all we had.”

And this from another Ukrainian service member:

“Before being sent to the front, we were handed AK-47 assault rifles and had a training session that lasted less than half an hour.”

“When we had fired 30 bullets, we were told we would not get more because ammunition is too expensive.”

“When (came) here, we were told we would be in the third line of defense.”

“Instead, we went to the zero line, the frontline.”

“We didn’t know where we were going.” 

His company originally had 120 men. Only 54 remain.

Others were killed, wounded, or deserted.

And this on Ukrainian propaganda TV, similar to US MSM infowar rubbish:

Falsely told “there are no losses,” Ukrainian troops are lied to and mass deceived.

One Ukrainian serviceman said their food amounted to one potato a day.

Another said “(w)e stand with machine guns against cannons, Grads, and mortars.”

“No one helps us.”

“We don’t have any sensible weapons. There is nothing.”

“How can we fight for a country that doesn’t care about us?” 

“We don’t want to go into the meat grinder and come out ground beef.”

“We don’t have tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, guns.”

Another Ukrainian soldier said fighters are “unprepared.”

They’re “given a machine gun, two grenades and sent to stop (a much more powerful) army” with modern weapons. 

And this from another Ukrainian soldier:

Troops “went to the front in their cars, which they also had to refuel themselves.”

“They spent several hours in pits with machine guns.”

“And, most importantly, they shot at their own retreaters.”

“It’s good that there were no casualties.”

“When volunteers brought in walkie-talkies, the battalion headquarters took them away.” 

Women were sent to the font lines to fight Russians “with their bare hands.”

What’s explained above and much more of the same explains the deplorable state of Ukraine’s military.

Poorly trained and unsupported, bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages and physical condition are sent to the front line to perish as expendable cannon fodder.

Instead of reporting about reality on the ground in Ukraine, US/Western MSM largely ignore it, reporting fiction over indisputable facts about what’s going on.


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  1. This isn’t adding up. If Russia is having so much success, why are the attacks on civilians in Donetsk intensifying?

    The progress Russia is making obviously isn’t enough.


    1. For what it’s worth, the journalist in the video below mentions these bombardments of Donetsk, notes that they are being done with French and American heavy artillery, and says that their purpose is to divert Russian forces from the main battle zones, where the Russian advantage over Ukrainian troops in munitions is overwhelming.


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