Changing Times

At a time when the empire of lies and forever wars on humanity at home and abroad continues its decline toward history’s dustbin, Russia’s military might is smashing its Nazified Ukraine project, former Rothschild banker Macron lost his parliamentary majority, and for the first time, a US darling right wing extremist failed to become Colombia’s president.

At the same time, hold the cheers.

Bad news way outdistances the other way around.

In cahoots with Pharma profiteers and MSM co-conspirators, hegemon USA continues its relentless war on public health with intent to destroy it altogether on the phony pretext of protecting us from a nonexistent coronavirus — by kill shots designed for this purpose.

And undemocratic Dem usurpers are hell bent for waging WW III on militarily superior Russia — while confronting China in similar fashion, Iran perhaps as well in deference to apartheid Israeli designs on Middle East dominance along with hegemon USA’s regional presence.

And all of the above is happening as double-digit inflation causes misery for the vast majority of Americans and Europeans — while their economies contract toward what’s likely to be protracted Main Street Depression conditions, what in hindsight may be seen as the worst in modern Western history.

On Sunday in France, “globalist puppet” Emanuel Macron’s regime lost its parliamentary majority.

With most votes counted, his so-called coalition Ensemble is projected to win from 205 – 235 lower house National Assembly seats.

Luc Melenchon’s leftist NUPES party is expected to win from 170 – 190 seats, most likely closer to the higher estimate.

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally may have won up to 95 seats, a major gain for the party, and Republican Party candidates are projected to win from 60 – 75 seats.

A total of 289 seats are needed for National Assembly control.

Commenting on Sunday’s results. Melenchon said the following:

“(A)bove all,” most of the French electorate rejected “Macronism” dirty business as usual for privileged interests over the general welfare.

“It is a moral failure of the people who are always trying to teach everyone a lesson, who have presented themselves as a dam against the far-right.”

“We beat Macron(’s) (arrogance). He doesn’t have the majority” he sought to retain.

Sunday’s second round vote followed round one on June 12.

According to its results, Macron’s Ensemble got 25.71% of the vote, NUPES getting 25.61% — a virtual dead heat.

While some positive change is likely following Sunday’s results, the vast majority in France most likely will continue being largely ill-served in deference to privileged interests.

That’s the disturbing reality throughout the decadent, depraved West and its global vassal states.

Separately in second round Colombia voting on Sunday, leftist  Gustavo Petro leads Western darling, right-wing businessman mogul Rodolfo Hernandez by a 50.5% majority to the latter’s 47.1% total with nearly all votes counted.

According to the Orinoco Tribune,  well before Sunday’s runoff presidential election, Pharma profiteer — flu/covid kill shot producer — Pfizer hosted a “luxurious party” on a Miami-based yacht for Hernandez and other wealthy business interests seeking greater profits than already in Colombia.

While the empire of lies doesn’t tolerate ruling authorities unwilling to sell their souls to its interests, Petro tweeted the following on Sunday, saying:

“Today is a day of celebration for the people.”

“May so many sufferings be eased in the joy that is flooding the heart of the country.”

“This victory is for God, the people and their history.”

“Today is the day for the streets and the plazas.”

At the same time, Hernandez conceded defeat.

Former rebel, senator and Bogota mayor Petro twice before ran for president and lost.

His vice presidential running mate, Francia Marquez, is a Black feminist/human rights activist.

For time immemorial under US-controlled extremist right-wing regimes, Colombian narco-terrorism flourished.

Ruling authorities in the country have borne full responsibility for murdering thousands of trade unionists, campesinos, human rights workers, journalists, and others opposing ruthless regime policies, along with maintaining close ties to US imperial and monied interests.

Petro won’t have an easy time of things if tries diverging greatly from how the empire of lies wants Colombia run.

It remains to be seen what he’s able to accomplish for long exploited and ill-served Colombians while in office — without being toppled by made-in-the-USA color revolution for forgetting who’s boss. 

2 thoughts on “Changing Times

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Smell the Lilac and Lavender
    In the Sweet air of Rebellion..?

    A Strong new Wind
    Blows Against the Empire, sir..

    It’s like 1968.. again..

    Class Warfare is weeping Europe and the Americas

    Everywhere is in motion..

    As Einstein said of the Universe,

    ” Nothing Happens Until Something Moves..!”

    And it’s starting to
    All over World.

    I hear the Sound of People rebelling
    Revolting against the Tyrants


    The New World Odor..
    A Putrid Odor..
    Of fetid Fascism..

    Gonna have a Battle on their hands..

    This time…
    Is very different than the other
    two serious Radicalizations.

    The 1930s and 1960s
    When the Dynamo of Capitalism was still on the accent..
    With plenty of avenues of Growth

    And gravy and benefits to buy the Working Class off..

    Now ..
    In the Late Stage of Finance Capitalism..

    There is no gravy left.

    The Dynamo is sputtering
    Destroyed by the greedy

    Wall St Luddites ..

    And the Dallas Dope Dealers

    Pentagon Gun Runners..

    Every Branch and Dept
    And Every Institution
    of the USA

    Run by Criminals for Criminals

    Starting with Dirty Joe
    And all the way to the bottom


    We may not get fooled again..
    The Masses.

    When they’re hungry
    Kids are hungry

    And cold…
    They wise up, fast..

    Especially when they find out they’ve been lied to
    and Cheated..!

    And this time…
    We take all the Marbles.

    Grab the Brass Ring..!
    Start the Reel of History.

    Keep reading the News all Day
    And I keep hearing

    Mick and the Stones…

    “Nows the Time for
    marching in the Street, boy!”

    The Social Rebellion…
    Right Around the Corner..!

    ” May we be born In Interesting Times..!”

    ” A Classic Battle between..
    Pure Good vs Pure Evil..

    Thrust upon us by Chance..

    The Gods in Heaven would rejoice for such a Battle ..!”


    Liked by 1 person

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